I-to Loh

I-to Loh
Short Name: I-to Loh
Full Name: Loh, I-to, 1936-
Birth Year: 1936

Born in 1936 in Taiwan, the Rev. I-to Loh is a graduate of Tainan Theological College and Seminary (M.Div.), Union Theological Seminary in New York (SMM in Composition), and University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA, Ph.D. in Music, majoring in Ethnomusicology).

He has taught Asian and Global Church Music, Ethnomusicology and Worship for many years at the Asian Institute for Liturgy and Music in Manila, and at Tainan Theological College and Seminary. He has collected and compiled over 20 collections of hymns, including Sound the Bamboo: CCA Hymnal 2000 (including 315 hymns from 22 countries, with 44 languages). He was named a Fellow of the Hymn Society of America and Canada in 1995, the first non-Caucasian to have earned that honor in the Society’s 70 years of existence. His other publications include over one hundred hymns and anthems, Teach Us to Praise, and many academic essays in Chinese and English.

For more than two decades, he was active in the ecumenical circles leading music and worship at the assemblies and conferences of the World Council of Churches and Christian Conference of Asia.

Rev. Loh retired from his positions as seminary president and head of the Church Music Department at Tainan Theological College and Seminary in 2002. He has been a visiting professor in various countries, continues to be the editor of the Official Hymnal of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, and is writing a companion to Sound the Bamboo.


Texts by I-to Loh (21)sort iconAsInstances
AlleluiaI-to Loh (Translator)1
Ay, ay salidummayI-to Loh (Adapter)2
Bānbîn ah, lín tiόh oló (Let all nations praise the Lord)I-to Loh, b. 1936 (Translator)3
Chuyŏ sasŭmi (O Lord, as a deer)I-to Loh, b. 1936 (Translator)2
Come, O Holy Spirit, come (Wa wa wa Emimimo)I-to Loh, b. 1936 (Translator)10
For the bread which you have brokenI-to Loh (Transc. (Taiwanese phonetic))1
Here, O Lord, your servants gatherI-to Loh (Transcriber (Japanese phon.))4
[If We Love One Another]I-to Loh (Author)2
Jesus has come to preach the good newsI-to Loh (Author)2
[Jesus Sets Us Free]Ito Loh (Author)2
Lán tiόh kèng pài Chú Siōngtè (Let us come to worship God)I-to Loh (Author)3
Lord, we thank you for this foodI-to Loh (Author)2
My dear home, JerusalemI-to Loh (Translator)2
O give thanks to the Lord who is goodI-to Loh (Adapter)2
O praise the Lord, O praise the Lord, O praise the LordI-to Loh (Adapter and Alterer)2
On the shore of GalileeI-to Loh (Translator)2
Reamo leboga (To God our thanks we give)I-to Loh, b. 1936 (Translator)3
Tere saha mukh ham hain ate (We come before thee, O Great and Holy)I-to Loh (Hindi phonetic transcription)3
Jiu shi zhi shen, wei zhong-sheng bokai (The bread of life for all is broken!)I-to Loh (Transcriber (Chinese phonetic))3
Come, all you people, Come and praise your MakerI-to Loh (Translator (st. 1))12
Wa Wa Wa Emimimo (Santo Espíritu, ven) (Come, O Holy Spirit come)I-to Loh (Paraphraser)2