Nils Frykman

Nils Frykman
Short Name: Nils Frykman
Full Name: Frykman, Nils, 1842-1911
Birth Year: 1842
Death Year: 1911

Born: October 20, 1842, Sunne, Värmland, Sweden (birth name: Nils Larsson).
Died: March 30, 1911, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Buried: Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Nils took the name Frykman after the region where he grew up, Fryksdalen. In 1868, he graduated from teachers’ college in Karlstad, and went on to teach in Grums, Norrköping, and Sunne. He preached in the church in Sunne, and around that time began to write hymns. Eventually, his texts were printed in the magazine Sanningsvittnet. However, Frykman’s work was not sanctioned by Sweden’s state church, and almost led to the loss of his job as a teacher. Eventually he did resign his position over a controversy about his children’s baptism by an independent preacher. In 1888, he was called to serve as pastor in the Tabernacle Church in Chicago, Illinois, and later in Salem, Minnesota. After 18 years, he retired to Minneapolis. He also served in the Northwest Mission Association of the Covenant Church, as denominational vice-chairman, Ministerial Board chairman, the Northwest Ministerial Association chairman, and as chairman of the committee to publish the Swedish-American Covenant church’s first hymnal in 1906. His works include:

The History of My Songs

Texts by Nils Frykman (59)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Arma barn, som vilse gaarNils Frykman (Author)3
Burde jeg ei være gladNils Frykman (Author)Norwegian2
Den högsta lycka på vår jordNils Frykman (Author)Swedish3
Det är din nåd, o Gud, som görNils Frykman (Author)Swedish2
Det er en herlig tingNils Frykman (Author)Norwegian2
God, my God, in heaven aboveNils Frykman (Author)English3
Gud, min Gud och fader kärNils Frykman, 1842-1911 (Author)Swedish4
Herlige stunder saa dyrebareN. Frykman (Author)Norwegian2
Herre, du som tronarNils Frykman (Author)2
Hör huru fridsropet skallarN. F. (Author)Swedish2
How beautiful, serene and grandNils Frykman (Author)English2
How great the joy the Lord providesNils Frykman, 1842-1911 (Author)2
How wonderful it is, To come in perfect blissNils Frykman, 1842-1911 (Author)English3
Hur skönt är Herrens budN. Frykman (Author)Swedish2
Hur skönt att vandra på livets stigNils Frykman (Author)Swedish2
Hvo som helst Kan bli' frelstNils Frykman (Author)Norwegian2
I have a friend who loveth meNils Frykman (Author)English10
I have a future all sublimeNils Frykman (Author)English8
I sing with joy and gladnessNils Frykman, 1842-1911 (Author)English3
Jag är en gäst och främling härN. F. (Author)Swedish3
Jag har en vän, som älskar migNils Frykman (Author)Swedish4
Jeg er saa lykkelig og gladNils Frykman (Author)Norwegian2
Jeg har en ven, som elsked' migNils Frykman (Author)Norwegian2
Jesu kära brudNils Frykman (Author)Swedish2
Jesu kjære brudN. Frykman (Author)Norwegian2
Jesus, dit navn vil jeg priseNils Frykman (Author)Norwegian2
Jordens fryd saasnart forsvinderN. Frykman (Author)Norwegian2
Joybells are ringing, Christmas is bringingNils Frykman (Author)English4
Julen är inneN. Frykman (Author)3
Kom till oss, o himmelska duvaN. F. (Author)Swedish2
List, to the gospel resoundingNils Frykman (Author)English5
Men hvorfor ver grædeNils Frykman (Author)Norwegian2
Min framtidsdag är ljus och långNils Frykman (Author)Swedish4
Min framtids dag er lys og langNils Frykman (Author)Norwegian4
Min trældomstid er nu forbiNils Frykman (Author)Norwegian2
Mitt hem är ej på jordenN. F. (Author)Swedish3
Nu er jeg glad og lyk'ligNils Frykman (Author)Norwegian2
Nu 'r jag fr'lst och saligNils Frykman (Author)2
O det är en härlig tingNils Frykman (Author)Swedish2
O du, som evigt tronar därNils Frykman (Author)Swedish2
O Gud, din makt oändlig ärNils Frykman (Author)Swedish2
O salighed, som Herren kjærNils Frykman (Author)Norwegian2
Om korsets fane, lille hærNils Frykman (Author)Norwegian2
Op til strid for Gud vi maaN. Frykman (Author)Norwegian2
Our mighty God works mighty wondersNils Frykman (Author)English6
Se i nødens dageNils Frykman (Author)Norwegian2
Tænk, naar evighedensNils Frykman (Author)Norwegian2
Tänk, när evighetensN. Frykman (Author)Swedish2
The highest joy that can be knownNils Frykman (Author)English5
Till dig, o Gud, min längtan stårN. Frykman (Author)Swedish2
Vak upp, min själ hans ära shungNils Frykman (Author)Swedish2
Var store Gud goer stora underNils Frykman (Author)4
Vår store Gud gör stora underNils Frykman (Author)Swedish3
Vem som helst Kan bli frälstNils Frykman (Author)Swedish2
Vill du skaada JesusNils Frykman (Author)2
Vor store Gud gjoer store UnderN. F. (Ord af)1
When my Lord is dear to meNils Frykman (Author)English2
Whosoe'er, anywhereNils Frykman, 1842-1911 (Author)2
Why should I be anxious? I have such a FriendNils Frykman (Author)English5
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