W. McDonald

Short Name: W. McDonald
Full Name: McDonald, W. (William), 1820-1901
Birth Year: 1820
Death Year: 1901

McDonald, Rev. William. (Belmont, Maine, March 1, 1820--September 11, 1901, Monrovia, California). Becoming a local preacher in the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1839 he was admitted to the Maine Conference in 1843, being transferred to that of Wisconsin in 1855 and of New England in 1859. For a number of years he was editor of the Advocate of Christian Holiness. In addition to being a writer of biographies and religious books, he compiled, or assisted in compiling, a number of song books of the gospel song type, among them being the Western Minstrel (1840), Wesleyan Minstrel (1853), Beulah Songs (1870), Tribute of Praise (1874). This last book was that which had been compiled by McDonald and L.F. Snow, and re-edited by Eben Tourjée, appeared in 1882 as the official hymnal of the Methodist Protestant Church. From 1870 he spent many years in evangelistic work before his retirement to Monrovia.

Sources: Metcalf, Frank J., American Writers and Compilers of Sacred Music; Tillett, Wilbur F., Our Hymns and Their Authors; Nutter and Tillett, Hymns and Hymn Writers of the Church; McCutchan, Robert G., Our Hymnody; Benson, L.F., The English Hymn.

--Robert G. McCutchan, DNAH Archives

Texts by W. McDonald (28)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
我今來就主十架,既軟弱而又貧、瞎 (Wǒ jīn lái jiù zhǔ shí jià, jì ruǎnruò ér yòu pín, xiā)William McDonald (Author)Chinese2
A la cruz de Cristo voyW. McDonald (Author)Spanish2
Ah, many years my burdened heartRev. W. McDonald (Author)English8
Débil, pobre, ciego soyWilliam McDonald (Author)Spanish2
Gracious Spirit, Love divine! Let thy light within me shineWIlliam McDonald (Author)English1
Herr, ich komm' zum Kreuze hinWilliam McDonald (Author)German1
Herr, ich nahe mich zu dirWIlliam McDonald (Author)German4
I am coming to Jesus for rest, Rest such as the purified knowWm. McDonald (Author)English61
I am coming to the cross; I am poor, and weak, and blindWIlliam McDonald (Author)English695
I am resting at the cross, All the world I leave behindW. McDonald (Author)English2
I am trusting in the crossWilliam McDonald (Author)1
I am trusting, Lord, in thee Blessed Lamb of CalvaryWilliam McDonald (Author)English1
I believe, O Lord, in theeWilliam H. McDonald, 1820-1901 (Author)2
I hear the Savior say, Thy strength indeed is smallRev. W. McDonald (Arranger)English5
I saw a wayworn travelerRev. W. McDonald (Author)English3
Iti cruzmot' asitgacW. McDonald (Author)Tagalog2
Jesus, Lord, I come to Thee, Washed in the blood of the LambWIlliam McDonald (Author)English10
Jesus, O Thou Prince of gloryRev. W. McDonald (Author)English3
Jesus, thine all victorious loveWIlliam McDonald (Author)English1
ഞാന്‍ വരുന്നു ക്രൂശിങ്കല്‍ സാധു ക്ഷീണന്‍ കുരുടന്‍ (N̄ān varunnu krūśiṅkal sādhu kṣīṇan kuruṭan)W. McDonald (Author)Malayalam2
Rest for my soul I've found at lastWilliam McDonald (Author)English2
Sieh', ich komme, Herr, zum KreuzWm. McDonald (Author)German3
Sinner, go, will you go, To the high lands of heaven?W. H. M. (Author)English13
Some happy day I'll soar awayWIlliam McDonald (Author)2
The cross, the cross, the bloodstained crossWIlliam McDonald (Author)English66
There is a day that's drawing nighWilliam McDonald (Author)2
Through a dark world of woeWilliam McDonald (Author)1
Ven, amigo, al dulce JesúsW. McDonald (Author)Spanish2

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