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J. H. Fillmore › Tunes

J. H. Fillmore
Short Name: J. H. Fillmore
Full Name: Fillmore, J. H., (James Henry), 1849-1936
Birth Year: 1849
Death Year: 1936

James Henry Fillmore USA 1849-1936. Born at Cincinnati, OH, he helped support his family by running his father's singing school. He married Annie Eliza McKrell in 1880, and they had five children. After his father's death he and his brothers, Charles and Frederick, founded the Fillmore Brothers Music House in Cincinnati, specializing in publishing religious music. He was also an author, composer, and editor of music, composing hymn tunes, anthems, and cantatas, as well as publishing 20+ Christian songbooks and hymnals. He issued a monthly periodical “The music messsenger”, typically putting in his own hymns before publishing them in hymnbooks. Jessie Brown Pounds, also a hymnist, contributed song lyrics to the Fillmore Music House for 30 years, and many tunes were composed for her lyrics. He was instrumental in the prohibition and temperance efforts of the day. His wife died in 1913, and he took a world tour trip with single daughter, Fred (a church singer), in the early 1920s. He died in Cincinnati. His son, Henry, became a bandmaster/composer.

John Perry

Tunes by J. H. Fillmore (687)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
[A better home awaits me there]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[A conflict now is raging 'gainst the hosts of sin and night]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[A drunkard was staggering along on the street]J. H. F. (Composer)255554 44666 55567
[A light from heaven shines on my way]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
["A little while," and the dark night of sorrow]J. H. F. (Composer)233351 71433 25671
[A sinful heart at Jesus' feet]J. H. F. (Composer)317653 21717 65766
[A song we shall sing in the regions of light]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)255651 23444 33321
[Able to keep you from falling]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)233332 34443 45243
[Afflictions, though they seem severe] (Sankey)J. H. F. (Arranger)151117 67111 5
[Ah! who is this so glory crowned]J. H. F. (Composer)255434 32116 54332
[All the world for Jesus] (Fillmore)James Henry Fillmore (Composer)732311 66513 32532
[All thy hills He clothed with fattling]J. H. F. (Composer)211112 22233 45543
[Along the ancient highway in crowds the people throng]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)333333 55544 443
[America beloved, prize of the pilgrims' quest]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)355434 51111 76554
[An army with banners is marching along]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)255456 54351 33321
[And is there, Lord, a rest]J. H. F. (Composer)251112 31233 34535
[Angel bands are singing now]J. H. F. (Composer)351312 17653 45651
[Angel bands in squadrons bright]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)212355 64512 35564
[Are you building on the Rock] (J. H. Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)855111 23112 22342
[Are you doers of the Word, O my brothers?]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)412333 45556 17655
[Are you ready for your Lord, should He come? should He come?]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)656111 16511 21123
[Are you walking in His footsteps]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)934555 55434 55555
[Arise, arise, for lo! the night is past]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)251626 17671 32171
[Arm for the battle]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)411111 53213 33555
[Art thou low down, my brother]J. H. F. (Arranger)251176 65555 42351
[As broke the long and heavy night]James Henry Fillmore, Sr. (Composer)355653 17655 56542
[As goes America, so goes the world]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)955654 35123 11121
[As the day draws near its close]J. H. F. (Composer)234313 43123 21713
[Ask, for Jesus loves to give] (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)231217 65567 12323
[At morning hour, how sweet to pray]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)251275 23112 34322
[Away in yonder forest]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)253333 32344 32353
[Back from the long ago]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)1232312 16165 12344
[Banners waving proudly over us]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)1411111 71217 22222
BATEMAN (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)255545 12334 32125
[Be the morning dark or fair]J. H. F. (Composer)234555 55456 66665
[Be ye doers of the word]J. H. F. (Composer)433531 23443 217
[Be ye kind one to another] (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)254561 76654 3445
[Beautiful flag of liberty, beautiful flag we love]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)456715 31556 71211
[Beautiful flag of the brave and free]J. H. F. (Composer)456715 53155 72427
[Beautiful home so bright and fair]J. H. F. (Composer)356712 34511 14432
[Behold, a Stranger waiting stands]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)555555 55666 66666
[Behold! behold! the fields already white]J. H. F. (Composer)451513 45671 62624
[Behold the love of Christ for me] (31165)J. H. F. (Arranger)331165 12334 55565
[Bells are ringing] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[Beneath His wing I sweetly rest]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)1113335 54432 23465
[The sun shines bright in the old Kentucky home]J. H. Fillmore (Arranger)112331 23434 65432
[Beyond the dark river, the river of death] (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)212333 32354 32234
[Blessed are the meek]J. H. F. (Composer)233213 22123 33213
[Blessed are they that mourn]J. H. F. (Composer)233355 33112 23133
[Blessed are they who do His commandments] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)833321 54565 56712
[Blessed are those who through the flame]J. H. F. (Composer)232343 32217 12325
[Blessed the merciful]J. H. F. (Composer)253172 46565 35317
[Blessed those in spirit poor]J. H. F. (Composer)233343 22222 32111
[Blest are the pure in heart] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)333321 72114 43355
[Blest invitation, To all so free]J. H. F. (Composer)234322 45433 43222
[Blossoms lift their sunny faces]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)217121 76535 51712
[Blow the trumpet, watchman]J. H. F. (Composer)255671 23213 22171
[Bright bloom the daisies and sweet opes the rose]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)356713 21765 56712
[Bright breaks the morning]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)211115 33331 55553
[Bright Galilee, O beautiful sea]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)233333 44444 44443
[Bring me not gifts that are costly and grand]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)254532 13445 54517
[Brothers are we in Christ the Lord]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)217121 44332 37655
[Almost two thousand years have left]James Henry Fillmore, Sr. (Composer)234565 34542 35132
[Cast thy bread upon the waters] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)632123 44354 56532
[Catch the sunbeams as they play]J. H. F. (Composer)233334 44332 13233
[Cease your waiting, stand not idle]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)433335 51321 61765
[Chime on, sweet bells, your music tells]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)755331 23116 51355
[Choose ye the heavenward way in youth]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)355556 71655 55655
[Christ for me, O joy divine] (J. H. Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)233356 51333 56514
CHRIST IS PRECIOUSJ. H. Fillmore (Composer)2133334 32544 44323
[Christ is walking on the waters]J. H. F. (Composer)455651 23133 32132
[Christ our Redeemer died on the cross]J. F. H. (Composer)155653 66154 45426
[Christian, dost thou see them] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)255456 51172 15545
