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Joseph H. Martin

Short Name: Joseph H. Martin
Full Name: Martin, Joseph H.

Late 19th Century
Martin was a minister.

Come un­to Me
Coming of the Lord Draw­eth Nigh, The
Rose May Yield a Sweet Per­fume, The
Sabbath Bells Are Ring­ing, The
Sabbath Morn Is Beam­ing, The
Thee I Seek, O Gra­cious Sav­ior
There Are Bright Lit­tle Ones
There Is a Cleans­ing Fount­ain
There Is a Crim­son Fount­ain
There Is a Gate That Stands Ajar
There Is a Lad­der Great
There Is a Man­sion Fair and Bright
There Is a Star of All Most Bright
There Was Love, Deep Love
There’s a Home for the Blest
There’s a Man­sion of Rest
There’s a Song of Joy
There’s a Voice That Speaks
There’s a Well in the De­sert
There’s Com­fort and Peace
There’s Not in the World
Thy Grace Each Mo­ment Give
’Tis the Bless­ed Day of Rest
To Je­sus, to Je­sus
We, a Lit­tle In­fant Band
We Come, We Come, Dear Sav­ior
We Have Heard There Is a Fount­ain
We Would Praise Thee and Bless Thee
When My Spir­it Is Rent
When our Hearts Are Sad
When the Flow’rs Are Spring­ing
When the Young in Their Bloom
When Thy Heart Is Sad
When Waves of Trou­ble o’er Thee Roll
With All Thy Heart, with All Thy Mind
With Ear­nest Con­se­cra­tion
Would You Please and Hon­or Je­sus?
Ye Lambs of the Flock
Ye Pro­di­gals That Wild­ly Roam


Texts by Joseph H. Martin (144)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
All glorious God and KingJoseph H. Martin (Author)5
All hail to the warrior with victory crownedJoseph H. Martin (Author)2
Are you staying, safely stayingJ. H. Martin (Author)12
Art thou burdened with thy sinJoseph H. Martin (Author)7
Assailed by temptationJoseph H. Martin (Author)3
Awake, arise and arm you for the fightRev. J. H. Martin (Author)2
Awake the loud trumpetMartin (Author)English5
Be joyful for Jesus the Savior is KingRev. J. H. Martin, D. D. (Author)3
Beautiful, beautiful mansions of lightRev. J. H. Martin (Author)2
Beautiful house of my FatherRev. J. H. Martin (Author)2
Beside all waters sow the seedJoseph H. Martin (Author)2
Beware of the wineJoseph H. Martin (Author)2
Beware of the wine when its color is brightJoseph H. Martin (Author)2
Break forth, O earth in singingJoseph H. Martin (Author)1
Brightly shines redeeming mercyJoseph H. Martin (Author)7
By and by, when I'm calledRev. J. H. Martin (Author)2
Calmly in the stormJoseph H. Martin (Author)2
Come to Jesus, by faith and repose on Hs breastJoseph H. Martin (Author)English2
Come to the cross where the Savior diedRev. J. H. Martin (Author)10
Come to the fountain, abundant and freeJoseph H. Martin (Author)2
Come to the Savior, O do not delayJoseph H. Martin (Author)3
Come, weary souls, by sin oppressedRev. J. H. Martin, D.D. (Author)3
Die Friedensglocken läutenJ. H. Martin (Author)German2
Do not faint when tribulation DarkensJoseph H. Martin (Author)7
Do you ask why I love Jesus?Rev. J. H. Martin, D.D. (Author)2
Exalt and sing with gladnessJoseph H. Martin (Author)3
Give glory to God, all ye lands of the earthJoseph H. Martin (Author)2
Glory to God for the missionRev. J. H. Martin, D.D. (Author)2
Go gather the childrenJoseph H. Martin (Author)2
Go, tell of his gloryJoseph H. Martin (Author)3
God's word is always fresh and newJoseph H. Martin (Author)2
Have you looked to Jesus for his healing grace?Joseph H. Martin (Author)7
Hear the jubilant song that the seraphim sangRev. J. H. Martin, D.D. (Author)3
Hear the voice of Jesus say, loudly cryingRev. J. H. Martin (Author)19
