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Mrs. J. M. Hunter

Mrs. J. M. Hunter
Short Name: Mrs. J. M. Hunter
Full Name: Hunter, J. M., Mrs.
Birth Year: 1860
Death Year: 1942

Laura Bell Ogilvie Hunter. Married John Madison Hunter.

Texts by Mrs. J. M. Hunter (355)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A band of little childrenJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
A great deliverer is the LordJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
A little child can brightly shineMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)2
Alcoholic drinks are poisonMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
All in vain may seemJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
All my trust I place in JesusJ. M. Hunter (Author)3
Are you busy in the vineyard of our blessed LordJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Are you living as Jesus would have you liveJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Are you ready for the coming of the greatJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Are you ready for the dayJ. M. Hunter (Author)3
Are you shining brightly shiningJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Are you striving to be readyJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Are you trusting, fullyMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
Are you working todayJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Arise and sing unto the LordJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Arise, ye saints, extol the nameJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
As a Christian are you growing every passing hourJ. M. Hunter (Author)3
As day by day I journeyJ. M. Hunter (Author)9
As I journey through the shadowsJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
As I onward go, through this world belowJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
As I think of God's great mercyJ. M. Hunter (Author)3
As I'm gladly marching onward to the land beyondJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
As this world we journey throughJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
As we wend our way alongJ. M. Hunter (Author)6
At the ending of the journey, at the closingJ. M. Hunter (Author)3
Attend, O Lord, unto my cry (Hunter)J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
Banished into outer darknessJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Be a witness for the Master Wheresoe'er you goMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English3
Be glad, ye righteous, singJ. M. Hunter (Author)4
Be thou exalted, blessed LordJ. M. Hunter (Author)3
Beautiful and dear the promise, coming to my soul todayMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
Beautiful the glowing sunsetJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Beautiful this world about usJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Beautiful this world around meJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Bells are tolling, friends are passing To a land I cannot seeMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
Beyond the dark river bright mansions I seeJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Beyond the mists of shadows hereJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Beyond the stillness of the tombMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
Blest is the Book and sweet is the messageJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Bring today the lovely liliesJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Come, let us lift our hearts todayMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
Come, let us praise the Holy OneJ. M. Hunter (Author)4
Come, let us praise the Lord and allJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Come, let us worship Christ, our KingMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
Come with joy before the Lord (Hunter)J. M. Hunter (Author)2
Come with songs of praiseMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English4
Daily work for the Christ the masterJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Dark is the way, the tempestJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Day and night I trust in JesusJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Dear, lovely JuneJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Dear mother, safe on that bright shoreMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English12
Dear Savior, as I journeyJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Dear Savior, bless our Sabbath SchoolMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)2
Do not let your heart be troubled, Precious words from lips divineJ. M. Hunter (Author)3
Do you love the blessed Savior, Is He more than life to youMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
Don't you think the holy angels watch around us here belowMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English3
Don't you want to be a workerJ. M. Hunter (Author)3
Draw me nearer, blessed JesusMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)2
Earthly days are going fastJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Earthly life is fleetingJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Earthly life will soon be overJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Earthly skies are ever changingJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Earthly things we know areJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Ere the dew of morn has vanishedJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Eternal God and KingJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Everywhere there's blessed serviceJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Evil forces strong and mightyJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Faith, with glad and piercingJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Far above the dark shadows of earthMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)2
Far away from home and loved ones, unto me there came a dreamMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
Far beyond the gleamingJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Far, far away beyond these changing skiesJ. M. Hunter (Author)3
Far, far from JesusJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Farewell, brother, I must leave youJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Father, keep me ever near theeJ. M. Hunter (Author)3
For a voice to earthJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Forth we come with tidings wondrousJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
From duty’s straight and narrow wayMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English3
From friends so dear how oft we partJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
'Gainst the curse of poisonous drinkJ. M. Hunter (Author)3
Get right with God, O wandering soul, Make place with himJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Gladly will I offer praisesJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Grand is the work and brightJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Guide me, O my precious Savior, guide me withJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Happy smiles and sunny facesJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Have you seen the poor, weak drunkardJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Hear, O hear the gospel storyJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