[Close by my side, O tender love]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)353215 12334 43213
[Clovers white and clovers red]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)356535 65565 2565
[O Columbia! the gem of the ocean]J. H. F. (Arranger)151112 54315 66543
[Come, come to the Savior] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)311765 35171 23321
["Come," is the Savior's dying word]James Henry Fillmore, Sr. (Composer)653451 16557 71232
[Come, join the cheerful song]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)351712 34531 32225
[Come while the grass in the path we tread]J. H. F. (Composer)253333 55444 22234
CONGOJames Henry Fillmore, Sr. (Composer)655511 12335 65322
COURAGE (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)251513 54314 32432
DAMARISJames Henry Fillmore, Sr. (Composer)855535 11117 65556
[Day by day my path grows clearer] (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)234551 35423 45653
[Day full of wonderful gladness]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)253171 76565 32163
[Dear is the hope that the gospel reveals]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)533332 12165 11112
[Dear Jesus, take me as I am]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)313332 21132 34534
[Dear Jesus, Thou the children's friend]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)253221 65655 11163
[Gone from my heart the world and all its charms]J. H. Fillmore (Arranger)313455 56176 51345
[Do you know the song the angels sang] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)1434511 54326 64217
[Do you mean to follow Jesus?]J. H. F. (Composer)233333 45653 22222
[Don't hide beneath a bushel]J. H. F. (Composer)255555 11122 22334
[Don't think there is nothing for children to do] (Fillmore)Jas. H. Fillmore (Composer)255123 21766 66512
[Don't worry and fret as you journey along]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)253333 33422 22222
[Drop the anchor of hope from the Ship of Life]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)212333 53216 11233
[Each Christian light a beacon is]J. H. F. (Composer)253517 67162 32175
[Praise God, I've found the way, Jesus is mine]James Henry Fillmore, Sr. (Composer)432176 51223 32176
[Eternal life is here! sustaining power!]J. H. F. (Arranger)155117 74466 55365
[Every ray of sunshine]J. H. F. (Composer)211223 23353 23344
[Fainter the pulse is beating]J. H. F. (Composer)254565 45432 34654
[Fair and bright the morning] (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)255556 53355 43255
[Fair land for which my spirit yearns]J. H. F. (Composer)212332 17653 51233
[Fair lilies, fair lilies we bring you]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)451351 36535 135
[Father in heaven, O hear while we pray]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)256532 12343 61654
[Once to every man and nation]J. H. F. (Composer)555112 23111 43222
[Father, sign the pledge tonight]J. H. F. (Composer)233432 16517 14323
[Father, we implore Thee]J. H. F. (Composer)212345 21234 21234
[Fiercely the cold winds are howling]J. H. F. (Composer)311111 17133 33212
FILLMORE (Fillmore 12333)James H. Fillmore, 1849-1936 (Composer)2212333 32345 15343
[Find safety on the Rock of Ages]J. H. F. (Composer)251761 76535 11162
FLOWERJ. H. Fillmore (Composer)1632144 43256 71153
[For our needed daily bread]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)255551 23322 21155
[For pain or for pleasure, for weal or for woe] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)255117 22212 33323
[For the cause of truth and right]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)217651 23551 76512
[For the hay and the corn and the wheat that is reaped] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)212333 33334 55432
[For the ones that are dear]J. H. F. (Composer)234567 17121 23234
[Forward, Christ's battalions]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)312345 55671 71543
[Forward, forward! Forward go, for the Lord]J. H. F. (Composer)831531 65665 31322
[Freudiger Gehorsam]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)217123 15551 71231
[Friends who have loved me are slipping away]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)755554 56666 55517
[From a distant shore comes the moaning cry]J. H. F. (Composer)354333 34322 23457
[From all that dwell below the skies] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)251765 45345 67176
[From the children who dwell by the Ganges]J. H. F. (Composer)234567 15432 23123
[From the land of toil and duty]J. H. F. (Composer)212333 33323 44444
[From the tempter's every wile]J. H. F. (Composer)255111 76662 22177
GATHERING (Fillmore)James Henry Fillmore, Sr. (Composer)353321 76534 55671
[Get thee behind me, Satan] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)255565 35611 17144
[Give as the Lord hath prospered thee]J. H. F. (Composer)1412343 32252 34312
[Give, give to the Lord saith the word]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[Give thanks to the lord and bless His name]Jas. H. Fillmore (Composer)255671 71234 25355
[Give we praise to the God above]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)211167 11167 13652
[Glad summertime is here again]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)217656 54332 12345
[We shall be like Him! The promise is sure]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)413565 51765 13565
[Glory, glory everlasting]J. H. F. (Composer)211712 11723 43243
[Go and sow, go and sow beside all waters] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[Go apart with Jesus in the morning fair]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[Go forth, the world is wide and dark]J. H. F. (Composer)251345 65517 12325
[Go forth, thou Church triumphant]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)351232 15561 76556
[Go ye forth to seek the lost]J. H. F. (Arranger)212333 21112 16151
[Go ye into all the world] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)511117 65671 12232
[God holds the key of all unknown] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)333332 21112 23333
["God is love," the snowflakes whisper]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)751316 15171 27123
[God of each fleeting hour]J. H. F. (Composer)233332 22111 12222
[God of the earth, the sky, the sea]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)233321 22355 54326
[God of the harvest]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)211271 33432 34565
[God, we know, will surely hear]J. H. F. (Composer)255551 56555 13123
[Grant me a nearer view]Jas. H. F. (Composer)255117 25522 13513
[Guard your lips with thought unceasing]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)333321 11761 76512
[Guide me, O my Savior, guide me]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[Hail, Thou once despised Jesus] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)253453 45165 32353
[Hallelujah! hallelujah! the lowly is King!]J. H. F. (Composer)354333 21176 46534
[I know that my Redeemer liveth] (Fillmore)James H. Fillmore (Composer)7755311 76543 32342
[Hark! how the bells ring out today]J. H. F. (Composer)251233 34257 12223
[Hark! the music of the bells]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)234555 65432 23433
[Hark, the tramping of an army, marching on with purpose strong]J. H. F. (Composer)234555 56535 15132
[Hark! the trumpet is calling, brave soldiers]J. H. F. (Composer)334555 55551 32222
[Have you not a word for Jesus?] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)533355 44323 45653
[Have you touched the garment of the Holy One]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)855111 71232 11766
HE IS CALLING*James H. Fillmore (Composer)251353 32132 57246
[There's a wideness in God's mercy] (Vail)J. H. F. (Arranger)156531 21656 53132
[He is coming! He is coming! He will not forget His own]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)234555 56535 53243
[He is swifter than the swiftest, when He comes our souls to take]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[He leads us on By paths we did not know] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)332154 34565 12343
