William Henry Gardner

Short Name: William Henry Gardner
Full Name: Gardner, William Henry

Late 19th Century

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Angels bright will gather roundWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)2
Around the throne a white robedWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)2
As the twilight shadows stealWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)4
At the feet of Jesus, I would ever beWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English2
Blessed Savior of lightWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)2
Boundless as the mighty seaWilliam H. Gardner (Author)English2
Dear Lord, will Thou grant peace to me?William Henry Gardner (Author)English2
Dir, Gott, allein zu traunWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)German3
Dir, Gott, will ich vertrauenWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)German2
Do you hear the bugle sounding on the hilltopsWilliam H. Gardner (Author)2
Does the world seem full of sorrowW. H. Gardner (Author)English2
Does thy burden heavy grow?Wm. H. Gardner (Author)English2
Every heart is fondly hopingWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English5
Eyes that are weary with watchingW. H. Gardner (Author)English5
Father as the day is closingWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English2
From the field and from the workshopWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English3
From the wilderness he cameWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)2
Gather flowers from the meadowWilliam H. Gardner (Author)English2
Gracious God, thou knowest Every human needWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English2
Guide us, dear Jesus, through sunshine and sorrowWm. H. Gardner (Author)English2
How our hearts will throb with gladnessWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English2
I can always trust himWm. H. Gardner (Author)English3
I had read the Holy BibleWilliam H. Gardner (Author)English2
I know a little birdie that sings the whole day longWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)2
If life is dreary and shadows creep inWm. H. Gardner (Author)English3
If 'tis but a cup of waterWm. Henry Gardner (Author)English2
If you dearly love your countryWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English2
I'll trust Thee, blessed LordWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English4
In grateful praise, to Thee we raiseWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English2
In the arms of Jesus I would be at restWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English2
In the land where the sun never setsWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English2
Is the way all dark before youWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English2
Is there in your heart a longingWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English2
Jesus knows earth's cares and sorrowsWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English2
Life is made of lights and shadowsWm. H. Gardner (Author)English2
Like the glitter of the sunbeamsWilliam H. Gardner (Author)English2
Linger not, the master callsWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)2
Little doubts and fears perplex usWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English2
Lo! the Lord of the harvest is comeW. H. Gardner (Author)English2
Many are the sad hearts roamingWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English2
My talents are few, dearest MasterWm. H. Gardner (Author)English16
Naught we care for fleeting richesW. H. Gardner (Author)English3
Not for self, O blessed SaviorWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English2
O could we guide the doingsWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)2
O for whom are the prizes of lifeWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)2
O give your alms with cheerfulWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)3
O thou Rock of agesWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)2
Ob manch Gebet vom ErdentalWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)German2
Of all the prayers that upward float [rise]William Henry Gardner (Author)English6
Often do my footsteps falterWm. H. Gardner (Author)English3
O pray that the Savior will guide youWm. Henry Gardner (Author)English2
O the sun shineth bright, and the sky smileth blueWm. H. Gardner (Author)English2
On the rocks a ship is driftingWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English4
Only a few steps moreWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English2
Onward comes a legionWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English2
Onward, onward, press to gloryWilliam Gardner (Author)English3
Our Redeemer died to save usWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English4
Out into the darkness Peals the old church bellW. H. Gardner (Author)English3
Out of sorrow, cometh gladnessWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English2
Out on the ocean the mad billows tossWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English2
Out on the ocean the storm clouds are gatheringW. H. Gardner (Author)English2
Over hill and lofty mountainWm. H. Gardner (Author)English4
Precious to me is the gospelWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English2
Quält dich, o Seele, ein innerer SchmerzWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English, German1
Rally round the standard, Hear the trumpet callWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English9
See the golden bow of promiseWm. H. Gardner (Author)English2
See the signal lights are burningWm. H. Gardner (Author)English2
Shadows, Lord, are fallingWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)2
Shout it from the hilltops, shout it from the valleysWilliam H. Gardner (Author)3
Sind wir auch nur kleine KinderWm. H. Gardner (Author)German1
Sing again the story of the Lord of gloryWm. H. Gardner (Author)English2
Sing His praises all the dayWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English2
Sing in His temple a song of thanksgivingWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English2
Singet im Hause des Herrn frohe LiederWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)German1
Sinner, fear not, Jesus loves theeWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English2
The bells are ringing sweetly from many a steeple towerWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English2
The King has need of soldiersWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English2
The Savior is patiently waitingWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)3
The soldier heeds his captainWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)2
The vales and fields with praises ringWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English2
There are angel hosts around usWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English2
There are heights that frown before usWm. H. Gardner (Author)English3
There are lands so full of darknessWm. H. Gardner (Author)English4
There is a world where sorrow never comesWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English4
There will be a fairer dawningWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English2
There will be an end to sorrowWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English2
There’s a day of judgment coming, And to meet it we should tryWillliam H. Gardner (Author)English3
There's a voice in the wilderness crying for helpWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English2
There's rest for you at Jesus' feetWilliam H. Gardner (Author)English2
Though we are but little childrenWm. H. Gardner (Author)English4
Though the clouds are round about youWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English3
Though the night be dark, and no light appearsWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English3
Though the prospects of the harvestWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English2
Thy will be done, O LordW. H. Gardner (Author)English8
Twilight shadows creep upon usWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)2
Vorwärts, vorwärts! dringt zum KleinodW. H. Gardner (Author)German3
We all can do something for JesusWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English2
We are little soldiers, fighting for the right (Gardner)William H. Gardner (Author)English2
We are often blindly planningWm. H. Gardner (Author)English4
We are soldiers of the MasterWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English2
We shall hear the angels singingWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English4
Wear not sober facesWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)2
Weary souls in darkness driftingWm. H. Gardner (Author)English6
When clouds and storms the way make darkWilliam H. Gardner (Author)English3
When our fondest hopes are shakenWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English3
When the glorious sunshine Streams along your wayWm. H. Gardner (Author)English2
When the light of hope burns dimlyWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)3
When the way is bright with sunshineWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English6
When we go to realms aboveWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)2
When we reach the other sideWilliam H. Gardner (Author)English2
When you start upon life's journeyWm. H. Gardner (Author)English2
When your heart is dark with shadowsWm. H. Gardner (Author)English2
When your heart is troubledWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)English4
Why not today? why still delay?Wm. H. Gardner (Author)English4
Would you flee from the darkest shadowsWilliam Henry Gardner (Author)3
Yonder on the puple hilltopsWilliam H. Gardner (Author)2
You say there's a Savior that came to this earthWilliam H. Gardner (Author)English3
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