Harry Dixon Loes

Harry Dixon Loes
Short Name: Harry Dixon Loes
Full Name: Loes, Harry Dixon, 1895-1965
Birth Year: 1895
Death Year: 1965


Born Harold Loes, the American gospel song writer took the middle name Dixon in honour of A. C. Dixon, the pastor of Moody Church at the time. Harry Dixon Loes studied at Moody Bible Institute, and after extensive training in music he served a number of churches with a ministry of music. From 1939 until his retirement he was a member of the music faculty of Moody Bible Institute. He wrote the lyrics for 1,500 gospel songs, and composed 3,000 tunes.

One day in 1915, Paul Rader preached a sermon in Moody Church, in Chicago. His theme was, “All that I want is in Jesus.” In the congregation was young Harry Dixon Loes, then a senior at Moody Bible Institute, where he would eventually teach. Inspired by Dr. Rader’s message, Harry Loes wrote the words and music for a song he called "All Things in Jesus." It was first sung by the church’s youth group.

Friends all around me are trying to find
What the heart yearns for, by sin undermined;
I have the secret, I know where ’tis found:
Only true pleasures in Jesus abound.

All that I want is in Jesus.
He satisfies, joy He supplies;
Life would be worthless without Him;
All things in Jesus I find.

Some carry burdens whose weight has for years
Crushed them with sorrow and blinded with tears.
Yet One stands ready to help them just now,
If they will humbly in penitence bow.



Harry Dixon Loes was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, on October 20, 1892. After serving several churches as music director and later being active for more than twelve years in evangelist work, he joined the music faculty of Moody Bible Institute, in 1939, where he remained as a popular music teacher until his death in 1965. Mr. Loes was the writer of numerous gospel songs and choruses.

One day, while listening to a sermon on the subject of Christ's atonement entitled “Blessed Redeemer,” Mr. Loes was inspired to compose this tune. He then sent the melody with the suggested title to Mrs. Christiansen, a friend for many years, asking her to write the text. The hymn first appeared in Songs of Redemption, compiled by Marin and Jelks, in 1920, and published by the Baptist Home Mission Board, Atlanta, Georgia.


Wikipedia Biography

Harry Dixon Loes (October 20, 1892 – February 9, 1965) was an American composer and teacher, best known for his composition of the children's gospel song "This Little Light of Mine". Loes was a musical director in several churches and an evangelist for more than a dozen years.