[Hear the happy children sing]J. H. F. (Composer)215132 11513 21722
[Hear the Savior gently calling] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)251316 16551 31232
[Hear the Savior kindly pleading]J. H. F. (Composer)234555 55567 17123
[We are marching on to glory] (Fillmore)Jas. H. F. (Composer)211153 51133 32123
[Hear ye the shout of triumph]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)211111 31555 55544
[Heaven will be the best of all]J. H. F. (Composer)251343 21176 21657
[Here before Thy throne, O Father]J. H. F. (Composer)253212 34653 21712
[Here many a friendship fails us]J. H. F. (Composer)251112 35653 13251
[High over the hills of Zion]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)351353 23234 21235
[Ho! my comrades, see the signal] (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)353456 62177 11253
[Ho! reapers of life's harvest] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)251176 53542 54351
[Holy Father, be Thou nigh]J. H. F. (Composer)255111 11712 32123
[Holy Father, Thou hast taught me] (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)255111 23455 66554
[Holy Spirit, Dove divine]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)212351 32234 56651
[Home from work the laborers]J. H. F. (Composer)331536 53135 33231
[Hope is singing, sweetly singing] (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)232432 13217 21615
HOSANNA (34555)J. H. F. (Arranger)134555 17666 21775
HOSANNA (51111)J. H. F. (Arranger)251111 71232 17617
[How blessed are the pure in heart]J. H. F. (Composer)253335 22231 43235
[How blessed is the day of rest]J. H. F. (Composer)453333 32152 22343
[How calm and bright the lovely morn]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)355554 33321 16653
[How glorious is Thy name, O God]J. H. F. (Composer)255565 35132 17125
[How much my Lord has done for me]J. H. F. (Composer)212333 35434 32224
[How shall the race be ever won]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)253333 21555 11725
[How sweet the fragrance that they yield]J. H. F. (Composer)233333 44444 23432
[Hungering and thirsting ones]J. H. F. (Composer)231234 34123 12712
[I am a little gleaner] (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)234555 56554 43322
[I am waiting for the morning] (Fillmore)James Henry Fillmore, Sr. (Composer)5155451 23211 12176
[I ask not, Lord, for less to bear]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[I believe in God, there is naught can move me!]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[I can do something for Jesus]J. H. F. (Composer)233331 65122 22432
[I do not know where the country lies]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[I have a Friend in heaven]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)251122 34511 23151
[I have a home, a home above] (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)512333 34555 43222
[I have found a new home in a beautiful land]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[I have heard of the joy of the soul's sweet home]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)512333 31355 53566
[I have work enough to do] (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)254333 33343 21712
[I know I love Thee, blessed Lord]J. H. F. (Composer)251112 33345 32125
[I know not the way that my Savior may lead]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)255671 23216 55567
[I know what I'll do for Jesus]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)655123 16517 71271
[I long to know Thee better] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)751211 71223 21133
[I love to think of Jesus] (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)251131 65354 32351
["I love you, mother," said little John]J. H. F. (Composer)215561 55351 12311
[I shall awake when the trump shall sound]J. H. F. (Composer)356711 11615 67111
[I think that the flowers in heaven]J. H. F. (Composer)351113 21616 55517
[I walk by faith and not by sight]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)412332 17615 67123
[I will do my best for the blessed Lord]J. H. F. (Composer)233211 55766 44321
[I will live for Christ, my Savior]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)215643 25313 21232
[I will sing of Christ my Savior]J. H. F. (Composer)232171 21665 13322
[I will soon be at home in the far-away land]J. H. F. (Composer)234555 56711 65511
[I will speak of my Lord to the sons of men]J. H. F. (Composer)255111 17122 23432
[I will tell of the Savior who died]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)412334 51322 34456
[I would be from day to day]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)232123 45653 13232
[If the name of the Savior is precious to you]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2112333 54332 22234
[If we walk in the light of our Savior and Friend]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)334555 54565 45432
[If you find yourself insulted]J. H. F. (Composer)212333 33543 21712
I'LL DO MY DUTYJ. H. Fillmore (Composer)255111 76715 11232
[I'm just a sinner saved by grace]J. H. F. (Composer)213332 21121 35322
[In Christ there is no East or West]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)455351 76512 3453
[In His rude manger-bed sleeping]James Henry Fillmore, Sr. (Composer)356712 35543 24251
[In Jesus my hope is secure]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[In spite of gloomy darkness keep afacing toward the light]J. H. F. (Composer)251111 17133 22125
[In the battle's din]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)655671 71123 77123
[In the cause of truth, in the cause of right]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)234511 12321 17641
[In the country that we love the best]J. H. F. (Composer)233321 13653 33213
[In the darkness of the midnight]J. H. F. (Composer)234555 55543 66666
[In the light of God's truth]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)212333 32344 44443
[In the name of Christ fling your banners out]J. F. H. (Composer)834555 67111 71212
[In the rosy morning of life's flitting day]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[In the service of my Savior there is blessing]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)212333 34321 17712
[In the shadow of the Rock] (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)312333 33432 23444
[In the silence of the midnight]J. H. F. (Composer)355111 21771 22253
[In the Valley of Silence I walk with my God] (Fillmore 12333)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)412333 32117 12223
[In the Valley of Silence I walk with my God] (Fillmore 34565)J. H. F. (Composer)234565 32121 23345
[In the west the sun is sinking]J. H. F. (Composer)312333 23454 32432
[In Thy righteousness, dear Savior]J. H. F. (Composer)232172 17651 71232
[Is there aught so lovely as the sunny day]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)456712 13716 55671
[Is there no room for Jesus]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)355112 32161 16555
[O Thou blessed gift from Heaven]James Henry Fillmore, Sr. (Composer)355556 66677 67165
[It doth not yet appear what we shall be] (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)213333 51321 11146
[It will not be long at the longest]J. H. F. (Composer)434555 67155 56653
[I've found Christ a Savior]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)351765 35425 35176
[I've wondered oft when I've been told]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)455561 44333 21232
[Jehovah reigns, He dwells in light]J. H. F. (Composer)355511 12355 56217
[Jesus, come and bless the children]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)333323 45366 55432
[Jesus, Friend and only Savior]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[Jesus, guide our way] (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)233345 43243 66671
[Jesus, I my cross have taken] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)333543 22171 23217
[Jesus, I will trust Thee] (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)955123 53212 17551
[Jesus is calling]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)233333 33344 43343
