Carl Bernhard Garve

Short Name: Carl Bernhard Garve
Full Name: Garve, Carl Bernhard, 1763-1841
Birth Year: 1763
Death Year: 1841

Garve, Carl Bernhard, was born Jan. 24, 1763, at Jeinsen, near Hannover, where his father was a farmer. He was educated at the Moravian schools in Zeist, and Neuwied, at their Pädagogium at Niesky, and their Seminary at Barby. In 1784 he was appointed one of the tutors at Niesky, and in 1789 at Barby; but as his philosophical lectures were thought rather unsettling in their tendency, he was sent, in 1797, to arrange the documents of the archive at Zeist. After his ordination as diaconus of the Moravian church, he was appointed, in 1799, preacher at Amsterdam; in 1801 at Ebersdorf (where he was also inspector of the training school); in 1809 at Berlin; and in 1816 at Neusalza on the Oder. Feeling the burden of years and infirmities he resigned the active duties of the ministry in 1836, and retired to Herrnhut, where he died June 21, 1841. (Koch, vii. 334-342; (Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie, viii. 392-94, &c.)

Garve ranks as the most important of recent Moravian hymnwriters, Albertini being perhaps his superior in poetical gifts, but certainly not in adaptability to church use. His better productions are almost entirely free from typically Moravian features; and in them Holy Scripture is used in a sound and healthful spirit. They are distinguished by force and at the same time elegance of style, and are full of deep love and devotion to the Saviour. Many of them have passed into the German Evangelical hymnbooks, no less than 36 being included in the Berlin Gesange-Buch 1829; and of those noted below No. i. is to be found in almost all recent German collections. They appeared mostly in the two following collections, both of which are to be found in the Town Library, Hamburg: (1) Christliche Gesänge, Görlitz, 1825, with 303 hymns, a few being recasts from other authors. (2) Brüdergesange, Gnadau, 1827, with 65 hymns intended principally for use in the Moravian Communion.

Garve's hymns in English common use are:—
i. Dein Wort, 0 Herr, ist milder Thau. Holy Scripture. Perhaps his finest hymn. 1825, as above, p. 51, in 7 st. of 8 l. Included, as No. 410, in the Berlin Geistliche Lieder S., ed. 1863, and in the German hymnbooks for Hannover, 1883, for the kingdom of Saxony, 1883, for the province of Saxony, 1882, &c." Translated as:—
1. Thy Word, 0 Lord, like gentle dews. A good translation of st. i.-iii, by Miss Winkworth, in the first Ser., 1855, of her Lyra Germanica, p. 36. In the Pennsylvania Lutheran Church Book, 1868, it is No. 314 in full, but rewritten to D.C.M. In 1864 it was included, altered, and with 11. 5-8 of each stanza omitted, as No. 681 in Hymns of the Spirit, Boston, U. S., and this has been repeated in Dr. Martineau's Hymns of Praise & Prayer, 1873, and Dr. Allon's Children's Worship, 1878.
2. Thy Word, 0 Lord, is gentle dew. A good translation of st. i.-iii., based on the Lyra Germanica, by Miss Winkworth, as No. 102 in her Chorale Book for England, 1863, and thence, in the Ohio Lutheran Hymnal, 1880.
ii. Hallelujah, Christus lebt. Easter. 1825, as above, p. 105, in 8 st. of 6 1. Included in Knapp's Evangelical Lutheran Songbook, 1850, No. 565. Translated as:—
Hallelujah! Jesus lives! A good translation (omitting st. iv., vi.) by Miss Borthwick, in the 4th Ser., 1862, of the Hymns from the Land of Luther, p. 30 (1884, p. 201). In Lyra Messianica, 1864, p. 295, and in G. S. Jellicoe's Collection, 1867, No. 103, it begins, "Alleluia ! Jesus lives."
iii. O Vater der Gemeine. Trinity Sunday. 1825, as above, p. 18, in 3 st. of 7 l. Included as No. 107 in Knapp's Evangelischer Lieder-Schatz, 1837. Translated as: --
Father of all created. In full, as No. 159, in Dr. Pagenstecher's Collection, 1864, signed " F. C. C."
Another translation is, "0 Father, we adore Thee," in the British Herald, Oct. 1866, p. 324, repeated as No. 416 in Reid's Praise Book, 1872.

