Maggie E. Gregory

Short Name: Maggie E. Gregory
Full Name: Gregory, Maggie E.

Early 20th Century

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Above this earthly home of oursMaggie E. Gregory (Author)English5
Afar from God I wanderedMaggie E. Gregory (Author)English2
All we, like sheep, had wanderedMaggie E. Gregory (Author)3
Anywhere with Jesus I will gladly goMaggie E. Gregory (Author)English2
Astray from my Savior, an alien from graceMaggie E. Gregory (Author)2
Bethlehem's manger held a KingMaggie E. Gregory (Author)2
Blessed Jesus, we are smallMaggie E. Gregory (Author)4
Dear Lord, reveal Thyself to meMaggie E. Gregory (Author)English2
Dear Lord, unloose my stammering tongueMaggie E. Gregory (Author)English4
Es hält mich Jesu HirtenhandMaggie E. Gregory (Author)German1
Every little hand may work for JesusMaggie E. Gregory (Author)English5
Holy Father, as we come before theeMaggie E. Gregory (Author)3
I am bound for the country, where cometh no nightMaggie E. Gregory (Author)2
I am living in the sunshine Of my Savior's blessed faceMaggie E. Gregory (Author)4
I am the Lord's I've given myself to himMaggie E. Gregory (Author)English3
I do not ask to walk by sightMaggie E. Gregory (Author)English5
I have found a full salvation, hallelujahMaggie E. Gregory (Author)English5
I know not what cares may befall meMaggie E. Gregory (Author)3
I love the blessed Savior, he is my dearest FriendMaggie E. Gregory (Author)2
I may not see the path I treadMaggie E. Gregory (Author)English6
I praise the Lord for mercies great, a constant, ceaseless showerMaggie E. Gregory (Author)2
I praise the Lord, he answers prayerMaggie E. Gregory (Author)2
I tell my Savior all my griefMaggie E. Gregory (Author)2
I will not offer to the Lord, my GodMaggie E. Gregory (Author)2
Ich kenn' ein wunderschönes LandMaggie E. Gregory (Author)German2
I'm trusting Christ and He keeps meMaggie E. Gregory (Author)English2
Jesus calls for faithful laborersMaggie E. Gregory (Author)4
Jesus, Hirte, unser HeilMaggie E. Gregory (Author)German2
Jesus is able to save us from sinMaggie E. Gregory (Author)English2
Jesus, Shepherd, lead Thy sheepMaggie E. Gregory (Author)English3
Just to know that Jeus loves meMaggie E. Gregory (Author)3
Keep close to your Guide as you journey alongMaggie A. Gregory (Author)3
Let us be lights, and brightly shineMaggie E. Gregory (Author)3
Lord, come to us, we need thee soMaggie E. Gregory (Author)3
Lord, I would have no will but thineMaggie E. Gregory (Author)English3
My blessed Savior holds my handMaggie E. Gregory (Author)English9
My only hope, my only pleaMaggie E. Gregory (Author)2
My songs arise in fervent adorationMaggie E. Gregory (Author)3
Nearer to Thee, my Savior, my longing heart would beMaggie E. Gregory (Author)English3
O bless the Lord for perfect peaceMaggie E. Gregory (Author)English2
O, blessed day, the happy dayMaggie E. Gregory (Author)4
O glory to the cleansing bloodMaggie E. Gregory (Author)English2
O Jesus, go not from my sightMaggie E. Gregory (Author)6
O Lord, descend in mighty powerMaggie E. Gregory (Author)4
O sinner, can you turn from the loving pleaMaggie E. Gregory (Author)2
O that my mortal eyes might seeMaggie E. Gregory (Author)English2
O my Savior, how I love TheeMaggie E. Gregory (Author)English3
Savior, I am hungry, feed meGregory (Author)4
Savior, our hearts shall be Thy throneMaggie E. Gregory (Author)6
Sing a triumph song as you march alongMaggie E. Gregory (Author)2
Soldiers for Jesus, O be [be ye] strong in the LordMaggie E. Gregory (Author)English3
Speak a word, a loving word for JesusMaggie E. Gregory (Author)English2
Take me, dear Savior, O do not refuse meMaggie E. Gregory (Author)English2
The blessed peace of Christ my bosom fillsMaggie E. Gregory (Author)4
The cares and sorrows of this lifeMaggie E. Gregory (Author)3
The Lord God omnipotent reigneth, He weigheth the mountains in scalesMaggie E. Gregory (Author)2
The reaper may call for you tonightMaggie E. Gregory (Author)English2
There's a fountain overflowingMaggie E. Gregory (Author)2
There's power in Jesus' bloodMaggie E. Gregory (Author)English3
Though skies be dark, and rough the wayMaggie E. Gregory (Author)2
We are dwelling at the fountain where we ever would abideMaggie E. Gregory (Author)English2
We are Jesus' little onesMaggie E. Gregory (Author)English7
We are little workers, working for the LordMaggie E. Gregory (Author)English6
We can safely walk through the roughest waysMaggie E. Gregory (Author)2
We walk together, my Lord and IMaggie E. Gregory (Author)3
Weak and unworthy though I beMaggie E. Gregory (Author)English23
Weary soul, oppressed with grief and careMaggie E. Gregory (Author)2
What blessed peace the thought affordsMaggie E. Gregory (Author)3
What wilt thou have me to do, dear LordMaggie E. Gregory (Author)2
When we reach the land of rest, where all the faithfulMaggie E. Gregory (Author)English2
Wir sind Jesu kleine ScharMaggie E. Gregory (Author)German2
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