[Jesus is calling, calling, calling]James Henry Fillmore, Sr. (Composer)1056535 61655 45653
[Jesus is my Savior now]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)233343 22222 32111
[Jesus is our Leader]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)132165 13213 23216
[Jesus is the Friend to trust]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)435134 64351 32351
[Jesus keeps me, O how precious]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)632316 16556 53212
JESUS LIVES (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)356543 23215 13454
[Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)217122 12332 34326
[Jesus loves the children] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)253231 51324 35323
[Jesus, my Savior dear] (J. H. Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)333554 24466 55546
[Jesus, my Savior, is all in all]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)232351 35653 12321
[Jesus said of little children] (Fillmore)James Henry Fillmore, Sr. (Composer)731536 56535 13223
[Jesus said when here below]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)251177 66544 45333
[Jesus, Savior, Thou art nearer]J. H. F. (Composer)233443 32122 33432
[Jesus speaks and says to me]J. H. F. (Composer)255551 65555 51655
[Jesus tells the welcome story] (J. H. Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)233334 32111 22333
[Jesus, tender Shepherd, hear me] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)555316 65355 13222
[Jesus, the High and the Holy]J. H. F. (Composer)233212 34332 12171
[Jesus, the Savior, invites you]J. H. F. (Composer)232121 65132 11712
[Jesus will ich preisen]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)255655 55724 32232
BLESSED QUIETNESS (Marshall)James H. Fillmore, 1849-1941 (Arranger)2134513 21617 65
[Just across the silent river]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)532172 17665 41712
JUST FOR TODAY (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore, 1849-1936 (Composer)412333 23453 13212
[Just over the river, just over the river]J. H. F. (Composer)934555 53511 11765
[King of the ages, though lowly His birth]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)234456 71617 23456
[Land of plenty, land of beauty]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)211171 33224 31117
[Lead me O my heavenly Father] (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)432132 16155 17132
[Learning of Jesus the lessons of truth]J. H. F. (Composer)553332 11777 54443
[Learning to stand for Jesus]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[Let others seek the crowns]J. H. F. (Composer)256512 34532 27321
[Let the glory crowned banner of Jesus today]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)234565 17654 32234
[Let the joy bells ring] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[Let us cheer and help each other] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)255111 11756 77755
[Let us fight the nation's foe]J. H. F. (Composer)434555 55567 17122
[Let us press toward the mark for the prize]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)256715 13135 56715
[Life is not a feast of gladness]J. H. F. (Composer)256711 31655 67113
[Lift a song of cheer, as we march along]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)234555 34555 61157
[Lift up your heads, lift up your heads]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)256711 11151 71235
[List, the trumpet of God is sounding]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)555111 11153 15315
[Little beams of brightness] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)233321 52212 33332
[Little boat, little boat, sail away]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)212312 31655 32531
[Little hearts can love the Savior]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)232171 23122 23333
[Little soldiers of the cross] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)255111 11712 22221
[Little stars that twinkle in the heaven's blue]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)1155555 51332 25555
[Lo, a Friend near thee now]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)255111 17122 22345
[Lo! I bow before Thee, Lord]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)312321 23451 76543
[Lo! the army of our King] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)1055111 35312 2232
[Lo! the banner of the King] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)455556 71333 21325
[Lo, the rosy gleam of the morn's first beam]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)212333 34555 56653
[Long ago in old Judea]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)1051332 35443 22123
[Lord, dismiss us with Thy blessing] (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)217132 43217 12171
LORD OF THE NATIONSJames H. Fillmore, d. 1936 (Composer)311122 32121 11234
[Lord, Thou lovest the cheerful giver]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)251712 13234 31712
[Lord, we thank Thee for Thy loving care]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)233333 23455 23466
[Loud and sharp, O Christian soldiers]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)311111 76715 11112
LOVE, JOY AND PEACEJ. H. Fillmore (Composer)433321 23565 32333
[Lovely, lovely river]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)456717 65567 16772
[When the waves in terror rolled]James Henry Fillmore, Sr. (Composer)311111 76712 22321
[Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands, all ye lands]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)356711 15671 43232
[March boldly on, march boldly on] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)255555 17112 22233
[Marching on to the land that we see from afar]J. H. F. (Composer)234555 56711 11123
[Master, hast Thou work for me?]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)413556 15542 46511
[Master of the world's great harvest]J. H. F. (Composer)412333 45511 65312
[Master, speak! Thy servant heareth] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)533556 76553 35321
[Messengers of love and mercy]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)256712 11771 21321
[When the world is radiant]James Henry Fillmore, Sr., (Composer)311112 23333 23333
[More and better work for Jesus] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)255654 51533 55423
[Move forward, soldiers of the cross]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)933116 65555 33132
[Murmuring softly from regions afar]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)333333 33215 33333
[My brother, look upward and onward]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)351112 22311 44433
[My hope is in Thy promise, Lord]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)253332 12354 44323
[My mother, O my mother]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)253333 32617 67655
[I know that my Redeemer lives] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)1
[My Savior, thou who once on earth]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)134555 56513 45555
[My Savior and my Friend]J. H. F. (Composer)213234 56534 32132
[My Savior left His home on high]J. H. F. (Composer)255112 17755 22321
[Ring the Christmas bells again]James Fillmore (Composer)251133 55653 13225
[Nation great and nation glorious]J. H. F. (Composer)217171 71765 45454
[Never say "No!" when the Lord says "Go!"]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[New Year is coming, is coming]James henry Fillmore (Composer)232117 17651 23432
[Night and morning, O my Savior]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)234551 23323 46171
[No other name in earth or heaven]J. H. F. (Composer)233343 32222 23213
[Noble is he who lifts his colors high]J. H. F. (Composer)215654 35123 32212
[None but Jesus is able to save] (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)233531 21233 35312
[Not without hope, for the faith-lighted vision]J. H. F. (Composer)354511 23433 22232
[Now, in the pride of the strength of thy youth]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)211117 12171 33322