How beautiful and true the lifeMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English4
How blest are they who serve the LordJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
How my longing heart is cheeredMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)2
How sweet to know that safe aboveJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
How sweet to think, when life is overJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
I am happy in my Savior and my heart overflows in songMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)2
I am happy, O so happy as I journey on my way (Hunter)J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
I am looking for a city with foundations sureJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
I am thinking today of a beautiful homeMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
I am thinking today of a wonderful loveMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
I belong to Christ, the SaviorJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
I belong to the Lord, I'm a child of His word I am working for Him every dayJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
I can not see my earthly wayMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
I could not live without himJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
I have a friend, a precious friend, Who keeps me day by dayJ. M. Hunter (Author)English8
I have had my smiles and tearsJ. M. Hunter (Author)4
I have heard the tender pleadingJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
I have read in the Bible of a home over thereJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
I have strayed afar from home on the mountains bare and bleakMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English4
I hear a voice a low sweet voiceMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
I love to sing of that bright homeJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
I love to think that JesusJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
I want to do the Savior's willJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
I was lost in sin and doubtJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
I will sing a song of gladnessJ. M. Hunter (Author)3
I will sing in notes of gladnessJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
I will sing the love of Jesus, Praising Him is sweet employMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English3
If we're faithful to the rightJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
I'll have a drink of water coolMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)2
I'm now rejoicing in the peaceMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)3
I'm seeking for a countryJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
I'm sweetly dreaming of a golden morningMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)3
I'm thinking of a city, That blessed "Upper Fold"Mrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)3
In a churchyard stoodJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
In my Savior I am trustingJ. M. Hunter (Author)English1
In myself I had no meritJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
In that bright golden morningJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
In that precious book, the BibleJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
In the Christian's home aboveJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
In the garden of affectionJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
In the land of fadeless lightJ. M. Hunter (Author)3
In the morning of life When we journeyJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
In the promises of JesusJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
In the rosy morn of childhoodJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
In the service of the SaviorJ. M. Hunter (Author)4
In the vineyard of the Master There is paying work to doJ. M. Hunter (Author)3
In this world we have our battlesJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Is your life so full, so crowdedMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
I've been reading a storyJ. M. Hunter (Author)3
I've heard a wondrousstoryJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Jesus Christ, our loving MasterMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English3
Jesus is our blessed SaviorJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Jesus, my Lord, I come to Thee, shelter, protect and comfort meMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
Joy is smiling, hope is singing, there is rapture in my soulMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English3
June once more makes us a visitMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)2
Lead me, lead me precious SaviorJ. M. Hunter (Author)3
Let us come before our FatherJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Let us come today with a sweet accordMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English3
Let us do our best, with a smileJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Let us sing the praise of JesusJ. M. Hunter (Author)1
Let us sing the precious loveJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Life has many mystic problemsJ. M. Hunter (Author)3
Life is bright with holy beautyJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Life is full of joy and beautyMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)2
Life's a thing of wondrous beautyJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Life's brief day is almost overJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Life's brief day is almost over Shadows round me longer growJ. M. Hunter (Author)3
Like a golden chain of beautyJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Like the sound of soothing musicMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English4
Little feet were made to walk (Hunter)J. M. Hunter (Author)5
Little flowers turn their facesMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)2
Looking for help unto Christ our RedeemerJ. M. Hunter (Author)3
Lord we come, unto Thee, our GodJ. M. Hunter (Author)English2
Magnify the Savior's nameJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Many souls are out of JesusJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Many the trials on life's changing wayJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Memory with a skillful hand paintsJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
’Mid the billows of temptation, on the restless seas of lifeMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)3
Mid the never fading flowersJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
'Mid the stormy scenes of lifeMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)2
'Mid the trials and temptaionsMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)3
Mine eyes hath seen a visionJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
My countrymen, how sad to thinkJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Not I, but Christ, rememberJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Now through a glass we darly seeJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Now through a glass we darkly seeMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)4
O a crowning day is comingJ. M. Hunter (Author)3
O be a blessing day by dayJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
O be joyful and sing aloudJ. M. Hunter (Author)3
