Louella Leonard

Short Name: Louella Leonard
Full Name: Leonard, Louella

Early 20th Century

Texts by Louella Leonard (30)sort descendingAsInstances
Bright skies are bendingLouella Leonard (Author)2
Brightly the sunlight is gleaming todayLouella Leonard (Author)2
Called by the King unto serviceLouella Leonard (Author)2
Daystar of beauty excellingLouella Leonard (Author)2
Faithful and fearless, go forth 'neath His guidingLouella Leonard (Author)3
Far and wide a song of triumph ringsLouella Leonard (Author)2
Fling afar the bannersLouella Leonard (Author)2
Fling out the flagLouella Leonard (Author)2
Flowers of the field (Leonard)Louella Leonard (Author)2
Forward to the kingly conquestLouella Leonard (Author)2
Garlands with gladnessLouella Leonard (Author)2
Hail, glad hours, for the larkLouella Leonard (Author)2
Haste from afarLouella Leonard (Author)2
Hear the happy voices ringingLouella Leonard (Author)3
In his strength be strongLouella Leonard (Author)2
Into thy paths O lead usLouella Leonard (Author)2
Joyous in his serviceLouella Leonard (Author)2
Keep in step with teaching of His wordLouella Leonard (Author)2
Lilies that are whiteLouella Leonard (Author)2
O happy woodland voicesLouella Leonard (Author)2
Our Father gives us happy hoursLouella Leonard (Author)2
Roses at June's fair portalLouella Leonard (Author)2
Roses in gardens are glowingLouella Leonard (Author)2
Summer is coming o'er forestLouella Leonard (Author)2
Summer with her sceptreLouella Leonard (Author)2
Take thy cross, O hear the Master's voiceLouella Leonard (Author)2
Thou our Rock unfailingLouella Leonard (Author)2
Though the shades are veilingLouella Leonard (Author)2
Wake, O ye woodlandsLouella Leonard (Author)2
Welcome the summer, blossomsLouella Leonard (Author)2
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