B. M. Lawrence

Short Name: B. M. Lawrence
Full Name: Lawrence, B. M. (Benjamin M.)
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A gentle word hath a wonderful powerRe. by B. M. L. (Author)1
Abou Ben Adhem, may his tribe increaseBenjamin M. Lawrence (Author)1
All hail, friends of progressB. M. Lawrence (Author)2
All hail the time, sweet by and byB. M. L. (Author)2
All hail, ye brave knights of free laborB. M. L. (Author)2
Almighty power of heaven and earthB. M. L. (Author)2
Although earth-weary wanderersB. M. L. (Author)2
Among all the tender and hallowed thingsB. M. L. (Author)2
Author of life, Father of loveB. M. L. (Author)2
Break every yoke, and set thy spirit freeB. M. L. (Author)2
Come and rejoice that our Father in heavenB. M. L. (Author)2
Come, angels, lead us in the lightB. M. L. (Author)2
Come, come, love, todayB. M. L. (Author)2
Come, dear angel guides, draw nearB. M. L. (Author)2
Come hear the welcome voiceBenjamin M. Lawrence (Author)1
Come set thy house in orderB. M. L. (Author)2
Come, sweet angels, while we singB. M. L. (Author)3
Dare to be free from every wrongB. M. L. (Author)2
Deep down my soul is sunkB. M. L. (Author)2
Drink no more, my brotherB. M. L. (Author)2
Drink wine no moreB. M. L. (Author)2
Earth and heaven now are blendingB. M. L. (Author)2
Evergreen mountains of beautyB. M. Lawrence (Author)2
Eye hath not seen, ear hath not heard, Of the bliss in store aboveB. M. L. (Author)2
Father, we are weary pilgrimsB. M. L. (Author)2
Friends of temperance, take fresh courageB. M. L. (Author)1
Great Jehovah, grant to guide meB. M. Lawrence, M.D. (Author)2
He gazed upon the gathered throngB. M. Lawrence (Author)2
Ho, every one of you that thirstB. M. L. (Author)2
Hushed is the voice we loved to hearB. M. L. (Author)2
I know not if the dark or lightB. M. L. (Author)3
I will sing the glad songB. M. L. (Author)2
If the past we could never recallB. M. L. (Author)2
In that land beyond the riverB. M. Lawrence, M.D. (Author)2
In that sweet land of sunshineBenjamin M. Lawrence (Author)2
In the soul world are mansionsB. M. L. (Author)2
Jes' cum a little closterB. M. L. (Author)2
Joy to the world for light is comeB. M. L. (Author)2
Life is fleeting sweetly onwardB. M. L. (Author)2
Life's pathway, from the cradle to the tombB. M. L. (Author)2
Men who drink wine have woe we are toldB. M. L. (Author)2
More dear than love's dreamB. M. L. (Author)2
Must we place on the lowlyB. M. L. (Author)2
My darling boy, his mother criedB. M. L. (Author)2
O think of the home over there, Near the banks of the river of peaceBenjamin M. Lawrence (Author)2
O, don't you remember the brave boysB. M. L. (Author)2
O I command a dreadful band of piratesB. M. L. (Author)2
O sing me a song, sing a hopeful songB. M. L. (Author)2
O thou the great life giverB. M. L. (Author)2
O would were mine some wondrous powerB. M. L. (Author)2
This world of strife is not our homeB. M. L. (Author)1
Our ship glides o'er the waterB. M. L. (Author)3
Pilgrims of progress hereB. M. L. (Author)2
Pilgrims on life's thorny pathwayB. M. L. (Author)2
Prophet tell us of the lightB. M. L. (Author)2
Rejoice, and with the angels singB. M. L. (Author)2
Return, old time, with love's young dreamB. M. L. (Author)2
Savior, draw near to meBenjamin M. Lawrence (Author)3
Say, heaving sea, hast thou a heartB. M. L. (Author)2
Should tempests and clouds gather darklyB. M. L. (Adapter)1
Sing of love and peace foreverB. M. L. (Author)2
Source of life and love supremeB. M. Lawrence, M.D. (Author)2
Summer's fragrant blooms have fledB. M. Lawrence (Author)2
Supreme Ruler, we implore theeB. M. L. (Author)2
Sweet home above, sweet home of loveB. M. L. (Author)3
Sweet summer land beyond the riverB. M. Lawrence, M.D. (Author)2
Tell me not that youth is fleetingB. M. L. (Author)2
The blaze upon the hearth burns lowB. M. L. (Author)2
The gates of glory stand ajarB. M. L. (Author)3
The golden day is dimly dawningB. M. L. (Author)2
The love of place, the lust for powerB. M. L. (Author)2
The man who casts the world asideB. M. L. (Author)2
The noblest men that live on earthB. M. L. (Alterer)1
The sands of time are flowing fastB. M. L. (Author)2
The voice of Truth doth sayB. M. L. (Author)2
The voice of truth supremeB. M. L. (Author)2
Then cease to do evil and learn to do wellB. M. L. (Author)2
Then touch not thou the unclean thingB. M. L. (Author)2
There are ninety and nine who drink and dieB. M. L. (Author)2
There is a beautiful world aboveB. M. L. (Author)2
There is a land of fruits and vinesB. M. L. (Author)2
There is a rest awaiting for meB. M. L. (Author)2
There is a world, a beautiful worldB. M. L. (Author)2
There is a world so bright and fairB. M. L. (Author)2
There, safe at home, from all sorrow set freeB. M. L. (Author)2
They can come, O blessed thoughtB. M. L. (Author)2
Those we love who have passed throught the valeB. M. Lawrence, M.D. (Author)2
Thou art passing adown the dark valleyB. M. L. (Author)2
Thou Source of life, O hear my prayerB. M. Lawrence (Author)4
Through the vale of life we wanderB. M. L. (Author)3
Through the portals beamingB. M. L. (Author)3
Truth is the leader of our bandB. M. L. (Author)2
Wayfaring pilgrims on earth among strangersB. M. L. (Author)2
We are told of a world where the rough seas of timeB. M. L. (Author)2
We are waiting for the morning [dawning]B. M. L. (Author)4
We have heard of a world far awayB. M. L. (Author)2
We remember the time when the world was in doubtB. M. L. (Author)3
We shall meet beyond the river (Lawrence)B. M. L. (Author)4
We shall meet those we love over thereB. M. L. (Author)2
We sing of that valley of peaceB. M. L. (Author)2
We're going home where angels roamB. M. L. (Author)2
When all our work is doneB. M. L. (Author)2
When all the chords of earth life shall severB. M. L. (Author)2
When man shall keep the great commandB. M. L. (Author)2
When my soul seemed all forsakenB. M. Lawrence, M.D. (Author)2
When old wrong from earth shall perishB. M. L. (Author)3
When the right over wrong shall prevailBenjamin M. Lawrence (Author)7
When the right over wrong shall prevail when theBenjamin M. Lawrence (Author)2
When we feel earth life is closingB. M. L. (Author)2
When we hear the music ringing In the bright celestial domeB. M. L. (Author)1
When we meet among the angelsB. M. L. (Author)2
When we meet beyond the river In the sweet bye and byeBenjamin M. Lawrence (Author)1
When you see a fellow mortalB. M. Lawrence (Alterer)2
Woe unto them that rise up early in the mroningB. M. L. (Author)2
Wondrous truth, what joy to knowB. M. L. (Author)2
Work out your own salvationB. M. L. (Author)2
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