James Bruce Mackay

Short Name: James Bruce Mackay
Full Name: Mackay, James Bruce

Late 19th Century

Texts by James Bruce Mackay (74)sort descendingAsInstances
هل لنا في الكون خلJames Bruce Mackay (Author)1
All conviction should be valiantMackay (Author)1
Angels are singing in chorusRev. James Bruce Mackay (Author)2
Are you groping on in blindnessJames Bruce Mackay (Author)2
Are you sitting idleJames Bruce Mackay (Author)3
Blessed Lord, I am weary of sinJ. B. Mackay (Author)3
Ye humble sinners, in whose breastJ. B. MacKay (Author (Chorus))1
Dear Savior, we our love would showJ. B. M. (Author)6
Depth of mercy! can there beJ. B. Mackay (Alterer)1
Do you long to be made free from sinJ. B. MacKay (Author)2
Father, I'm dyingJames Bruce Mackay (Author)2
From the heights of Calv'ry's mountainJ. B. MacKay (Author)3
God be with us as we partJames Bruce Mackay (Author)2
Going on with Jesus, where he leads the wayJames Bruce Mackay (Author)2
Har den hele nat du forgjæves stræbtJ. B. Mackay (Author)2
Hath the immortal spirit freedomMackay (Author)1
Have you toiled all night near the shore in vainJames Bruce Mackay (Author)8
Heart and hand for Jesus; marching onJ. B. M. (Author)2
I am walking today in that glorious wayJ. B. Mackay (Author)3
I have found a peaceful havenJames Bruce Mackay (Author)2
I regret the mistakesJ. B. M. (Author)3
I was living down in EgyptJames Bruce Mackay (Author)4
In realms of bliss, a place for theeJames Bruce Mackay (Author)2
In realms of bliss , where allJames Bruce Mackay (Author)2
In the blood of Jesus that was shed for meJ. B. M. (Author)13
In the day of trialJ. B. Mackay (Author)3
In the upper room at Jerusalem, Waiting for the powerRev. James Bruce Mackay (Author)2
In this vale of mists and shadowsJames Bruce Mackay (Author)4
In thy name we gatherJ. B. M. (Author)4
Is there anyone can help usJ. B. M. (Author)73
I've a blessing every dayJ. B. Mackay (Author)3
I've a song in my heartJ. B. M. (Author)2
Jesus found me wanderingJ. B. M. (Author)12
Jesus, fount of sweet refreshingJames Bruce Mackay (Author)2
Jesus has entered within the veilJ. B. M. (Author)3
Jesus has promised a bright crown of lifeJames Bruce Mackay (Author)2
Jesus loves me with a changeless loveJ. B. M. (Author)10
Jesus now is standing on the thresholdJ. B. M. (Author)3
Jesus sweetly is mine all to himJames Bruce Mackay (Author)2
Jesus will be with you wheresoe'er you strayJ. B. M. (Author)2
Koennte uns wohl jemand helfenJames Bruce Mackay (Author)2
Lord, without thee I am undoneJames Bruce Mackay (Author)3
My fragile bark no more is tossedJames Bruce Mackay (Author)3
My Savior has purchased redemption for meJ. B. Mackay (Author)3
O thou who walkest on the waveJ. B. M. (Author)2
O my hope is as bright as the clear noondayJ. B. Mackay (Author)3
O, what a wonderful Savior is mineJ. B. Mackay (Author)3
On your way to heavenRev. James Bruce Mackay (Author)2
Precious Savior keep me close to theeJames B. Mackay (Author)3
Rise in your might, ye ransomed ones, ariseJames Bruce Mackay (Author)2
Rouse, ye Christian workers, be ye up and doingJ. B. M. (Author)14
Savior, to Thee our all we surrenderMackay (Author)5
Savior, we need Thee, be Thou our guideMackay (Author)2
Savior, come and dwell in meJ. B. Mackay (Author)2
Savior, I come with all my sins to theeJ. B. MacKay (Author)2
See the little roses, blooming fresh and fairJ. B. Mackay (Author)2
Since I have found my Savior, each day he growsJames Bruce Mackay (Author)8
Singing and trusting, press onwardJ. B. Mackay (Author)3
Sinner, O why do you heedlessly strayJames Bruce Mackay (Author)3
Songs of praise I'll sing to the Lord my KingJ. B. MacKay (Author)2
Stop, sinner, stop, you have wanderedJ. B. Mackay (Author)3
There is a light that shines for ayeJ. B. Mackay (Author)3
There is joy in the service of Jesus the LordJ. B. M. (Author)3
There's a beautiful place called the home of the soulRev. James Bruce Mackay (Author)2
There's a highway cast up through this valleyJ. B. M. (Author)2
Toward heaven we're sailingJames Bruce Mackay (Author)2
Walking with Jesus, happy each dayJames Bruce Mackay (Author)3
We are marching at the call of GodJ. B. MacKay (Author)4
We have heard the Master callingJ. B. MacKay (Author)2
We're marching to a land of joy and songJ. B. MacKay (Author)5
When I stand, with my Lord, in the land of the blestJ. B. M. (Author)7
Wheresoe'er we be on life's raging seaJ. B. Mackay (Author)4
While I was sinning and strayingRev. James Bruce Mackay (Author)2
Why are you languishing hereJ. B. Mackay (Author)3
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