Hymns not in English common use:— «
iv. Der Herr ist treu, Der Herr ist ewig treu. God's Faithfulness. 1825, p. 5, in 6 st., repeated in the Berlin Gesang-Buch, 1829, No. 60, beginning "Gott ist treu." Translated by N. L. Frothingham, 1870, p. 253.
v. Geduld! Geduld! ob's stürmisch weht. Trust in God. 1825, p. 180, in 3 st., repeated in the Berlin Gesang-Buch 1829, No. 593, beginning "Geduld! wie sehr der Sturm auch weht." Translated by N. L. Frothingham, 1870, p. 265.
vi. Sagt was hat die weite Welt. Holy Scripture. 1825, p 49, in 6 st. Translated as “Tell me, can the world display," in the British Herald, Nov. 1866, p. 360, repeated as No. 420 in Reid's Praise Book, 1872.
vii. Wer bin ich, Herr, in deinem Licht. Self-Examination, 1825, p. 216, in 15 st. Translated by N. L. Frothingham, 1870, p. 258.
viii. Zur Arbeit winkt mir mein Beruf. Before Work, 1825, p. 233, in 9 st. Translated by E. Massie, l861.

A hymn sometimes ascribed to Garve is noted under "Gib deinen Frieden uns." [Rev. James Mearns, M.A.]

