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Mrs. W. J. Kennedy

Short Name: Mrs. W. J. Kennedy
Full Name: Kennedy, W. J., Mrs.
Birth Year: 1842
Death Year: 1900

Full name: Mary Maria Kiernan Kennedy

Texts by Mrs. W. J. Kennedy (130)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Are you ready now my brotherW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Are you waiting for the coming of the blessed son of GodMrs. W. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Are you weary, heavy laden, Do you long for peace and rest?Mrs. W. J. Kennedy (Author)4
Be of good courage, my brotherW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Beneath the sprinkled bloodW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Beyond the starry sky There is a city fairW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Beyond the surging, rolling tideW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Beyond this brief lifeW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Blessed is he that watchethW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Christ is now a mighty SaviorW. J. Kennedy (Author)3
Christ says, he will not cast thee outW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Come and fightW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Come and trust in thy Savior, poor soulW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Come now to Christ, the sinner's friendW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Come to thy Savior, sinner, come todayW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Down at the cross of Jesus, I there my sins once laidW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Far beyond the dark cold riverW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Go forth and seek the erringW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Go forth upon the hillsidesW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Hail, Christ with songs of gladnessW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Hallelujah unto JesusMrs. W. J. Kennedy (Author)3
Happy in Jesus we journey alongW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Hark, to a sweet voice pleadingW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Hark, to a sweet voice pleading From sin to set thee freeW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Hark to the sound of the GospelW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Ho, everyone who thirstethW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Hold thou my hand dear SaviorMrs. W. J. Kennedy (Author)1
Hosanna to the Prince of peaceW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
How cheering the thought in my troublesW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
How sweet the voice of mercyW. J. Kennedy (Author)3
I am coming, Lord, for mercyW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
I am sailing on life's oceanW. J. Kennedy (Author)3
I am trusting in my Savior (Kennedy)W. J. Kennedy (Author)3
I am weary, heavy ladenMrs. W. J. Kennedy (Author)2
I den remnade seklernas klippaW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
I know that my Savior is caring for meW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
I know the power of Christ to saveW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
I will praise my heavenly FatherW. J. Kennedy (Author)4
If I had not a God who is loving and kindW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
I'll sing of my Savior's dying loveW. J. Kennedy (Author)3
I'll trust still in JesusW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
I'm glad I have a Savior who came to rescue meMrs. W. J. Kennedy (Author)5
I'm glad that Jesus was my friendW. J. Kennedy (Author)7
I'm trusting still in JesusW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
In a Savior's love we now can rejoiceMrs. W. J. Kennedy (Author)2
In Jesus my Savior I'm trusting in the bloodW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
In my Savior I am trustingW. J. Kennedy (Author)1
In the mercy of God, I can now rejoiceW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
In the old churchyard I'm standingW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
In which road do you travel, my brother?Mary M. Kennedy (Author)English2
I've a message from God unto theeW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Jesus is risen out of death'sW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Jesus, Savior now I bringW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Jesus sought me when astrayW. J. Kennedy (Author)1
Just beyond the cold, dark riverW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
List to the message, poor sinnerW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Listen to the Savior calling, Hear him speak to theeW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Living in the sunshine of the love of GodW. J. Kennedy (Author)7
My heart is glad in a Savior's loveW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
My hope alone on Christ are builtW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
My presence shall go with theeW. J. Kennedy (Author)3
My Savior leads me forth to whereW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Now Jesus knocks, O let him inW. J. Kennedy (Author)3
O be not troubled nor afraidW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
O blessed Redeemer, who suffered for meW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
O come, all ye needy and helplessW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
O come from the deserts of sinW. J. Kennedy (Author)3
O come, let us sing to Jesus our KingW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
O come, poor soul, from the darkness of sinW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
O come to Jesus, sinner, come Come to JesusW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
O for faith that never waversW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
O how wondrous the grace of our GodMrs. W. J. Kennedy (Author)3
O precious blood so freely shedW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
O thou who art the Way, the TruthW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
O weary one, still trust thy GodW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
O why do you linger my brotherW. J. Kennedy (Author)6
Oft I'm longing for the gloryW. J. Kennedy (Author)3
On the mountains of sin I once wanderedW. J. Kennedy (Author)1
Once far from God I wandered, In desert wilds I strayedMrs. W. J. Kennedy (Author)1
Only a word may be spokenW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Onward, ever onward, Ye Christian soldiers goW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Our precious Redeemer came down from on highW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Poor soul, hast thou thoughts of thy endW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Remember me, dear Lord, today, My sorrow thou dost knowMrs. W. J. Kennedy (Author)20
Rest securely on thy SaviorW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Ring, joyous Easter bells, ring outW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Savior, nearer, nearer TheeMrs. W. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Sending his Son from on highW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Sound the gospel message, over every landW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Tell me of Jesus, the sinner's dear friendW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
The gospel call is soundingMrs. W. J. Kennedy (Author)1
The Savior of sinners is callingW. J. Kennedy (Author)4
The shadows of evening are fallingW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
The tender Shepherd sought meMrs. W. J. Kennedy (Author)3
The withering grass and fading flowerW. J. Kennedy (Author)3
There is a message true, I love so wellW. J. Kennedy (Author)3
There is gladness in the gospelW. J. Kennedy (Author)7
There is nothing too hard for the LordMrs. W. J. Kennedy (Author)2
There is rescue from our ruinW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
There's a beautiful home beyond the dark tide (Kennedy)W. J. Kennedy (Author)2
There's a blessed, joyful storyW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
There's a broad, pleasant wayW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
There's forgiveness for the sinnerMrs. W. J. Kennedy (Author)4
Thou canst have peace with GodW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Thou God seest meW. J. Kennedy (Author)4
To living waters all may comeW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Today I'm resting on the RockMrs. W. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Today the Lord is calling, Is calling you and meW. J. Kennedy (Author)3
Under the banner that's crimson with bloodW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Under the shadow of thy wingsW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Unfurl the gospel bannerMrs. W. J. Kennedy (Author)1
Wandering in the downward roadW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
We are rejoicing in Jesus todayW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
We are saved by the grace of our GodW. J. Kennedy (Author)8
We'll sing of God's loveW. J. Kennedy (Author)3
When I think of the love of my Savior, So tender, so deep, and so freeMrs. W. J. Kennedy (Author)4
When troubles in my life I meetW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
When we think of what a SaviorW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
When you come to Christ, believingW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Where is your faithW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Where is your faith, my brotherW. J. Kennedy (Author)1
Who's guiding your barkW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Why are ye fearful, your Savior is sayingMrs. W. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Why halt ye between two opinionsMrs. W. J. Kennedy (Author)2
With care and sorrow ladenW. J. Kennedy (Author)3
With Christ's precious blood our ransom was paidW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Would you have a home in the betterW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Ye blood washed ones, go forth and tellW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
Yet unsaved, yet unsaved, precious soul, can it beW. J. Kennedy (Author)2
You are drifting away, my poor brotherW. J. Kennedy (Author)5
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