I-to Loh

Short Name: I-to Loh
Full Name: Loh, I-to, 1936-
Birth Year: 1936
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Texts by I-to Loh (21)sort descendingAsInstances
AlleluiaI-to Loh (Translator)1
Ay, ay salidummayI-to Loh (Adapter)2
Bānbîn ah, lín tiόh oló (Let all nations praise the Lord)I-to Loh, b. 1936 (Translator)3
Chuyŏ sasŭmi (O Lord, as a deer)I-to Loh, b. 1936 (Translator)2
Come, O Holy Spirit, come (Wa wa wa Emimimo)I-to Loh, b. 1936 (Translator)10
For the bread which you have brokenI-to Loh (Transc. (Taiwanese phonetic))1
Here, O Lord, your servants gatherI-to Loh (Transcriber (Japanese phon.))4
[If We Love One Another]I-to Loh (Author)2
Jesus has come to preach the good newsI-to Loh (Author)2
[Jesus Sets Us Free]Ito Loh (Author)2
Lán tiόh kèng pài Chú Siōngtè (Let us come to worship God)I-to Loh (Author)3
Lord, we thank you for this foodI-to Loh (Author)2
My dear home, JerusalemI-to Loh (Translator)2
O give thanks to the Lord who is goodI-to Loh (Adapter)2
O praise the Lord, O praise the Lord, O praise the LordI-to Loh (Adapter and Alterer)2
On the shore of GalileeI-to Loh (Translator)2
Reamo leboga (To God our thanks we give)I-to Loh, b. 1936 (Translator)3
Tere saha mukh ham hain ate (We come before thee, O Great and Holy)I-to Loh (Hindi phonetic transcription)3
Jiu shi zhi shen, wei zhong-sheng bokai (The bread of life for all is broken!)I-to Loh (Transcriber (Chinese phonetic))3
Come, all you people, Come and praise your MakerI-to Loh (Translator (st. 1))12
Wa Wa Wa Emimimo (Santo Espíritu, ven) (Come, O Holy Spirit come)I-to Loh (Paraphraser)3
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