Hearken to Jesus callingJoseph H. Martin (Author)2
Heavenly Father keep me near theeJoseph H. Martin (Author)4
Hosanna to Jesus, our Savior and King, His cross and his triumph we joyfully singJoseph H. Martin (Author)4
Hosanna to the blessed SonJoseph H. Martin (Author)2
How sweet the name that sinners hearJoseph H. Martin (Author)4
How sweetly sounds the SabbathJoseph H. Martin (Author)4
I cannot foresee, I know not the dayRev. J. H. Martin (Author)3
I have a loving FatherJoseph H. Martin (Author)4
I have a sweet hope that in heaven aboveRev. J. H. Martin (Author)English9
I long to be with Jesus, who died to set me freeRev. J. H. Martin (Author)1
I love to think of heaven, a city fair and brightJoseph H. Martin (Author)6
I think I should mournJoseph H. Martin (Author)25
I will lift my voice in a song of praiseRev. J. H. Martin, D.D. (Author)4
I'm on my way to gloryJoseph H. Martin (Author)5
I'm waiting for Jesus, to beckon me homeJoseph H. Martin (Author)3
In converse with the risen LordJoseph H. Martin (Author)3
In the bloom and joy of youthJoseph H. Martin (Author)3
In the distant pastRev. J. H. Martin (Author)5
In the happy EdenRev. J. H. Martin (Author)5
In the warfare waged with sinJoseph H. Martin (Author)2
Jesus, precious unto meJoseph H. Martin (Author)2
Jesus, thou dying Lamb accept me as I amJoseph H. Martin (Author)2
Joy, joy, joy, joy, joy, joy, Sing to the Savior, shout for joyJoseph H. Martin (Author)5
Joyful sound that I love to hearRev. J. H. Martin (Author)1
Laden with a heavy burdenJoseph H. Martin (Author)11
Lambs of Jesus, chant the storyJoseph H. Martin (Author)3
Like shadows that fly, Like clouds in the skyJoseph H. Martin (Author)2
Magnify the Savior's loveJoseph H. Martin (Author)2
Must I go with empty handsJoseph H. Martin (Author)2
My heart was oppressed with the burden of sinRev. J. H. Martin (Author)3
Neath the mournful willow droopingJoseph H. Martin (Author)2
O fly to the SaviorRev. J. H. Martin (Author)2
O Jesus, dear Jesus, how lovely thou artJoseph H. Martin (Author)3
O let me but look to JesusJ. H. Martin (Author)2
O let me look to JesusJoseph H. Martin (Author)2
O sinner, with guilt and sorrow oppressedJoseph H. Martin (Author)3
O Volk des Herrn, in Trauer und SchmerzJoseph H. Martin (Author)German1
O when shall I soar to the skiesJoseph H. Martin (Author)3
On the holy mount of ZionJ. H. Martin (Author)English2
On the shining shore, with happy greetingJoseph H. Martin (Author)3
Once for all the Savior diedRev. J. H. Martin, D.D. (Author)1
Once for all the Savior died, Christ the LordJoseph H. Martin (Author)11
Only a season briefRev. J. H. Martin (Author)5
Our ship is on the open seaJoseph H. Martin (Author)3
Praise to the Savior, praiseRev. J. H. Martin (Author)4
Reject not the SaviorJoseph H. Martin (Author)2
Return, thou guilty, erring oneJoseph H. Martin (Author)2
Rise and shine with lustreRev. J. H. Martin (Author)2
Room for the prodigal, mourning for sinJoseph H. Martin (Author)5
Said a voice Behold, at the door I standJoseph H. Martin (Author)7
Salvation, shout the joyful soundRev. J. H. Martin (Author)2
Savior, Thou hast bid me comeJoseph H. Martin (Author)4
See that banner waving highJoseph H. Martin (Author)2
Seek the bright and shining shoreRev. Jos. H. Martin (Author)2
Seek the Lord while yet you mayJoseph H. Martin (Author)6
Shall we gladly meet, shall we gladly meetRev. J. H. Martin (Author)4
Shout redemption's joyful storyJoseph H. Martin (Author)2