[O beautiful farland! O beautiful Starland!]J. H. F. (Composer)251116 56111 65611
[O birdie, singing on the bough]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)455565 12332 22343
[O blessed are the pure in heart!]J. H. F. (Composer)255321 17655 43425
[O blessed are they who are makers of peace]J. H. F. (Composer)251113 33654 53542
[O bright are the wavelets on blue Galilee]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)353333 23466 32111
[O bright golden summer, with skies smiling blue]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)255671 23176 56555
[O brother man, fold to thy heart thy brother]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)232154 31232 13445
[O brothers! do your feet grow weary] (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)212333 33451 65312
[O Calvary, dread Calvary]James H. Fillmore (Composer)433252 21511 77176
[O chain of love that yet shall bind]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)232156 17743 26721
[O Church of God, O Host Redeemed]J. H. F. (Composer)253322 11776 65555
[O city old, in land afar]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)355456 54312 53554
[O come ye to His temple]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)251534 55567 12362
[O Father, hear us while we pray]J. H. F. (Composer)233551 23333 55123
[Sweet Savior mine, so full, so free]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)554531 76532 34254
[O hear my prayer, and help me, Lord]J. H. F. (Composer)255112 17755 22321
[O heavenly Father hear our prayer] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)355511 23112 34433
[O holy day, O happy day]J. H. F. (Composer)453325 22151 12175
[O light, whose beams are everywhere]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)252156 17753 26721
[O Lord, I would be Thine] (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)212321 65123 43212
[O Lord, to Thee I bring]J. H. F. (Composer)234551 76535 43432
[O Lord, we pray Thy blessing]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)213343 25543 11711
[O man of sorrows! mortal grief]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)256553 43312 23565
[O mind of God, broad as the sky]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)233335 54355 56655
[O night of glory, when the angels sang]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)251231 12165 51231
[O roses sweet, O roses fair]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)255656 51176 54564
[O Savior mine, so full, so free]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)4
[O sinner, come to Christ today] (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)255351 16165 51332
[O so many flags are waving, all aflutter in the air]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)212333 32133 21615
[O tear stained cheek, rejoice today]J. H. F. (Composer)251325 32114 36542
[O that season of delight, O that blessed hour]J. H. F. (Composer)251333 33135 65322
[O the world is full of sorrow] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)212333 34321 72165
[O the yesterday's moments for pleasure or woe] (J. H. Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)251333 32121 65351
[O Thou, whose very word is power]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)355671 21334 32171
[O welcome Sunday morning] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)3
[O what are you doing for Jesus] (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)253211 23462 17121
[O why stand ye doubting?]J. H. F. (Composer)251756 53567 12117
[Over heavenly plains the golden chimes]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)1012353 32223 42543
[Over Juda's hills a star arose]J. H. F. (Composer)251765 65335 42535
[Over our land the day is breaking]J. H. F. (Composer)233432 11723 46533
[Over the dark and silent stream]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)512333 33433 22227
[Over the sea that wildly dashes] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)255111 11171 22222
[Oft as returns the holy day] (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)256717 12334 2312
[O a song we'll sing of the olden time]J. H. F. (Composer)334555 35111 12333
[O bright golden sunset]J. H. F. (Composer)312333 32155 55436
[O gently speak as on we go]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)255332 21176 44332
[O hast thou not heard of the promises sweet] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)3
[O he whom Jesus loved has truly spoken]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)253455 65433 22234
[O praise the Lord, O praise the Lord] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[O sweet, O heavenly city]Jas. H. F. (Composer)255512 33451 12325
[O the meetings! O the greetings]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)453212 23566 53322
[O the music over yonder]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)254352 31321 61165
[Heavenly Father, heavenly Father]J. H. F. (Composer)355111 23334 56533
[O what kind of seed are we sowing]J. H. F. (Composer)255431 76533 43265
[O wonderful word of salvation]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)555433 21161 551
[On the banks of the river of life]J. H. F. (Composer)212333 32152 34444
[On the restless waves of passion]J. H. F. (Composer)355555 51122 22333
[On Thee, my Lord, my soul is stayed]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)334453 51532 34254
[On this day of days, to His courts with praise]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)334321 23216 56712
[On this day of gladness]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[Once a poor, forsaken beggar]J. H. F. (Composer)255555 55555 66666
[Open the windows of heaven, O Lord] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)253156 71235 65543
[Open Thou mine eyes that I may behold] (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)415436 66717 11111
[Open wide the bolted door]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)232117 12433 22171
[Open wide the door of mercy]J. H. F. (Composer)213556 53512 33532
[Our Father, while before Thee]J. H. F. (Composer)2
[Our Father, who in heaven art] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)213322 11776 66651
[Our homes on the earth are all broken and sad]J. H. F. (Composer)213345 55671 53542
[Our native land we bring to Jesus]J. H. F. (Composer)251111 76535 11117
[Our race will soon be run, dear wife]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)253335 46243 51321
[Our Savior bids us come]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)213334 54322 23431
[Our tents are all folded, we're ready to march]J. H. F. (Composer)251111 55222 25533
[Out of sadness into gladness]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)433214 43233 21765
[Out of the heart are the issues of life]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)251353 16615 42312
[Over the river, the bright, crystal river]James Henry Fillmore, Sr. (Composer)555554 56545 31222
[Over the sea in their ignorant blindness]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[Heaven is ringing with glad exultations]James Henry Fillmore, Sr. (Composer)333332 12165 11112
PASSING THROUGH THE GATEJ. H. Fillmore (Composer)434556 55112 33312
[Peace, Peace Jesus whispers low]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[Peace, perfect peace, through deepest sorrow glowing]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)231233 44322 14443
[Pilgrim with thine eyes uplifted]J. H. F. (Composer)355456 51233 21332
[Dare to live for Jesus]James Henry Fillmore, Sr. (Composer)517671 12712 31757
[Praise God for His Word]James H. Fillmore, 1849-1941 (Composer)4
[Praise, my soul, the King of heaven] (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)335671 23125 22332
[Praise the Ever-living Lord]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)255133 21135 43332
[Praise ye the great Jehovah]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[Praise ye the Lord, your grateful tribute bringing]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)251353 21713 22334