O be joyful and sing, sing aloudJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
O be not discouraged, dear pilgrimJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
O blessed Bible, book divineMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
O brother, as you journeyMrs. J. M. Hunter (Arranger)1
O come to the Savior, believe on His nameJ. M. Hunter (Author)English2
O faithful band of soldiers boldJ. M. Hunter (Author)4
O give ye thanks unto the LordJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
O God, before thy righteous throneJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
O how many today who are Christians in nameJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
O how oft my fancy straysMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English4
O how precious is the promise (Hunter)J. M. Hunter (Author)2
O how sweet to think of heavenJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
O I am so glad that Jesus hath revealedJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
O I love to sing of JesusJ. M. Hunter (Author)1
O just to think I am oneJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
O my brother, are you wearyJ. M. Hunter (Author)1
O my soul is filled with raptureMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)3
O refuge of the weary soulJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
O say ye not the Christian diesJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
O sometimes how rough seems the roadJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
O souls that sufferJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
O the many precious blessingsJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
O the world is full of sorrow, O the world is full of sinMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English3
O watch between us, blessed LordMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English3
O we are happy soldiersJ. M. Hunter (Author)4
O we have no time for piningJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
O where do you flee when tempestsJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
O ye waves of free salvationJ. M. Hunter (Author)3
Oft I read with sweet delightMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
Oft I'm thinking fondlyJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Oft we read about the mansionsJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Often times heart sick and wearyJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Often when the path is ruggedMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
Often you have heard the storyJ. M. Hunter (Author)4
On life's ocean, deep and wideJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
On one side or on the otherJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Once again the blessed springtimeJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Once again the gospel storyJ. M. Hunter (Author)8
Once again you've heard the gospelJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Once more I've heard the gospel'sJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Once my soul has bowed in sorrowJ. M. Hunter (Author)3
One name alone is all my pleaJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Our frames must grow feebleMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English4
Our songs of praise to Christ we raiseJ. M. Hunter (Author)4
Out beyond the mystic valleyJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Out beyond the silent shadowsMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
Praise ye the Lord, O serve him with gladnessJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Praises sing to our RedeemerJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Precious Savior meek and mildMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)2
Rejoice, be glad in Christ, the LordJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Rejoice, ye righteous, in the Lord, New songsJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Right shall conquer, yes, we know itJ. M. Hunter (Author)3
Ringing down through all the agesJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Sad it is to see the youthfulJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Scatter peace and lightJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Search thou my heart, O ChristJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Seeking to honor our blessed RedeemerJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Since I've found the blessed SaviorJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Sing, O my soul, a joyful songJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Sing unto God all ye his saintsJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Sing unto God, ye saintsJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Singing a song of love and lightJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Sinner, won't you come to Jesus, come this veryJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Some day the sun of life shall setMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
Somebody's boy is going downJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Sometime I'll lay my armor downMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English3
Sometime the shadows will be goneJ. M. Hunter (Author)8
Sometime will set life's golden sunJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Soon I'll cross the mystic riverMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English9
Surrounded by temptations, Though fierce and wild the stormMres. J. M. Hunter (Author)2
Sweet and wondrous is the storyMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)4
Sweet music comes with gentle touchJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Sweetly I am thinking of a morning brightMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English3
Take me, Jesus, as I am weak and helpless and undoneJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Tell me tonight of the joys of heavenJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Tell the joyful story of redeeming graceMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
Tell to me the story, full of tendernessJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Telling the story, glad and sweetJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
The days are few that I on earth may roamJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
The heavens declare Thy glory, Lord (Hunter)J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
The king of glory ever livesJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
The Sunday school's the place to beJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
The weakening pulse the shortening breathJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
The world's great need is JesusMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
There are mansions blestJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
There are many touching storiesMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
There are many ways of livingJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
There comes to me a precious thoughtJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
There is a Book, a book more blestMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English3
There is a joyful storyJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
There is a land, 'Tis oldJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
