Ahasuer Fritsch

Ahasuer Fritsch
Short Name: Ahasuer Fritsch
Full Name: Fritsch, Ahasver, 1629-1701
Birth Year: 1629
Death Year: 1701

Born: De­cem­ber 16, 1629, Mücheln, Sax­o­ny.
Died: Au­gust 24, 1701, Ru­dol­stadt, Ger­ma­ny.

With help from the fam­ily of a young no­ble he tu­tored, Fritsch re­ceived a good ed­u­ca­tion, earn­ing his law de­gree from the Un­i­ver­si­ty of Jena in 1661. He lat­er be­came chan­cel­lor of the un­i­ver­si­ty and pres­i­dent of the Con­sis­to­ry of Ru­dol­stadt. He wrote on num­er­ous sub­jects, in­clud­ing an­ti­qui­ties, law, and re­li­gion, and col­lect­ed hymns.

"Liebster Im­man­u­el, Herzog der Frommen"
"Dearest Im­man­u­el, Prince of the Lowly"



Texts by Ahasuer Fritsch (17)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Ach, unselig ist zu nennenAhasver Fritsch (Author)1
Ach, wann werd ich schauen DichAhasverus Fritsch (Author)9
Allevegne hvor jeg vankerAhasv. Fritsch (Author)Norwegian3
Dearest Immanuel, LordAhasverus Fritsch (Author)2
Dearest Immanuel, Prince of the lowlyAhasverus Fritsch, 1662 (Author)2
Der am Kreuz ist meine Liebe, Meine Lieb' ist Jesus ChristAhasverus Fritsch (Author)German19
Immanuel mily, Knize vericichAhasverus Fritsch (Author)2
Ists, oder ist mein Geist entzückt?Ahasverus Fritsch (Author)German5
Jesu, frommer MenschenherdenAhasverus Fritsch (Author)German2
Jesus allt mitt goda ärAhasverus Fritsch (Author)Swedish4
Jesus is my joy, my allAhasuerus Fritsch (Author)1
Liebster Immanuel, Herzog der FrommenAhasverus Fritsch (Author)German4
Mein Geist, o Gott, wird ganz entzücktDiterich n. Ahasv. Fritsch, 1629-1707 (Author)German1
Ravoravo re ny fokoA. Fritsch (Author)Malagasy2
Schönster Immanuel, Herzog der frommenAhasverus Fritsch (Author)German17
Thou, who on the cross didst love meAhasverus Fritsch (Author)English3
Wie herrlich ist die neue WeltA. Fritsche (Author)German4
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