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by Carl Bernhard Garve (87)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Ach bleib' mit deiner GnadeGarve (Author)German1
Ach sei mit Deiner GnadeK. B. Garve, 1763-1841 (Author)German17
Alleluia! Jesus lives! Won the battle gloriousCarl B. Garve, 1763 - 1841 (Author)English6
Amen, deines Grabes FriedeCarl Bernhard Garve (Author)German22
Bringet her, dem Herrn, ihr BrüderCarl Bernhard Garve (Author)German4
Dein Wort, o Herr, ist milder TauC. B. Garve, 1763-1841 (Author)German17
Der du die Wahrheit selber bistK. B. Garve, 1763-1841 (Author)German3
Der ersten Unschuld reines GlückK. B. Garve, 1763-1841 (Author)German10
Der Herr erhört GebetK. B. Garve (Author)German5
Der Herr, in [an] dessen Güte sich Erd' und Himmel freutK. B. Garve, 1763-1841 (Author)German1
Dich begehrt des Herzens BangenCarl Bernhard Garve (Author)German2
Die Himmel tönen Gottes PreisC. B. Garve (Author)German2
Die Liebe geht umher und SegenK. B. Garve (Author)German3
Dit ord, o Gud, sum duggen kvægerCarl Bernhard Garve (Author)Norwegian4
Du bist mein VertreterK. B. Garve (Author)German4
Du, Deines Hauses Herr und MeisterK. B. Garve (Author)German3
Du, der mit milden HändenCarl Bernhard Garve (Author)German3
Du Geist der Gnad' und WahrheitCarl Bernhard Garve (Author)German6
Du, unser Herr und Haupt der DeinenKarl Bernhard Garve (Author)German2
Gäste Jesu, kommt, erneuertCarl Bernhard Garve (Author)German3
Geist des Herrn, dein Licht alleinCarl Bernhard Garve (Author)German9
Geist Gottes, aus des Ewigen FülleC. B. Garve, 1763-1841 (Author)German7
Geist Gottes, unerschaffner GeistCarl Bernhard Garve (Author)German6
Give us Thy blessed peace, God of all might!C. B. Garve (Author (attributed to))English2
Glückselig, wer den Gruß des HerrnCarl Bernhard Garve (Author)German4
God's word is like a flaming swordCarl B. Garve (Author)3
Gott, Allweiser, wer bin ichCarl Bernhard Garve (Author)German3
Gott der Macht, in deinem RuhmeK. B. Garve (Author)German13
Gott, der segnend niederschautKarl Bernhard Garve, 1763-1841 (Author)German5
Gott ist treu, ja er ist ewig treuCarl Bernhard Garve (Author)German4
Habe Dank, dass uns deine Näh' umschlossCarl Bernhard Garve (Author)German2
Hallelujah, Christus lebtCarl Bernhard Garve (Author)German3
Hallelujah! Jesus lives! He is now the living oneCarl B. Garve, 1763-1841 (Author)English14
Hilf, dass von jeder Falschheit freiK. B. Garve (Author)German6
Hört das Wort voll Ernst und LiebeK. B. Garve, 1763-1841 (Author)German7
Hört's alle, hört's dass Jesus lebtK. B. Garve (Author)German2
Ihr aufgehobnen Segenshände [Jesushände]Carl Bernhard Garve (Author)German10
Jeder Schritt der ZeitKarl Berh. Garve (Author)German4
Jezu wejdźks. Karl Bernhard Garve (Author)Polish2
Komm an, wie einst in BrausenK. B. Garve (Author)German1
Komm herein, Haupt der deinenK. B. Garve (Author)German5
Kommt, Geschwister tretet einCarl Bernhard Garve (Author)German2
Licht, das in die Welt gekommen, auf und mehre deinen ScheinK. B. Garve (Author)German3
Lobsingt! uns füllte Gottes HandCarl Bernhard Garve (Author)German6
Lobsinget am frohen ErntefestBernhard Garve, 1763-1841 (Author)German10
Lobt den Herrn! Die GnadensonneCarl Bernhard Garve (Author)German11
Lobt den Herrn! lobt den Herrn! Die GnadensonneCarl Bernhard Garve (Author)German2
Mächtig wird der Weckruf schallenK. B. Garve (Author)German5
Mein ganzes Herz erfreut sich deinGarve (Author)German4
Mit Ehrfurcht schaut der Blick dich anK. B. Garve (Author)German3
Naht andachtsvoll der StätteCarl Bernhard Garve (Author)German2
Neno lako Bwana wetuCarl Bernhard Garve (Author)Swahili2
O come in, O come in, thou who art thy people's HeadCarl Bernhard Garve (Author)2
O Du, der Völker HeilK. B. Garve (Author)German3
O Du, in dessen Sorg' und HutCarl Bernhard Garve (Author)German3
O Himmelsgabe, du GotteswortK. B. Garve (Author)German2
O Liebe, hell in Jesu MienenK. B. Garve (Author)German5
O Loos, voll Heil und SeligkeitK. B. Garve (Author)German4
O thou art the primal truthCarl Bernhard Garve (Author)3
O Vater der GemeineCarl Bernhard Garve (Author)German2
Preis Dir, denn wir sind nicht verwais'tK. B. Garve (Author)German3
Preis schall' an diesem FreudenfestK. B. Garve (Author)German1
Reich des Herrn, Reich des HerrnCarl Bernhard Garve (Author)German15
Rule of God, rule of GodKarl Bernhard Garve, 1763-1841 (Author)2
Seht ihr vor dem Stuhle GottesCarl Bernhard Garve (Author)German5
Selige Seelen, die, treu bei dem ewigen TreuenGarve (Author)German2
Sieh' uns, Deine Gäste, nahenCarl Bernh. Garve (Author)German7
So lange Christus, Christus istCarl Bernhard Garve (Author)German7
Stark ist meines Jesu HandKarl Bernhard Garve, 1763-1841 (Author)German10
The heavens glorify God's nameC. B. Garve (Author)English1
Thy word, O God, like dew renewethCarl Bernhard Garve (Author)2
Thy word, O God, like dew, restorethC. B. Garve (Author)English3
Thy Word, O Lord, like gentle dewsCarl Bernhard Garve (Author)English35
Times flows on with meKarl Garve (Author)1
Twe Słowo rosą jest dla duszks. Karl Bernahrd Garve, d. 1841 (Author)Polish2
Ufalme wa MunguCarl Bernhard Garve (Author)Swahili2
Venga ya del SeñorCarl Bernhard Garve (Author)Spanish2
Was ist des Menschen LebenK. B. Garve (Author)German4
Was klagst du, trübe SeeleK. B. Garve (Author)German3
Weih' Er selbst, dem ihr euch weihtCarl B. Garve (Author)German3
Welche Wahl, aus freien GnadenCarl Bernhard Garve (Author)German4
Wenn der Herr, der von [aus] dem Tod [Schlaf] erwachteCarl Bernhard Garve (Author)German2
Wenn Erd' und Weltkreis untergehtCarl Bernhard Garve (Author)German3
Wie ein Hirt, dein Volk zu weidenCarl Bernhard Garve (Author)German10
Wir warten dein, o Gottes SohnK. B. Garve (Author)German1
Yes! it shall be well at morningCarl Bernhard Garve (Author)English2
Zur Arbeit winkt mir mein Beruf; Du, dessen Güte mir die KräfteCarl Bernhard Garve (Author)German13
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