There is a light that shineth, 'Tis shining bright and clearMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
There is a peace, a lasting peaceMrs. J. M. Hunger (Author)English3
There is music in heaven over the saved ones of earthJ. M. Hunter (Author)14
There is pain and death and sorrowJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
There will be a blessed time, Bells of heavenJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
There will be a day of judgmentJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
There will come a day when the Lord shall sayMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English16
There's a battle ever ragingMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)2
There's a battle fierce to wage, it should all our pow'rs engageJ. M. Hunter (Author)English2
There's a beautiful gateJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
There's a blessed home aboveJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
There's a blest upper foldJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
There's a book so sweet, so preciousMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English3
There's a brighter world than thisJ. M. Hunter (Author)7
There's a city grand, eternal, far beyond earth's changing skyMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
There's a heavenly messageJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
There's a home our Lord hath madeJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
There's a land of light sin can never blightJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
There's a loving message treasured in my heartJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
There's a message sweet and preciousJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
There's a precious home in heavenJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
There's a question I would ask youJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
There's a thought so sweet, so dear (Hunter)J. M. Hunter (Author)2
There's a truth that brings me comfortJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
There's no time for idle dreamingJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Though the path of life be drearJ. M. Hunter (Author)4
Through grace a home our Lord hath boughtMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
Through my soul like music stealingJ. M. Hunter (Author)13
Tis a time of sweet rejoicingMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
'Tis ever new and strange and sweetJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
'Tis not the home prepared aboveJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
'Tis so sweet to know that JesusJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
'Tis so sweet to know the SaviorMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English4
'Tis so sweet to work for JesusMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)3
'Tis sweet to come with songs of praiseJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
'Tis sweet to know that God hath madeJ. M. Hunter (Author)English2
'Tis the gentle voice of JesusJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
To my heart in tones of sweetnessJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
To my soul with soothing cadenceJ. M. Hunter (Author)3
To one fixed thought my spirit holdsJ. M. Hunter (Author)4
To the pilgrims, wornJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
To thy dear house, our God, we comeJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Toiling on mid soreJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Trust in Jesus, only trustJ. M. Hunter (Author)3
Try and trust, the words are smallMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
Very sweet and dear the pleasuresJ. M. Hunter (Author)3
Visions of beauty and echoesJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Walking in the sunshine, glad and golden sunshineJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Wandering far from God and heavenJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
We are building, we are buildingJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
We are happy in the service of our SaviorJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
We are marching, marching gladlyJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
We are pilgrims, we are soldiersMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
We bless Thy holy nameMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)3
We have many, many blessingsJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
We welcome you, dear friendsJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
We would hail the happy ChristmasJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Welcome the day set apart for the childrenJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
We're marching to a blessed landJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
We've enlisted, now to the Christ we bowJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
What are you doing for JesusJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
When afflictions oppress usJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
When evening shadows gather roundMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
When in sad and measured toneJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
When my work down hereJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
When shades of night in silence fallMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
When the curtains are drawn and the world lies asleepJ. M. Hunter (Author)English3
When the morning dawns in beautyMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
When the morning glowsJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
When the nations of earth shall be calledMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
When the storms of life are raging and the spiritJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
When the sun is shining clearJ. M. Hunter (Author)3
When we lay our armor downMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
When we reach the glory of the better landJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
While within this world we tarryJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Whosoever, O the fulness of that hope inspiring word!Mrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)4
With a song of love and gladnessJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
With happy hearts, O God our KingJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
With weary hearts and burdened soulsJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Within my heart there is a peaceMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
Won't you come this night to JesusJ. M. Hunter (Author)3
Words are ringing, comfort bringing, life some tender, sweet refrainMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
Work, gladly work for ChristJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Working working for the MasterJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
Would you know the sweetest peaceMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
Yes, over and over you've heard the callMrs. J. M. Hunter (Author)English2
Yonder in the blessed cityJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
You've a home, my dear oneJ. M. Hunter (Author)2
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