Craig Sellar Lang

Short Name: Craig Sellar Lang
Full Name: Lang, Craig Sellar, 1891-1971
Birth Year: 1891
Death Year: 1971 does not have biographical information about this person.

Tunes by Craig Sellar Lang (13)sort descendingAsInstances
[Eastern Monarchs, Sages three]Craig S. Lang, 1891- (Composer)2
LAUDA ANIMA (Goss)Craig Sellar Lang, 1891-1971 (Composer (desc.))1
LOBE DEN HERRENCraig S. Lang, 1891-1971 (Composer (desc.))17
MONKLANDCraig Sellar Lang (Composer (descant))3
ITALIAN HYMN Craig Seller Lamg. 1891-1971 (Composer (descant))1
NICAEA (Dykes)C. S. Lang (1891-1971) (Composer (descant))2
NUN DANKETC. S. Lang (1891-1971) (Composer (descant) and Arranger)1
REGENT SQUARE (Smart)Craig Sellar Lang, 1891-1971 (Composer (desc.))2
RICHMOND (Haweis)Craig S. Lang, 1891-1971 (Composer (desc.))10
ST. ENODOCCraig Sellar Lang, 1891-1971 (Composer)2
ST. GEORGE'S WINDSOR (Elvey)Craig S. Lang (Composer (desc.))3
ST. KEVERNECraig Sellar Lang, 1891--1971 (Composer)5
WINCHESTER OLDCraig Sellar Lang, 1891-1971 (Composer (desc.))2
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