Frederick A. Jackson

Short Name: Frederick A. Jackson
Full Name: Jackson, Frederick Arthur, 1867-1942
Birth Year: 1867
Death Year: 1942

Jackson, Frederick Arthur, was born Jan. 28, 1867, at Longford, Warwick. He entered the Baptist ministry in 1888 and since 1901 has been minister at Old Basford, Nottingham. He published a volume of poems in 1902 as Just Beyond. Of the hymns noted here No. l was written for the Christian Endeavour Hymnal 1906, the rest for the Sunday School Hymnary, 1905.
1. Come home, sad heart, come home. The Prodigal.
2. Father, now we thank Thee. For Infants.
3. Fight for the right, boys. Boys' Brigade.
4. Join we all in gladsome singing. For the Sunday School.
5. There is a Book that comes to me. Holy Scripture.
6. Where the flag of Britain flies. National.
In the Sunday School Hymnary, 1905, the hymn "If I were a beautiful twinkling star" is given as by "Grace Gleam, (circa 1880) and F. A. Jackson, 1905." Mr. Jackson adapted the hymn for that collection.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)


Jackson, Frederick Arthur. (Foleshill, Warwickshire, UK, January 28, 1867--December 4, 1942, Little Brington, Northants, UK). No record of marriage. Graduated Spurgeon's College, 1889. Baptist clergyman. Pastor: Old Swan Church, Liverpool, 1889-1890; Baptist Church, Syston, 1890-1895; Thomas Cooper Memorial Church, Lincoln, 1895-1902; High Street Baptist Church, Old Basford, Nottingham, 1902-1906; Baptist Church, Astwood Bank, 1906-1918; Tetley Street Church, Bradford, 1918-1927; Baptist Church, Chipping Campden, 1927-1937; Baptist Church, Little Brington, Northants, 1937-1942. Secretary for German Missions, 1895-1902; lecturer in literature, Spurgeon's College, 1906-1918. President of several clergymen's associations throughout the years.

Jackson, a nephew of the British Baptist pastor, theological, and author, Charles Hadden Spurgeon, was described by his colleagues as one of the Baptist Church's "most gifted writers." He wrote a number of articles, many of them of a mystical bent, for The Baptist and The Baptist Times, as well as other journals. His one volume of poetry, Just Beyond, appeared in 1902.

There is a record of Jackson publishing seven hymns, all of which first appeared in England: "Father, Now We Thank Thee," "Fight for the Right, Boys," "Join We All in Gladsome Singing," "There is a Book that Comes to Me," and "Where the Flag of Britain Flies" all first appeared in Sunday School Hymnary in 1905; "Come Home, Sad Heart, Come Home" was published in the Christian Endeavour Hymnal of 1906, and "Master, We Thy Footsteps Follow" appeared in The Baptist Church Hymnal in 1933.

--C. Bernard Ruffin, DNAH Archives

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