Fred Kaan

Fred Kaan
Short Name: Fred Kaan
Full Name: Kaan, Fred, 1929-2009
Birth Year: 1929
Death Year: 2009

Fred Kaan Hymn writer. His hymns include both original work and translations. He sought to address issues of peace and justice. He was born in Haarlem in the Netherlands in July 1929. He was baptised in St Bavo Cathedral but his family did not attend church regularly. He lived through the Nazi occupation, saw three of his grandparents die of starvation, and witnessed his parents deep involvement in the resistance movement. They took in a number of refugees. He became a pacifist and began attending church in his teens.

Having become interested in British Congregationalism (later to become the United Reformed Church) through a friendship, he was attended Western College in Bristol. He was ordained in 1955 at the Windsor Road Congregational Church in Barry, Glamorgan.

In 1963 he was called to be minister of the Pilgrim Church in Plymouth. It was in this congregation that he began to write hymns. The first edition of Pilgrim Praise was published in 1968, going into second and third editions in 1972 and 1975. He continued writing many more hymns throughout his life.

Dianne Shapiro, from obituary written by Keith Forecast in Independent (

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Texts by Fred Kaan (103)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A Palavra do Senhor não lhe voltará vaziaFred Kaan (Translator (English))Portuguese1
A ti, Señor, te pedimosFred Kaan (Translator (English))Spanish1
Although our Lord has left usFred Kaan (Author)2
As the glory of creationFred Kaan, 1929-2009 (Author)English2
As we break the bread Frederik Herman Kaan 1929- (Author)English8
As you came to earth in JesusFred Kaan, b. 1929 (Author)5
asato maa sad gamayaFred Kaan (Translator (English))Marathi1
Bendice, Señor, nuestro panFred Kaan (Translator (English))Spanish1
Bless and keep us, God, in your love unitedFred Kaan, b. 1929 (Translator)English2
Break not the circle of enabling loveFred Kaan (b. 1929) (Author)4
Cristo vive, fuere el llanto (Christ is risen, Christ is living)Fred Kaan (Translator)English, Spanish12
Come, O Holy Spirit, set the Church on fire (Saint-Esprit, viens, oh viens saisis ton Église)Fred Kaan (Author)English, French2
Como la playa, como el pasto verdeFred Kaan (Translator)2
Down to earth, as a doveFred Kaan (Author)English9
Du bist unser allesFred Kaan (Translator (English))German1
Du satte dig selv i de nederstes stedFred Kaan (Translator (English))Danish1
E toru nga meaFred Kaan (Translator (English))Maori1
Each year we sing with bated Christmas voiceFrederik Herman Kaan (Author)2
Faith, while trees are still in blossomFred Kaan (Translator)English8
Father, help your peopleFred Kaan (Author)English2
Father, who in Jesus found usFred Kaan, b. 1929 (Author)English3
For ourselves no longer livingFred Kaan, b. 1929 (Author)English2
For the crowd of thousandsFrederik Herman Kaan, 1929- (Alterer)3
For the healing of the nationsFred Kaan (Author)English49
God! As with silent hearts we bring to mindFred Kaan (Author)6
God calls his people firm to standFred Kaan (Author)2
God is unique and oneFrederik Herman Kaan (Author)English7
God, you make us your companionsFred Kaan, b. 1929 (Author)English7
God of Eve and God of MaryFred Kaan (Author)English6
[God the narrator]Fred Kaan (Author)English2
God! When human bonds are brokenFred Kaan, b. 1929 (Author)English10
God who spoke in the beginningFred Kaan, 1929 - (Author)English6
God, whose love in Jesus found usFred Kaan, b. 1929 (Author)English2
God whose love is all around usFred Kaan (Author)English2
[God's Word throughout the Ages]Fred Kaan (Translator)English3
Guide me, O Thou great JehovahFred Kaan (Author (B))English1
Help us accept each otherFred Kaan, 1929- (Author)English23
He's back in the land of the livingFred Kaan (Author)4
Holy Spirit, come, confirm usFred Kaan (Translator (B))English1
How can creation's voice be stillFred Kaan, 1929 - (Translator)2
[How wide is life for living]Fred Kaan (Author)English2
[I can on God implicitly rely]Fred Kaan (Author)English2
If you have ears, then listenFred Kaan (Author)2
