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Orlando S. Grinnell

Short Name: Orlando S. Grinnell
Full Name: Grinnell, Orlando S., d. 1926
Death Year: 1926

Orlando S. Grinnell was better known as a preacher than a songwriter. Still, the Wayne pastor's single hymn was a hit, not for its timeless melody but for its title. In 1921, the minister wrote a hymn for his flock to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Wayne Congregational Church. Grinnell titled it "The Little Home Church by the Wayside."


Texts by Orlando S. Grinnell (95)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A beautiful story I've heardOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)3
A fountain of cleansing is opened for sinOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)7
A night on the deepOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
A sweet message from JesusOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)4
A voice comes ringing outOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
Amidst the cares and toils of lifeOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)7
Blessed promise of the SaviorOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)3
Blessed Redeemer, graciously hear usOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)English4
Can I do his righteousOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
Christ suffered the children to come unto himOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)7
Christian soldiers of the royal armyOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
Come unto me, ye who areOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
Come, weary trembling soulOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
Down at the cross flows the sin cleansing tideOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
Gaily sailed she from the harborOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
Gallant soldiers, hear the trumpet soundingOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)English2
God is calling to go forthOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)3
God will guide theeOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
Going forth in serviceOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
Hark, the bells are chimingOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)6
Hark, 'tis the voice of JesusOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)3
He is coming, coming quicklyOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
He leadeth me, O praiseOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)3
Hear the wondrous storyOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)3
Holy Spirit, light of glory, shineOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
I am clinging to the cross, though my faith is weakOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)4
I am going through with JesusOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)6
I am looking for the dawningOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)5
I am walking with the Savior (Grinnell)Orlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
I know that all I thinkOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)3
I love the gentle JesusOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
I would sing to you of JesusO. S. G. (Author)6
In a little while the dayOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
Is there any room for Jesus (Grinnell)Orlando S. Grinnell (Author)3
Is there trouble in your life, Take it all to JesusOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
I've started on the wayOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
I've tried the pleasuresOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
Jesus Christ is ever with us, Only believeOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
Jesus Christ is now among [amongst] usOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)English7
Jesus, how my heart is longingOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
Jesus is calling, brother, todayO. S. G. (Arranger (chorus))3
Just a little walk with JesusOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
Let loyalty the watchword beO. S. G. (Author)5
Let us pray for one anotherOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)3
Light after darkness, gain after lossO. S. G. (Author (chorus))English1
Like a sheep gone astrayOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)3
Lo we're singing for JesusOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
Must I only work for selfOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)7
My heart is filled with wondrous love and joyOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
My hope is built upon his word trusting in the promises of JesusOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
My house is buillt upon a solid rockOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)8
Nothing to say for JesusOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)English1
O Father, let me bear the crossOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)3
O if my house is built upon a rockOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)English4
O sing unto the Lord praises forevermoreOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
O sinner, listen while you mayOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)English8
O that I had been with JesusOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
O, throw out the searchlightOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
O to be more like JesusO. S. G. (Author)2
Once more before we part, O bless the Savior's nameO. S. G. (Arranger (vs. 3))English1
Praising the Savior blessedOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
Precious Jesus, O to love theeOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)13
Remember the time is comingOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
Silent voices whisper to meOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
Sing out for the joyOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
Sowing seeds of kindnessOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)4
Tell me brother, faint and wearyOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)3
The men who dare to standOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
The multitude stood in the judgment hallOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
The night was dark and filled with gloomOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)1
The Savior inviteth the childrenOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
The Savior is passingOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
The time will come some happy dayOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
The voice that is calling thee sinnerOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)8
The water of life is flowingOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
The weary and heavy withOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)3
There is a beautiful homeOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)3
There is a Friend, a Friend you need, His precious name is JesusOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
There is joy, sweet joyOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
There lies in a quiet and lonely churchyardOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
There was never a timeOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
There'll come a timeOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)1
There's a royal wayOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)3
They tell me the storyOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
'Tis easy to goOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
'Tis the Savior callingOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
Toiling on, toiling onOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
Was there ever a friendOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)5
We come to thee, O gracious LordOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)5
We know not what awaitsOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
When the cares of life have endedOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)1
Why not come to JesusOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
Will you be ready whenOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)3
Would you know the love of JesusOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)2
You have heard the gospelOrlando S. Grinnell (Author)3
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