[Precious Savior, how I love Thee]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)232311 71654 51322
PREPARE YOUR GLAD VOICEJ. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[Proclaim the tidings near and far]James H. Fillmore, Sr. (Composer)451716 55555 64322
PURER IN HEART (Fillmore)James H. Fillmore (Composer)5534332 11765 22234
[Save me from sin]James Henry Fillmore, Sr., (Composer)432151 71433 2321
[Refreshed by gentle slumbers]J. H. F. (Composer)356712 17567 123
[Rejoice and be ye glad]J. H. F. (Composer)351512 35443 32575
[Rejoice, for the Savior has risen]James Henry Fillmore, 1849-1936 (Composer)355345 67153 42345
[Rejoice, rejoice, ye nations]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)3
[Rejoice, rejoice, ye sons of earth, rejoice]James Henry Fillmore (Composer)332176 56712 32355
RESOLUTION (Fillmore)James H. Fillmore (Composer)8353451 16716 53451
[Rest after labor]J. H. F. (Composer)232154 32123 21543
[Ring out, glad bells, over hills and dells]J. H. F. (Composer)234555 34555 56712
[Ring the joybells, Christ is risen!] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)355653 11656 51712
[Ripple on; O laughing river]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)251321 72176 23217
[Rock of Ages! O how sweet]J. H. F. (Composer)256531 23565 32125
ROSECRANS (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)451233 44332 12345
[Sing the praises of the Savior]James Henry Fillmore, Sr. (Composer)434517 13223 45653
[Rouse ye soldiers of the cross]J. H. F. (Composer)415313 51165 43227
[Savior, grant me rest and peace]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)1055117 12552 21235
[Savior, come and bring salvation]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)255543 43211 23443
[Savior, I would live for Thee] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)415433 22345 6765
[Savior, may Thy Holy Spirit]J. H. F. (Composer)233217 16533 52343
LEAD ME ON (Converse)J. H. F. (Adapter)455531 61555 32225
[Say "I will!" to Jesus, when for help He pleads]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)334532 12341 32346
[Scatter your many blessings to the ones you hold so dear]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[See the shining dewdrops] (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)431615 17143 32
[Seeking a King who was born in a manger]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)232343 21766 51712
[Seht, der Kleinen frohe Schar]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)255565 13222 32155
[Servants of Jesus, the day is at hand]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)554565 45121 66717
SERVING BY LOVEJ. H. Fillmore (Composer)235543 32345 66543
[Shine, little sunbeams, shine out today]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)253451 71216 71511
[Silvery fountain, dear to the sight]J. H. F. (Composer)332315 67155 45132
[Sing, for the world rejoices]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)217654 65355 61726
[Sing of Jesus, sing forever] (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)212333 34554 23444
[Sing, O sing the song again]J. H. F. (Composer)355111 23565 33225
[Sing on, sing on, the masses move]J. H. F. (Composer)255567 12334 32254
[Sing, though the way be dreary]J. H. F. (Composer)453453 32423 45353
[Sing us a song, birdie]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)255513 57777 67155
SKENEJas. H. Fillmore (Composer)553157 65434 26543
SMART (Fillmore)Jas. H. Fillmore (Composer)551713 21243 21712
[Smile, smile, smile, smile]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[So long as earth remaineth]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)255351 76435 42355
[So near, my Lord, to Thee]J. H. F. (Composer)265132 13234 32654
[Soldiers, are we at the call of our King]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[Something takes away my sadness]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[Somewhere beyond the vision]J. H. F. (Composer)453321 76651 23543
[Sooner or later the wrong will be righted]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)454565 43543 25677
[Soul, a Savior thou art needing!]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)4
[Sound over all waters, reach out from all lands] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)217121 56654 35666
[Speak gentle words, for sweet they fall]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[Speed away, speed away on your mission of light] (Woodbury)J. H. Fillmore (Arranger)155555 55554 53333
[Speed the gospel on and onward]J. H. F. (Composer)312333 33217 62165
SPEER (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)313445 67132 57176
[Spirit so gentle]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)455565 17665 56711
[Spread the tidings all abroad]James Henry Fillmore, Sr. (Composer)534556 51535 42334
[Star divine, that led the wise men] (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)755456 71512 33432
[Step by step, and day by day]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)556715 67123 44312
[Strive to enter the strait gate]J. H. F. (Composer)233345 65543 26543
[Such a little way to Jesus] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
["Suffer little children," Jesus said]J. H. F. (Composer)433443 12233 34431
[Suffer the children to come unto me] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)233334 55432 22223
[Summer's here, full of cheer]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[Surrounded by unnumbered foes]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)351355 63551 43252
[Sweet are the promises of the Holy Word]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)551233 33213 55222
[Sweet on the ear falls a heavenly voice]J. H. F. (Composer)256535 17444 45424
[Take my hand, my heavenly Father]J. H. F. (Composer)312334 32134 55654
[Tapping very softly]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[Tell abroad the love of God]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)233333 17144 44444
[Tell it out, tell it out]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)255533 31216 56771
[Tell me, brother, worn and weary] (Fillmore)James Henry Fillmore (Composer)512333 33345 55553
TELLING AND LIVINGJ. H. Fillmore (Composer)455345 67132 16717
[The angels sang one starry night]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)955556 71234 32232
[The bells of heaven are ringing] (Fillmore)James Henry Fillmore Sr. (Composer)751712 32123 23454
[The blessed cross of Jesus]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)255331 21144 33255
THE BOOK OF GODJ. H. Fillmore (Composer)255456 54565 17655
[The Conquering Christ, O earth, behold]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)253333 32261 76567
[The day is ended, ere I sink to sleep] (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)232313 23453 32543
[When with the notes of spring]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)453456 51766 12533
[The flowers of the field have a lesson for me]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)255555 45655 35111
[The God of Abraham praise]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[The heart with Jesus' love aglow]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)235365 45332 54655
THE HOUR OF PRAYER (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)413456 32113 51634
[The kingdom of the Lord] (Fillmore)F. H. (Composer)351712 31171 21655
[The kingdoms of earth pass away one by one]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)656711 11345 66664
[I've seen the lightning flashing] (55535)J. H. F. (Arranger)155351 33112 16555
[The Lord be with and bless thee]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[The Lord is in His holy temple] (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)1155567 12311 17217
[The love of Christ constraineth us]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)213332 21112 34543
[The mighty God, the King of life immortal]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)255312 34566 54321
THE MOUNT OF VISIONJ. H. Fillmore (Composer)256712 34432 11237
[The night is dark, and frail my barque]J. H. F. (Composer)256551 17713 21771