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Be a faithful witness for the LordH. D. L. (Author)English9
Blessed the nation whose God (Loes)Harry Dixon Loes (Author)2
By grace, through faith, plus nothingHarry Dixon Loes (Author)English2
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Columbus discovered AmericaHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
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Dark are the clouds of sin and temptationHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
Day by day to JesusHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
Delay no longer, my brotherHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
Even a child can understandHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
Every boy and girl needsHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
Every day tell someone of Jesus and His loveH. D. L. (Author)English2
Everywhere I go God is alwaysHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
Every moment of the day, My father cares for meH. D. L. (Author)English8
Everybody ought to love JesusH. D. L. (Author)English7
Firm do you stand for Christ your SaviorHarry Dixon Loes (Author)3
For what the world may offer meH. D. L. (Author)4
Forward with Christ goes Christian youth todayHarry Dixon Loes (Author)English4
Friends all around us are trying to findH. D. L. (Author)English40
From the bottom of my heart I can truly sayHarry Dixon Loes (Author)English2
"Go" is for the ChristianHarry Dixon Loes (Author)English2
Go ye into all the world (Loes)Harry Dixon Loes (Author)2
God is in the shadowsHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
God is love, to the world he sent his SonHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
God is my sure protectionHarry Dixon Loes (Author)1
God is not only in churchHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
Great are the beauties that nature affords usHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
Great is the joy as the gospelHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
Have the people in your neighborhoodHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
Have you heard how they crucified my LordHarry Dixon Loes (Author)English1
Have you reached the brink tonightHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
Have you within your heart the secretH. D. L. (Author)English3
He came a lowly strangerHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
Heart to heart I love to talk with JesusHarry Dixon Loes (Author)English3
Here's to wish you a merry ChristmasHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
How did Moses cross the seaHarry Dixon Loes (Author)4
How we like to singHarry Dixon Loes (Author)English2
I am not singing of my love for HimH. D. L. (Author)English2
I am resting, sweetly resting in my Savior's loveHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
I am trusting in the ChristHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
I am watching for the coming of the KingH. D. L. (Author)English2
I can read it in the BibleHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
I do not know what time is bringingH. D. L. (Author)English2
I do not seek a life of easeH. D. L. (Author)English2
I do not understand the varied ways of lifeHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
I fell in love with Jesus (Loes)Harry Dixon Loes (Author)English2
I have found in Jesus the Redeemer from all sinHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
I have peace in my heart that the world cannot giveHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
I know and love the BibleHarry Dixon Loes (Author)5
I know that God will hear a childHarry Dixon Loes (Author)3
I like to sing the storyHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
I lost my burdens at CalvaryHarry Dixon Loes (Author)English2
I love him because Jesus firstHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
I must ever prayerful beH. D. L. (Author)English2
I never can forget that day, When Jesus washed my sins awayH. D. L. (Author)English2
I read within the book of sacred pageH. D. L. (Author)English2
I shall be like him, O blessed thoughtH. D. L. (Author)3
I stand before the blood stained crossH. D. L. (Author)3
I trust my heavenly FatherHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
I want to be a happy helperHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
I want to be in the worldHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
I want to be more than a Sunday-go-to-meetin' ChristianHarry Dixon Loes (Author)English3
I want to be more than justHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
I want to learn of Christ my Savior more each dayHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
I was a sinner, far from God, condemned to dieHarry Dixon Loes (Author)English2
I was lost when Jesus in faithfulness sought meHarry Dixon Loes (Author)3
I would be faithful in all I doHarry Dixon Loes (Author)English2
I would not live without Him if I couldH. D. L. (Author)English2
I would rather walk with GodHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
I'd rather be alone with JesusHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
If God be for usHarry Dixon Loes (Author)1
If in life you would have peace and joy each dayHarry Dixon Loes (Author)3
If you are saved, go tell somebody elseHarry Dixon Loes (Author)English3
If you want to be on the winning sideHarry Dixon Loes (Author)3
I'm always glad when ChistmasHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
I'm always glad when Sunday comesHarry Dixon Loes (Author)English1
I'm bound for a city so fairHarry Dixon Loes (Author)English2
I'm glad I came! I'm glad I cameH. D. L. (Author)English2
I'm gonna rise to heaven with JesusHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
I'm happy on the wayHarry Dixon Loes (Author)1
I'm longing to see himHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
In a Bethlehem manger a BabyHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
In a good place, for a good purposeH. D. L. (Author)English5
In my heart there's a wondrous melodyHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
In the morning, alone with your MasterHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
In the ranks of Christian workers There are places yet to fillH. D. L. (Author)English9
In the still of the night Jesus came to meHarry Dixon Loes (Author)English3
In this needy world there is much to doHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
Is your heart burdened, O ChristianH. D. L. (Author)English2
It takes faith to singHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
It was centuries ago that to earth Jesus cameHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
It was for you that Jesus diedHarry Dixon Loes (Author)English2
It was his love, His love divineHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
It was long, long agoHarry Dixon Loes (Author)English2
I've a peace that passeth understandingHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
I've enlisted in the army of JehovahHarry Dixon Loes (Author)5
I've listened to the gospel storyHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
Jesus came down to this world long agoHarry Dixon Loes (Author)English2
