James McGranahan

James McGranahan
Short Name: James McGranahan
Full Name: McGranahan, James, 1840-1907
Birth Year: 1840
Death Year: 1907

Born: July 4, 1840, West Fallowfield, Pennsylvania.
Died: July 9, 1907, Kinsman, Ohio.
Buried: New Kinsman Cemetery, Kinsman, Ohio.

Pseudonym: G. M. J.

Wikipedia Biography

He composed over 25 hymns. For example, in one work he is listed as the composer of three notable songs: "He Will Hide Me" by Mary Elizabeth Servoss, "Revive Thy Work, O Lord" by Albert Midlane, and "Come" by a "Mrs. James Gibson Johnson"; and he composed the music for at least 39 of the 79 hymns in a work co-authored with Ira D. Sankey. McGranahan composed most of the tunes for the lyrics of Major Daniel Webster Whittle, including EL NATHAN, the tune associated with Whittle's "I Know Whom I Have Believèd" (written 1883).

Texts by James McGranahan (34)sort descendingAsInstances
A guilty soul, by Pharisees of oldG. M. J. (Author)5
All hail the power of Jesus' name, Let angels prostrate fallJ. McG. (Author (refrain))1
All power is given unto meJames McGranahan (Author)5
Are you coming home, ye wanderersS. M. J. (Author)6
Eis multidões que, em trevas tão medonhasJames McGranahan (Author)2
El Salvador Jesús por mí muríoJames McGranahan (Author)2
Er dig syndebyrden svær?James McGranahan (Author)2
Far, far away, in heathen darkness dwellingJ. M. (Author)73
Francas las puertas encontraránJames McGranahan (Author)2
God loved a world of sinners, For them He gave His SonG. M. J. (Author)3
God's law is perfect, and convertsJames McGranahan (Author)7
Have our hearts grown cold since the days of old?James McGranahan (Author)4
Hear the blessed invitation, Come, come, comeG. M. J. (Author)3
Ho reapers in the whitened harvestG. M. J. (Author)9
Infinite God, how great thou artJ. M. G. (Alterer)1
Like wandering sheep o'er mountains coldG. M. J. (Author)16
Nogen vil gaa gjennem himlens portG. M. J. (Author)2
O hvilken Frelser, som for mig erJames McGranahan (Author)2
Oft within a little cottageJames McGranahan (Author)1
O golden day, O day of GodG. M. J. (Author)7
O what a Savior, that he died for meG. M. J. (Author)41
O where are you going, my brotherJ. M. (Author)1
One day the Shepherd passedJames McGranahan (Author)1
Rejoice in the Lord, O let his mercy cheerG. M .J. (Author)7
Ring out the word from Christ the LordJames McGranahan (Author)1
Sinners Jesus will receiveJames McGranahan (Arranged by)1
Someone will enter the pearly gateG. M. J. (Author)40
Sweetly sound the words of JesusJ. M. G. (Author)5
'Tis a true and faithful sayingJames McGranahan (Author)1
Two babes were born in the self same townJames McGranahan (Author)5
We are traveling, slowly travelingJames McGranahan (Author)2
Weary gleaner in the field, poor or plenty be the yieldG. M. J. (Author)5
Wer zieht als Sieger durch's PerlanthorG. M. J. (Author)2
What is the cross, the crimson crossJ. M. G. (Alterer)1

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