[The night is far spent, and the day is at hand] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)251111 13455 55333
THE PILOT GUIDEJ. H. Fillmore (Composer)231234 56532 3523
THE PRECIOUS BIBLEJ. H. Fillmore (Composer)313332 12323 52234
[The ranks of joyous youth]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)235653 13555 43543
[The Savior is my shepherd]J. H. F. (Composer)413153 65311 32223
THE SOUL'S EASTERTIDEJ. H. Fillmore (Composer)317121 23321 67121
[The Victor comes with kingly tread]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)234555 55655 55432
[The voyage has been weary, but hark!]J. H. F. (Composer)251111 23535 51111
[There are hills beyond the valley where the river glideth by] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)334555 55567 11111
[There are sleeping crystal waters]J. H. F. (Composer)212333 45555 67165
[There is a river whose crystal flood]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[There is a time, a happy time]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)853451 31622 11771
[There is a time for waking and for sleeping]James Henry Fillmore, Sr. (Composer)351111 17123 53111
[There is a way, a blessed way]J. H. F. (Composer)255111 21765 51712
[There is gladness in my heart] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)251233 32125 72444
[There is no flower fairer]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)312343 23212 17112
[There is one among the meek most lowly]J. H. F. (Composer)256532 13165 11233
[There is rest for the weary, if rest they will seek]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)534555 51761 65345
[There will come a day of joy and gladness]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[There will dawn a golden morrow, by and by]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)634555 56543 22344
[There'll be no sorrow there] (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)213322 11443 32255
[There'll be singing on the margin of the river]J. H. F. (Composer)234555 56712 31556
[There's a beautiful land, there's a blissful abode] (J. H. Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)256512 37121 65345
[There's a city, I'm told, whose streets are of gold]J. H. F. (Composer)212333 31355 55517
[There's a garden where Jesus is waiting]James H. Fillmore (Composer)5134535 61653 12312
[There's a land of pure delight] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[There's a peace I have found in my Savior]J. H. F. (Composer)234654 53321 61654
THERE'S A TAVERN IN THE TOWNJ. H. F. (Arranger)155654 53555 55654
[There's joy in the service of Jesus]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)255433 45651 17176
[They are coming from all kingdoms] (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)234545 65317 65676
[They gave Him their treasures]James Henry Fillmore, Sr. (Composer)334555 67113 65567
[They recked not of danger, those sinners of old] (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)355551 11777 11222
[They who seek the throne of grace] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)513243 12132 4321
[This day of days, Your anthems raise]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)213332 12345 32132
[This is my Father's world, and to my listening ears]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)436653 11223 45354
[This is not my place of resting] (33333)J. H. F. (Arranger)233333 35422 34565
[This is the song, all the earth would sing]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[This life is a battle of right with the wrong]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[This world is fair, this life is sweet]James Henry Fillmore, Sr. (Composer)353321 76556 71217
[Though He slay me, I will trust Him] (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)255653 32134 51765
[Though the tempest gather 'round me]J. H. F. (Composer)233334 65311 71432
THOU ART GONE TO THE GRAVE (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)133333 33323 44336
[Thou who comfortless hath wept]J. H. F. (Composer)311152 22533 35444
[Thou who rulest earth and heaven]J. H. F. (Composer)334514 33223 42171
[Thou who sittest on the throne]J. H. F. (Composer)212176 56717 6217
[Though a child, O blessed Savior]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[Though stars should fall and earth should shake] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)351437 16535 42354
[Through the land a call is sounding]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2534555 65434 55565
[Through the meadows green, inviting]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2655556 71655 55671
[Through all the temple ringing]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)411767 65117 65672
["Thy kingdom come!" the prayer in deep contrition]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)243212 34566 54321
[Thy Lord hath visited thee]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)211553 31155 27255
[Thy risen Redeemer has bidden thee come]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)255555 34567 17666
THY WILL BE DONE (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)232156 16161 74325
['Tis the happiest time in this life below]J. H. F. (Composer)212333 12333 34555
['Tis the Savior pleading]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)511111 32222 23333
[To the blessed Father now be endless praise]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[To us has been given a country so great]J. H. F. (Composer)255653 21611 16511
[To weary hearts the promises of God]J. H. F. (Composer)212333 33313 52344
[Today, in the bright summer meadows]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)253333 23575 33332
[Toiling up the narrow way]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)312333 45432 23444
[Turn your faces toward the morning]J. H. F. (Composer)411123 45653 11123
[Under the storm-burdened sky]J. H. F. (Composer)355565 31555 65322
[Unto him be glory and honor and power]J. H. F. (Composer)355156 53653 23343
[Unto Him that liveth]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)217125 51712 55171
[Unto the hills I lift mine eyes] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[Unto the Rock that is higher than I]J. H. F. (Composer)255553 51765 55511
[Upon the great highway thou standest weary]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)1613333 33655 43222
[Valiant men and true]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[Wake, every heart, for earth abloom]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[Walk in His way in the days of youth]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)355556 71655 55655
[War sounds forth his dread alarms]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)215643 25132 17122
[We all might do good where we often do ill]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)553212 17616 55517
[We are "children of the kingdom"]J. H. F. (Composer)312333 34321 77712
[We are coming, we are coming] (Fillmore)James H. Fillmore, Sr. (Composer)3
[We are comrades of the cross]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)212333 21234 44322
[We are going down the valley, one by one]James H. Fillmore, Sr. (Composer)3912333 33342 31122
[We are journeying on to heaven]Fillmore (Composer)234517 12234 71233
[We are little gleaners, little we can do]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)433221 51122 33322
[We are living, we are dwelling] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)317656 54343 21725
[We are marching to a land above]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2156711 22321 53212
[We are not here to play, to dream, to drift] (Fillmore 32171)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)232171 21517 43212
[We are not here to play, to dream, to drift] (Fillmore 56711)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)556711 17123 67122
[We are sentinels for Jesus]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)212343 21512 34532
[We are soldiers in the army that is bound at last to win]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)455111 17777 67653