Jesus has the keys to my heartHarry Dixon Loes (Author)6
Jesus is calling for soldiers today, Men who areHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
Jesus loves the little ones like me, me, meH. D. L. (Author)English1
Jesus will be thereH. D. L. (Author)English2
جل خلاني يبغون الهناءHarry Dixon Loes (Author)Arabic1
Just because He loved me soH. D. L. (Author)English3
Just beyond the clouds of grayH. D. L. (Author)3
Just let Him shine through youH. D. L. (Author)English4
Keep Jesus first in your lifeHarry Dixon Loes (Author)English2
Let every happy Christian join in singing nowHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
Let the children come unto me, Jesus said, in accents mildHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
Let us run with patience the race that's setHarry Dixon Loes (Author)English2
Let's keep marching on with JesusHarry Dixon Loes (Author)3
Let's win America for God!Harry Dixon Loss (Author)2
LIFE BEGINS when Jesus comes inH. D. L. (Author)English2
Life has taken on a different meaningHarry Dixon Loes (Author)3
Little bells of ChristmasHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
Long ago, long ago (Loes)Harry Dixon Loes (Author)2
Long ago long ago on a brightHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
Looking unto Jesus, in faith I cameH. D. L. (Author)English3
Man looketh on the outwardHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
Many and great are the armies ofHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
Many have crossed the land and seaHarry Dixon Loes (Author)English5
Mi pequeñita luz la dejaré brillarHarry Dixon Loes (Author)Spanish1
My heart is filled with joy today (Loes)Harry Dixon Loes (Author)2
My name is Johnny Anderson, I'm ten years oldHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
Never came the call more clearHarry Dixon Loes (Author)English3
Not by any works of mine, But by graceHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
Not only in trouble would I found in prayerHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
Not only on SundayHarry Dixon Loes (Author)English2
O heaven is a place of beautyHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
O I don't want to goHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
O tell me, gentle shepherd, gentle shepherdH. D. L. (Arranger)English1
O the love that saved my soulHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
Often have I wondered why the King of gloryHarry Dixon Loes (Author)3
Once a lawyer asked the masterHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
Once I sang the worldly songsHarry Dixon Loes (Author)English2
Once walking by the sea of GalileeHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
One day when Jesus had healed the sick and raised the deadHarry Dixon Loes (Author)English2
Our God has many helpersHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
Ready am I, ready to stayHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
[Shine for Jesus Where You Are]Harry D Loes (Author)English2
Since Jesus pardoned and saved me from sinH. D. L. (Author)English2
Sing a happy gospel songH. D. L. (Author)English2
Sing along life's pathwayH. D. L. (Author)English6
Sing, boys and girlsHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
Sing your cares awayHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
Smile, smile, don't let troubleHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
Some day I'll singHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
Sunshine does wonderful thingsHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
The cross of Christ was near a gardenHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
The friendships of earth oft fail to endureHarry Dixon Loes (Author)English2
The gospel of ChristHarry Dixon Loes (Author)3
The light that shines is the light of loveHarry Dixon Loes (1895-1965) (Author)2
The Lord has work to doHarry Dixon Loes (Author)English2
The prayer of my Lord has deep meaning for meHarry Dixon Loes (Author)English2
The Savior came from heaven to die on CalvaryHarry Dixon Loes (Author)English5
The stars that shine bright in the heavensHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
The story of the cross where Jesus diedH. D. L. (Author)English4
There are many ways into heavenHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
There is a Friend who's closer than a brotherH. D. L. (Author)English2
There is a haven safe and sure (Loes)Harry Dixon Loes (Author)2
There is a question I’d like to ask of theeHarry Dixon Loes (Author)English2
There is a season of the yearHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
There is a task that awaits your handHarry Dixon Loes (Author)English2
There is much I can do for JesusHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
There is so much I like in churchHarry Dixon Loes (Author)4
There's a day in Sunday schoolHarry Dixon Loes (Author)4
There's a day of coronationHarry Dixon Loes (Author)English2
There's a place on Sunday morningHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
There's a song of joy I loveHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
There's only One who understandsH. D. L. (Author)English1
There's wonderful joy in my heartHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
This little light of mine I'm gonna let it shineHarry Dixon Loes, 1896-1965 (Author)English7
Thy word have I hid in my heart (Loes)Harry Dixon Loes (Author)3
Today is Jesus' birthdayHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
We are marching in the armyHarry Dixon Loes (Author)3
We are praying for revivalHarry Dixon Loes (Author)English2
We are praying, Lord, at this very hourH. D. L. (Author)3
We have gathered in the nameHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
What am I doing for JesusHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
What shall it profit a man if heHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
When Christ the blest Redeemer trod the shores of GalileeHarry Dixon Loes (Author)English2
When I don't think I needHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
When I pray for othersHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
When I start telling what the Lord has doneHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
When I think how the Lord of HeavenHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
When on Christ you believedHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
When sorrows flow like a river so deepHarry Dixon Loes (Author)3
When you testify, tell what God didHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
Where are you going todayHarry Dixon Loes (Author)3
"Wherefore He is able"Harry Dixon Loes (Author)English2
Wherever I go God's eyeHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
Whistle a tune or sing a songHarry Dixon Loes (Author)English2
Who alone can saveHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
Wonderful love of JesusHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
You ask me how I know the Savior's loveHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
You this question have heardHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2
Youth marches onward with ChristHarry Dixon Loes (Author)2

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