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Short Name: Bob Hurd
Full Name: Hurd, Bob does not have biographical information about this person.

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In you, O LORD I take refuge; Let me never be put to shame (CCD)Bob Hurd (Author (English vs. 2-4))1
Al verme se burlan de mí (I am scorned by all who see me)Bob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author (English verses))2
[Alive in One Spirit]Bob Hurd (Author)2
Alleluia! Alleluia! Give the glory and the honor to the LordBob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author)3
As we partake of this bread of lifeBob Hurd (Author)2
Athirst my soul for you, the God who is my life!Bob Hurd (b. 1950) (Paraphraser)9
Behold the cross on which was hungBob Hurd (Author)3
Blessed are you, blessed and holy (Eres bendito, tú eres santo)Bob Hurd, b. 1950 (Translator)2
Pan parael viaje, Pan de la vida (Bread for the journey, strength for our years)Bob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author)10
Canten al Señor un cántico nuevo (Sing, sing to the Lord a new song)Bob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author (English verses))2
Christ is the light of the worldBob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author)3
From the depths I cry to you, O LordBob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author (English refrain))2
Dios viene al mundo a través de nosotrosBob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author)10
Down from heights of gloryBob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author)4
Draw us forth to the table of lifeBob Hurd (Author)8
El señor es mi pastor (My shepherd is the Lord, I shall want nothing)Bob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author (English))4
En el agua de vida (In the living water)Bob Hurd (Author)4
For all the church: may it be Christ's compassionBob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author)2
Gather us to yourself, O LordBob Hurd (Author)2
Glory, glory to God most highBob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author)5
Have mercy on me, God, In your compassionBob Hurd (Author)5
Hear our prayer. Hear our prayer. God of mercyBob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author)2
Heart of Jesus, holy myst'ryBob Hurd (Author)3
How can we make a returnBob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author)5
How I rejoiced to hear them sayBob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author)5
How lovely your dwelling place, LORD of hostsBob Hurd (Author)3
[I am the Resurrection and the Life] (Hurd)Bob Hurd (Author)2
I saw the souls of the saints beneath the altarBob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author)3
I will hear what God proclaims: Peace to the peopleBob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author)2
I will put my spirit within youBob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author)3
If you love, then you must root yourselfBob Hurd (Author)3
In his own body, by his own woundsBob Hurd, b. 1950 (Adapter)5
In our distress, God has grasped us by the handBob Hurd (Author)2
In you, O LORD, I take refuge, Let me not be put to shame (A ti, Señor, me acojo)Bob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author (English verses))4
Kyrie eleisonBob Hurd, b.1950 (Author)1
Led by the Spirit of our GodBob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author)5
Let it be done to us according to your wordBob Hurd (Author)2
Let us go rejoicing, Rejoicing to the house of GodBob Hurd (Author)3
Let us sing a new song For the wondrous deeds of GodBob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author)5
Like a dry weary land without waterBob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author)2
Like the child whose fishes and loaves (¿Quién le puede dar de comer)Bob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author)8
Lord, when did we see you hungry and forsakenBob Hurd (Author)2
Make me to know your ways, O GodBob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author)6
Many though we areBob Hurd (Author)3
Miserere nobisBob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author)2
O God, hear usBob Hurd (Author)2
O God, hear us, hear our prayerBob Hurd (Author)2
O sacred head surrounded By crown of piercing thornBob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author (vs. 3-4))3
On this new day may we be gatheredBob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author)3
Por la Iglesia peregrina (For your pilgrim church)Bob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author (refrain))2
Praise with the trumpetBob Hurd, b. 1950 (Adapter)2
Ready the way of the Lord!Bob Hurd (Author)5
Señor, enséñame tus caminos (Make me to know your ways, Lord)Bob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author (English verses))2
Spirit of the living God, burn in our heartsBob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author)7
Tú que habitas al amparo del Altísimo (You who live in the shelter of the Most High)Bob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author (English vs. 2-4))2
The love of Christ joins us together (Unidos como un solo cuerpo)Bob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author (v. 3-4))7
The more that I call, the farther you wanderBob Hurd, b. 1950 (Adapter)2
The will of your love (Tu voluntad)Bob Hurd, b. 1950 (Translator (Spanish))2
There are deeds you alone must doBob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author)3
Tu muerte en una cruz (You gave yourself for us)Bob Hurd (Author)2
Two were bound for Emmaus, disheartened and lostBob Hurd (Author)5
Washed in the waters of rebirthBob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author)5
We are the dwelling of God (Ustedes me llaman "Señor")Bob Hurd (Author)14
We have come to this feastBob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author)2
When my foes surround meBob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author)10
When your hour had come and they pierced you, LordBob Hurd (Author)3
Where two or three are gatheredBob Hurd, b. 1950 (Adapter)4
Wilderness and dry land will exultBob Hurd (Author)2
With all the saints, with prophets and martyrsBob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author)3
Óyenos, Señor. Dinggin mo kami. Listen to your peopleBob Hurd (Author)2
You have called us each by nameBob Hurd (Author)2
You pass through doors that keep us locked in fear and despairBob Hurd (Author)2
You who chose the lowlyBob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author)3
You will be mine and I will be your GodBob Hurd, b. 1950 (Author)5
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