Sing of Jesus, chant the storyJoseph H. Martin (Author)3
Sing to the Lord for the gospel's joyful soundJoseph H. Martin (Author)3
Sinner, in thy deep distressJoseph H. Martin (Author)3
Sinners, in our Master's nameRev. J. H. Martin (Author)4
Sound aloud redemption's storyJoseph H. Martin (Author)2
Spurn me not, O loving SaviorJ. H. Martin (Author)26
Sweet the tidingsJoseph H. Martin (Author)2
Tell me, savior, whom I loveJoseph H. Martin (Author)2
Ten lepers cry aloud to Jesus, Have mercyJoseph H. Martin (Author)4
Ten thousand golden harps aboveJoseph H. Martin (Author)3
The gospel bell is ringingRev. Jas. H. Martin (Author)3
The Lord is my Shepherd, My Keeper and GuideRev. Joseph H. Martin (Author)English8
The moon in brightness walksRev. J. H. Martin (Author)2
The rose may yield a sweet perfumeJoseph H. Martin (Author)3
The Sabbath bells are ringing a summons untoJoseph H. Martin (Author)2
The Sabbath morn is beaming (Martin)Joseph H. Martin (Author)3
Thee I seek, O gracious SaviorJoseph H. Martin (Author)2
There are bright little ones both at home and in the streetJoseph H. Martin (Author)2
There is a cleansing fountainJoseph H. Martin (Author)2
There is a crimson fountainJoseph H. Martin (Author)3
There is a gate that stands ajar (Martin)Rev. J. H. Martin (Author)2
There is a ladder great and highJoseph H. Martin (Author)English2
There is a mansion fair and bright, My Father's house on highRev. J. H. Martin (Author)3
There is a star of all most brightJoseph H. Martin (Author)2
There was love, deep love at [in] the cross displayedJoseph H. Martin (Author)9
There's a home for the blestJoseph H. Martin (Author)6
There's a mansion of rest, in the land of the blestRev. J. H. Martin (Author)3
There's a song of joy and praiseJoseph H. Martin (Author)2
There's a voice that speaks in the stormJoseph H. Martin (Author)3
There's a well in the desertJoseph H. Martin (Author)3
There's comfort and peace for the mournerJoseph H. Martin (Author)3
There's not in the world, wherever we roamRev. J. H. Martin (Author)3
Thou, O Christ, my Savior artRev. J. H. Martin (Author)2
Thy grace each moment giveJoseph H. Martin (Author)2
'Tis the blessed day of restRev. J. H. Martin, D.D. (Author)3
To Jesus, to Jesus, How precious and dearJoseph H. Martin (Author)3
To Jesus, to Jesus, howRev. J. H. Martin (Author)2
We, a little infant bandJoseph H. Martin (Author)4
We come, we come, dear SaviorJoseph H. Martin (Author)3
We have heard there is a fountain full and freeRev. Jos. H. Martin (Author)3
We would praise thee and bless Thee, our fatherRev. J. H. Martin (Author)4
When my spirit is rent with the anguish of sinJoseph H. Martin (Author)2
When our hearts are sad, the Savior will extendJoseph H. Martin (Author)2
When the flowers are springingRev. Jos. H. Martin (Author)4
When the young in their bloom and their beauty are seenJoseph H. Martin (Author)2
When thy heart is sadJoseph H. Martin (Author)3
When waves of trouble over thee rollJoseph H. Martin (Author)4
With all thy heart, with all thy mindJoseph H. Martin (Author)2
With earnest consecration the Lord's commands fullfillJoseph H. Martin (Author)6
Would you please and honor JesusRevl. J. H. Martin, D.D. (Author)8
Ye lambs of the flock, unto Jesus draw nearJoseph H. Martin (Author)3
Ye people of the Lord bowed with griefRev. J. H. Martin (Author)English4
Ye prodigals that wildly roamJoseph H. Martin (Author)2
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