[We are soldiers of the cross] (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)3
[We are volunteers for Jesus] (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)255111 12222 33332
[We are waiting by the river] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)634555 43555 55543
[We are waiting till the Bridegroom cometh]J. H. F. (Composer)233321 23565 16532
[We come today, with happy hearts]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)355135 33223 47123
[We come, we come, we come to the Sunday school]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[We for Christ, to Him we bring]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)456655 66511 33223
[We give Thee the praise of our voices, dear Lord]J. H. F. (Composer)251113 45654 55111
[We haste to Thy temple, O Father]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)634555 53653 35432
[We have enlisted as volunteers]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[We know a great and glorious King]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)351112 34542 71112
[We know that God is on the throne]James H. Fillmore (Composer)431234 56716 53243
[We, like sheep, have wandered]J. H. F. (Arranger)255653 51121 61556
[We may all be Standard bearers]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)534551 76534 51712
[We praise the conquering might]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)251721 56767 17521
[We praise thee, O God, in thy name we rejoice]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)753165 11712 15667
[We shall meet beyond the river] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)234556 55111 76543
[We shall meet the loved ones yonder]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[We shall meet with raptured greeting]J. H. F. (Composer)212332 16513 53212
[We should love and help each other]J. H. F. (Composer)3
[We would love and help each other]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[We would sing a Savior's grateful praise]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)256517 67216 15143
[Weak and sinful though I be]J. H. F. (Composer)213532 22356 53211
[Welcome, welcome, Lovers of Jesus, good welcome]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)217654 32234 65123
[When the Lord in glory cometh with his hosts in bright array]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)632111 11517 66662
[We're a band of happy children] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)733333 21513 32244
[We're in a fight]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[We're little Crusaders and bravely we're faring]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)251111 51333 31355
[We're pressing still onward in the paths of righteousness]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[We're the victors now forever, over death and over sin]Jas. H. Fillmore (Composer)455111 11132 12165
[Werft auf Panier vor den Völkern allen]J. H. F. (Composer)213456 71231 53321
[What can I do for Thee] (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)213333 53112 32133
[What does the Master expect of me?]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)332312 34433 21712
[What is it makes my pathway bright]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)217656 36517 65635
[What radiant homes in realms of light]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)213332 21112 34332
[What shall we do in heaven above]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)212333 23454 32223
[What wilt thou bid us to do?]J. H. F. (Composer)256554 32434 65435
[When, as of old, in her sadness]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2256551 23225 22521
[When hearts are happy, there is singing]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)251712 34531 21212
SALVATION (Mozart)J. H. F. (Arranger)111351 53144 45431
[When joyful are our spirits]J. H. F. (Composer)211767 15346 54351
[When laden with sorrow and worn with earth's strife]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)255671 11176 55111
[When night settles down over the sea]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)251117 12123 33543
[When on quiet seas I sail]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)356712 12712 3434
[When the bells are sweetly ringing]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)232132 16151 31232
[When the day is bright]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[When the harvest is past and the summer is over] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)312333 31561 65561
[When the Master comes]J. H. F. (Composer)233321 11165 51111
[When the misty clouds around you] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)234555 55176 55555
[When the silence and shadow of darkness are spread]Jas. H. Fillmore (Composer)255111 15566 66665
[When the sky overspreads with blackness]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)234551 77666 55112
[When the troubles of life like the wild billows roll]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)212333 33455 55556
[When the winds and floods uprising]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)312333 45555 61765
[When we climb the golden mountain]J. H. F. (Composer)234567 13217 67465
[When we work for the Lord]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)656713 21176 16555
[When with happy faces]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)333333 43222 22444
[When you find you're doing wrong]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[When you see a fellow twisting]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)232323 23332 32323
[Whence comes this countless host with banners floating fair]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)353332 12345 65344
[Where and how will the soul find rest]J. H. F. (Composer)253566 32113 65676
[Where are the seeds we scattered in the springtime]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)432343 32232 11765
[Where life's crystal stream doth flow]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)1712321 23345 43455
[Where the busy crowds were thronging]J. H. F. (Composer)334555 55555 61765
[Where the golden bells are ringing]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)432323 11654 51312
[While praise we sing, we come to bring]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)211765 66543 32546
[Who made the stars look out at night?] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)432176 56532 17123
[Who the tempter's voice will heed?]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[Who was in the manger laid?] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)333323 54323 46533
[Who, who, who shall enter in?]J. H. F. (Composer)253321 71217 65444
[Whoso heareth and doeth these sayings of mine] (Fillmore)J. H. F. (Composer)234555 17653 45556
[Why should we weep, for those who sleep]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)231165 12332 14323
WIMBORNEJ. H. F. (Arranger)111231 56421 75123
[With souls aflame for deeds of fame]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)255555 67662 22172
[With the heavenly armor shining bright]J. H. F. (Composer)655112 31354 34255
WORK, WATCH, PRAYJ. H. Fillmore (Composer)953332 46533 32253
[Worship, honor, glory, blessing]J. H. F. (Composer)251351 12332 11111
[Would you have the joybells chiming]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)351233 33333 45222
[Would you have the things you ask for]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[Would you make this dark world bright?]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)355446 65321 55446
[Would you save the drunkard's home?]J. H. F. (Composer)254565 43123 43545
WYATT (Fillmore)Jas. H. Fillmore (Composer)551176 54356 11715
[Yes, for me, for me He careth] (Fillmore)J. H. Fillmore (Composer)351712 13246 17123
[You are going to leave the old home, my boy]J. H. F. (Composer)312333 34565 53355
[You can, if you will, be saved tonight]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)2
[Yours was a wondrous story]J. H. Fillmore (Composer)256543 21712 34565

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