E. S. Elliott

Short Name: E. S. Elliott
Full Name: Elliott, E. S. (Emily Steele), 1836-1897
Birth Year: 1836
Death Year: 1897

Elliott, Emily Elizabeth Steele, third daughter of the late Rev. E. B. Elliott, of Brighton, author of the Horae Apocalypticae was born at Brighton, and now [1887] lives in London. She has contributed hymns, some of which have obtained wide acceptance, to the choir manuals, and Additional Hymns, 1866 (Nos. 8, 34) for use in St. Mark's Church, Brighton; to the Church Missionary Juvenile Instructor, which she edited for six years. Her Chimes of Consecration, a volume of 70 hymns and poems, was published in 1873, and her Chimes for Daily Service in 1880. The latter contains 71 hymns in two parts. The second part of 48 hymns is also published separately as Under the Pillow, for use as a cheap large type hymn-book (with corresponding tune-book) for hospitals and infirmaries and the sick generally. Her hymn, “Let us keep the feast" (Holy Communion), was first published in The Feast of Sacrifice and The Feast of 'Remembrance, 1865, in 5 stanzas of 5 lines. [Rev. James Mearns, M.A.]

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)


Elliott, Emily E. 8., p. 328, ii. The following additional hymns by Miss Elliott have recently come into common use:—
1. Brothers, sisters, pray for us. [Missionaries' Farewell.] Appeared in the C. M. Gleaner, Sept. 1896, p. 14?, and entitled "The Missionaries' Departing Petition." In the Church Miss. Hymn Book, 1899.
2. Rabboni, Master, we have heard. [Consecration of Self to Duty.] In theC. M. Gleaner, Dec. 1895, p. 195. It was sung for the first time at the Gleaners' Union Anniversary, 1895. In the Church Miss. Hymn Book, 1899.
3. Full consecration! heart and spirit yielded. [Full Consecration.] Given in Hymns of Consecration and Faith, 1902.
4. They come and go, the seasons fair, [Second Advent.] In the C. M. Gleaner, Nov. 1891, p. 172, as "What will be when the King comes?" It was sung for the first time at the Gleaners' Union Anniversary, Oct. 30, 1891. In the Church Miss. Hymn Book, 1899.
Miss Elliott was born at Brighton, July 22, 1836, and died at Mildmay, London, Aug. 3, 1897.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

Texts by E. S. Elliott (23)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
離棄寶座,撇下王冕 (Líqì bǎozuò, piē xià wáng miǎn,)Emily E. S. Elliott (Author)Chinese2
A needy sinner at Thy feetEmily Elizabeth Steele Elliott (1836-97) (Author (Chorus))1
Al venir al mundo dejaste atrásE. S. Elliot (Author)Spanish2
Brothers, sisters, pray for us!E. S. Elliott (Author)English2
Deinen Königsthron und die Ehrenkron'Emily S. Elliott (Author)German3
Die Zeiten kommen, Zeiten gehnE. S. Elliott (Author)German1
Du din KongemagtEmily E. S. Elliott (Author)2
Far from home thy Christmas keepingEmily E. Elliott (Author)English2
Full consecration, heart and spirit yieldedE. S. Elliott (Author)English3
Have you ever brought a penny to the missionary boxE. S. Elliot (Author)English1
Hush! the year is dying, soft, without a soundE. S. Elliott (Author)English2
Mourner, Christmas comes for theeE. S. Elliott (Author)English2
O for a heart to praise my GodEmily Elizabeth Steele Elliott (1836-97) (Author (Chorus))English1
O how joyous is the musicEmily E. S. Elliott (Author)English3
ඔබ තේජස් හා කිරුළත්හැර (Oba tējas hā kiruḷathaera)E. S. Elliott (Author)Sinhala2
Rabboni, Master, we have heardE. S. Elliott (Author)English2
Tú dejaste tu trono y corona por míEmily E. S. Elliott (Translator)Spanish28
There came a little Child to earthEmily E. S. Elliott (Author)English43
They come and go, the seasons fairEmily E. S. Elliott (Author)English9
Thou didst leave Thy Throne and Thy kingly crownE. E. S. Elliott (Author)English358
Tu deixaste, Jesus, o teu reino de luzE. S. Elliot (Author)Portuguese2
Von dem Königsthron kommst Du, Gottes SohnEmily E. Elliott (Author)German1
Von des Himmels Thron kamst duEmily E. S. Elliott (Author)1

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