[In the beginning: God] (Kaan)Fred Kaan (Author)English2
Jesus, shepherd of our souls, Selfless in your carringFrederik Herman Kaan (Author)5
Komm, Herr, segne unsFred Kaan (Translator (English))German2
Le Seigneur fit pour moi des merveillesFred Kaan (Translator (English))French1
Let us talents and tongues employFred Kaan, b. 1929 (Author)English28
Life could be good and rich and wholeFred Kaan (Author)2
Lord, as we rise to leave the shell of worshipFred Kaan (Author)English9
[Lord, how majestic is your name]Fred Kaan (Author)English2
Lord of the living, in Your name assembledFred Kaan (Author)13
Lord, when I came into this lifeFred Kaan (Author)English6
May the God of hope go with us every day (¡Dios de la esperanza, danos gozo y paz!)Fred Kaan (Author, v. 2)English, Spanish1
Mi pela i bung (God of all the world)Fred Kaan (Translator)English, Tok Pisin3
No rompas este círculo de amorFred Kaan (Author)Spanish2
Nos fautes nous séparentFred Kaan (Translator (English))French1
Now in the name of him, who sentFrederik Herman Kaan, 1929- (Author)English6
Now join we to praise the creatorFred Kaan, b. 1929 (Author)English10
Now let us from this table riseFred Kaan (b. 1929) (Author)English34
O God, from whom mankind derives its nameFrederik Herman Kaan 1929- (Author)English8
O God of the eternal nowFrederik Herman Kaan (Author)English5
O God, You give humanity its nameFred Kaan (Author)English2
Out of deep, unordered waterFred Kaan (Author)English4
Out of our failure to createFred Kaan, b. 1929 (Author)English4
Pela fraternidadeFred Kaan (Translator (English))Portuguese1
Praise the Lord with joyful cryFred Kaan (b. 1929) (Author)English9
Put peace into each other's handsFred Kaan, 1929-2009 (Author)English16
Raising our hands as a sign of rejoicing (Vers toi, ô Dieu, vois nos mains qui s'élèvent)Fred Kaan (Author)4
Sing we a song of high revoltFrederik Herman Kaan (Author)English4
Sing we of the modern cityFred Kaan (Author)5
Son of the Father, Jesus, Lord and slaveFred Kaan (Author)4
Surrounded by a world of needFred Kaan (Author)3
Tú eres amor, tú eres bondadFred Kaan (Translator (English))Spanish1
Te ofrecemos nuestros donesFred Kaan (Translator (English))Spanish1
Thank you, Lord, for the time that is nowFrederik Herman Kaan, 1929- (Author)3
The earth, the sky, the oceans and all that they containFred Kaan, b.1929 (Author)3
The love of God is broad like beach and meadowFred Kaan, 1929 - (Translator)2
They saw you as the local builder's sonFred Kaan (Translator)1
They set out on their homeward roadFred Kaan (Author)English3
This is the day when light was first createdFrederik Herman Kaan, 1929- (Author)English7
To show by touch and word devotion to the earthFred Kaan (Author)English3
Today I live, but once shall come my deathFred Kaan (b. 1929) (Author)6
Tomorrow Christ is comingFred Kaan, 1929-2009 (Author)English6
Utukufu kwa mungu juuFred Kaan (Translator (English))kiSwahili1
Voice-over God, our Lover and CreatorFred Kaan (Author)English2
Vos sos el destazado en la cruzFred Kaan (Translator (English))Spanish1
We have a king who rides a donkeyFred Kaan (Author)English5
We long to learn to praiseFred Kaan (Author)English4
We meet You, O Christ, in many a guiseFred Kaan (Author)11
We praise your name, O God of all creationFred Kaan, b.1929 (Author)2
We turn to you, O God of every nationFred Kaan (b. 1929) (Author)English10
We utter our cry: that peace may prevailFred Kaan (Author (A))English5
We who bear the human name are like flowers of the fieldFred Kaan (Author)English2
When in his own image God created manFred Kaan (Author)3
When, O God, our faith is testedFred Kaan, 1929-2009 (Author)English2
Whom shall I send? our Maker criesFred Kaan (Author (C))English1
Wij geloven één voor éénFred Kaan (Translator (English))Dutch1
Wij geloven één voor één (We believe, as one by one)Fred Kaan (Translator)Dutch, English2
With grateful hearts our faith professingFrederik Herman Kaan, 1929- (Author)English4
Yarabba ssalamiFred Kaan (Translator (English))Arabic1
You called me, Father, by my nameFred Kaan (Author)3
Your love, O God, is broad like beach and meadowFred Kaan (Translator)English5
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