Ann Griffiths

Short Name: Ann Griffiths
Full Name: Griffiths, Ann (née Thomas), 1776-1805
Birth Year: 1776
Death Year: 1805

Griffiths, Ann, of Dolwar Fechan, Montgomeryshire, was born in 1776, and died in 1805. She composed many beautiful hymns, a collection of which was published (posthumously) in 1806, and also in 1808, under the title of "Hymnau o fawl i Dduw ac i'r oen" ("Hymns of Praise to God and the Lamb"). Several of her hymns rank with the best in the Welsh language. [Rev. W. Glanffrwd Thomas]

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology


Griffiths, Ann, p. 470, ii. A long account of this writer, and several translations into English of her hymns, are given in H. Elvet Lewis's Sweet Singers of Wales, R. T. S., 1889.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)

Wikipedia Biography

Ann Griffiths (née Thomas, 1776–1805) was a Welsh poet and writer of Methodist Christian hymns in the Welsh language. Her poetry reflects her fervent Christian faith and thorough scriptural knowledge.

Texts by Ann Griffiths (11)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Bod yn fyw sy'n fawr rhyfeddodAnn Griffiths (Author (stanzas 1, 2))Welsh2
Dyma Babell y cyfarfodMrs. Ann Griffiths (Author)Welsh6
Gwna fi fel pren planedig, O, fy NuwAnn Griffiths (Author)Welsh2
Melys cofio y cyfamod (Sweet the covenant to ponder)Ann Griffiths (Author)English, Welsh2
Ni all byd â'i holl deganauAnn Griffiths (Author)Welsh2
O! am gael ffydd i edrychAnn Griffiths (Author)Welsh2
O! Arglwydd Dduw rhagluniaethA. G. (Author (stanza 2))Welsh3
Pechadur aflan yw fy enw, O ba rai y pena'n fywAnn Griffiths (Author)Welsh3
Peraidd ganodd sêr y boreuMrs. Ann Griffiths (Author (stanza 2))Welsh3
Rhyfedd, rhyfedd gan angylionAnn Griffiths (Author)Welsh3
Wele'n sefyll rhwng y myrtwyddAnn Griffiths (Author)Welsh2

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