Robert Lowe Fletcher

Short Name: Robert Lowe Fletcher
Full Name: Fletcher, Robert Lowe

19th Century

"Robert Lowe Fletcher, the composer, will be at the South Avenue Congregational Church to-morrow, In the morning he will speak on 'The Conservative Life" and at night he will conduct an old-fashioned gospel singing service, when he will use some of his own compositions. Mr. Fletcher will ask the audience to assist him in the singing. Mr. Fletcher is an interesting person, and it is expected that he will attract a large number of strangers to the South Avenue Church."

--from The Post-Standard, 26 November 1910

Texts by Robert Lowe Fletcher (60)sort descendingAsInstances
A glad, good time is comingRobert Lowe Fletcher (Author)2
A song of joy I sing todayRobert L. Fletcher (Author)2
Angels tell the joyful storyR. L. F. (Author)2
As panteth the hart in the sultry gladeRobert Fletcher (Author)3
At the grave where Christ lay sleepingRobert Lowe Fletcher (Author)5
At the grave where Jesus lay sleepingRobert Lowe Fletcher (Author)2
Awake, my soul, and greet the dawnRobert Lowe Fletcher (Author)4
Be ye glad in the Lord, all ye peopleR. L. Fletcher (Author)2
Beautiful angels from above Sang at the Savioir's birthRobert Lowe Fletcher (Author)2
Beautiful resurrection mornRobert Lowe Fletcher (Author)2
Beautiful star whose radianceRobert Lowe Fletcher (Author)2
Boast not thyself of tomorrowR. L. F. (Author)2
Christians, lift your voicesR. L. F. (Author)2
Endeavorers for the King, ariseR. L. Fletcher (Author)2
Faithful pilgrim, as we journeyRobert Lowe Fletcher (Author)3
Father of mercies, unto theeRobert L. Fletcher (Author)3
For Christ and the church we singRobert Lowe Fletcher (Author)2
Forward, Christian soldiers, Forward for your kingRobert L. Fletcher (Author)2
Forward, men of valorRobert Lowe Fletcher (Author)2
Go forth, go forth, ye sonsRobert Lowe Fletcher (Author)2
God of evening, God of morning, God of everlasting daysRobert Lowe Fletcher (Author)3
Hail, sacred morn, whose golden lightRobert L. Fletcher (Author)2
How sweet the place of prayerR. L. F. (Author)2
I will at all times bless Thy nameRobert L. Fletcher (Author)2
In vain they crucified my LordRobert Lowe Fletcher (Author)2
Jesus is coming, awake the glad songRobert Lowe Fletcher (Author)3
Jesus loves the children, Bids them early comeRobert Lowe Fletcher (Author)3
Jesus 'lskar barnenRobert Lowe Fletcher (Author)3
Joy to the world, he is risen, Jesus, the mighty to saveRobert Lowe Fletcher (Author)2
Let the nations all rejoice and singR. L. Fletcher (Author)4
Lift up the voice in singingRobert Lowe Fletcher (Author)1
Lord, we come in faith believingR. L. F. (Arranger)2
O Jesus, thou art comingRobt. L. Fletcher (Author)2
O souls, afar on the wilds of sinRobert Lowe Fletcher (Author)4
O what my brother have you to gainRobert Lowe Fletcher (Author)2
Our glorious land for ChristRobert Lowe Fletcher (Author)2
Prince of peace the Lord's anointedR. L. F. (Author)2
Put on the whole armorRobert Lowe Fletcher (Author)2
Rouse ye man who freedom boastRobert Lowe Fletcher (Author)2
See our banners proudly wavingRobert Lowe Fletcher (Author)2
Shout the tidings of great joyRobert Lowe Fletcher (Author)2
Sing the praise of him foreverRobert L. Fletcher (Author)3
Take the world but give me Jesus, He who died, he loved me soRobert Lowe Fletcher (Author)2
Tell o'er the world the joyful tidingsRobert Lowe Fletcher (Author)2
The hosts of God to conflict goR. L. Fletcher (Author)2
The Master is calling for reapers, and fields to the harvest are whiteRobert Lowe Fletcher (Author)2
The Savior calls in accents clearR. L. F. (Author)2
The temperance ship is sailing across the stormy waveRobert Fletcher (Author)2
There is joy, glad joyRobert Lowe Fletcher (Author)2
To thee, eternal King, we now our tribute bringRobert Lowe Fletcher (Author)2
We are watching, we are waiting till the mists shall clearRobert Lowe Fletcher (Author)3
We have found the long expectedRobert L. Fletcher (Author)3
We meet to praise the SaviorRobert Lowe Fletcher (Author)2
We shall wear a crown of gloryRobert Lowe Fletcher (Author)2
We will sing of a Savior's loveRobert Lowe Fletcher (Author)2
When sin sick and wearyRobert Lowe Fletcher (Author)3
“Who shall I send,” the Savior is sayingRobert L. Fletcher (Author)3
Ye saints of his, sing to the LordR. L. Fletcher (Author)2
You have gone far astrayRobert Lowe Fletcher (Author)2
Youthful crusaders are weRobert I. Fletcher (Author)2
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