Bob Hurd

Short Name: Bob Hurd
Full Name: Hurd, Bob does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Bob Hurd (23)sort descendingAsInstances
[Alive in One Spirit]Bob Hurd (Author)2
Alleluia! Alleluia! Give the glory and the honor to the LordBob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author)2
Athirst my soul for you, the God who is my life!Bob Hurd (b. 1950) (Paraphraser)3
Pan parael viaje, Pan de la vida (Bread for the journey, strength for our years)Bob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author)5
Dios viene al mundo a través de nosotrosBob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author)5
Draw us forth to the table of lifeBob Hurd (Author)3
En el agua de vida (In the living water)Bob Hurd (Author)2
[I am the Resurrection and the Life] (Hurd)Bob Hurd (Author)2
If you love, then you must root yourselfBob Hurd (Author)2
Kyrie eleisonBob Hurd, b.1950 (Author)1
Let us go rejoicing, Rejoicing to the house of GodBob Hurd (Author)2
Like the child whose fishes and loaves (¿Quién le puede dar de comer)Bob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author)4
Make me to know your ways, O GodBob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author)2
Many though we areBob Hurd (Author)2
O God, hear usBob Hurd (Author)2
Praise with the trumpetBob Hurd, b. 1950 (Adapter)2
[Saints of God] (Hurd)Bob Hurd (Author)2
Spirit of the living God, burn in our heartsBob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author)3
The love of Christ joins us together (Unidos como un solo cuerpo)Bob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author (v. 3-4))2
[Two Were Bound For Emmaus]Bob Hurd (Author)2
We are the dwelling of God (Ustedes me llaman "Señor")Bob Hurd (Author)8
When my foes surround meBob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author)5
Where two or three are gathered in my name (Canedo and Hurd)Bob Hurd, b. 1950 (Adapter)2
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