Felice Giardini

Felice Giardini
Felice Giardini, 1745 representation, after Giovanni Battista Cipriani.
Short Name: Felice Giardini
Full Name: Giardini, Felice, 1716-1796
Birth Year: 1716
Death Year: 1796

Felice Giardini, born in Italy. When young, he studied singing, harpsichord, and violin. He became a composer and violin virtuoso. By age 12 he was playing in theatre orchestras. His most instructive lesson: While playing a solo passage during an opera, he decided to show off his skills by improvising several bravura variations that the composer, Jommelli, had not written . Although the audience applauded loudly, Jomelli, who happened to be there, went up and slapped Giardini in the face. He learned a lesson from that. He toured Europe as a violinist, considered one of the greatest musical artists of his time. He served as orchestra leader and director of the Italian Opera in London, giving concerts. He tried to run a theatre in Naples, but encountered adversity. He went to Russia, but had little fortune there, where he died.

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Felice de Giardini (12 April 1716 – 8 June 1796) was an Italian composer and violinist.

Tunes by Felice Giardini (8)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
ATHENSF. Giardini (Composer)5015432 12156 15441
BLENDON (Giardini)Felice de Giardini (Composer)1313455 17655 61
[Father, Father, how wide thy glory shines]F. Giardini (Composer)2
SICILIAN MARINERSFelice Giardini (Composer)156543 45654 35567
PELHAM (Giardini)Giardini (Composer)555154 32121 43653
RONDEAUGiardini (Composer)255654 34211 1765
ITALIAN HYMNFelice de Giardini (Composer)119153121 71123 45432
TURIN (Giardini)Giardini (Composer)555556 17654 3655

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