Daniel B. Merrick

Short Name: Daniel B. Merrick
Full Name: Merrick, Daniel B., 1926-2004
Birth Year: 1926
Death Year: 2004

Merrick Daniel B. (Bloomington, Illinois, April 29, 1926--November 11, 2004). Married Dagmar Gustafson in 1952 while a student at Phillips Theological Seminary (A.B., 1948; B.D., 1954); three children. Served churches in Sandoval, Ill.; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Panama Canal Zone; Peoria, Illinois; and Havana, Ill. Won his first hymn writing contest in the mid-1950s. The hymn "O God whose Love Compels Us" was a winning entry for a theme hymn for the American Baptist convention in 1967.

Edited the Chalice Hymnal for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

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Texts by Daniel B. Merrick (28)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
And there shall come a dayDaniel B. Merrick (Author)English2
Angels in the field appearDaniel B. Merrick (Author)English2
[Called to God's Vocation]Daniel B. Merrick (Author)English2
Christ has come, is here among usDaniel B. Merrick, 1926-2004 (Author)English2
Come, be glad! Sing and praise!Daniel B. Merrick (Author)2
Come, Holy Spirit, fill this placeDaniel B. Merrick (Author)2
[Come, Sing to the Lord New Songs of Joy]Daniel B. Merrick (Author)English2
[Come to the Waters, You Who Thirst]Daniel B. Merrick (Author)English2
Filled with the joy and gladness of life's wonderDaniel B. Merrick (Author)2
[God Did Choose Us as His People]Daniel B. Merrick (Author)English2
God of all, whose love surrounds us,Daniel B. Merrick, Jr. (Author)English5
Herald of JesusDaniel B. Merrick (Author)English2
Here we gather as God's PeopleDaniel B. Merrick (Author)2
Lead us, our Father, from death into lifeDaniel B. Merrick, 1926-2004 (Author)English2
[My Heart's Bursting With God's Praises]Daniel B. Merrick (Author)English2
O God of truth, the power of nations freeDaniel B. Merrick (Author)3
O God, who brought to earth the new creationDaniel B. Merrick (Author)English2
O God whose love compels usDaniel B. Merrick (Author)3
O people of earth, come and claim your deliveranceDaniel B. Merrick, 1926-2004 (Author)English2
[O Seek the Lord, Who May Be Found]Daniel B Merrick (Author)English2
[Shout for Joy, the Heavens Are Ringing]Daniel B. Merrick (Author)English2
Sing out, my soul, with praiseDaniel B. Merrick (Adapter)English2
Singing the Lord's songDaniel B. Merrick (Author)English2
[Sound the Trumpet, All You People]Daniel B Merrick (Author)English2
The Spirit called on PhilipDaniel B. Merrick, 1926-2004 (Author)English2
Welcome to this feast of witnessDaniel B. Merrick, 1926-2004 (Author)English2
What shall we sing to air our joy (Que alegre canto de Natal)Daniel B. Merrick (Author)English, Portuguese2
When all the world was sleepingDaniel B. Merrick (Author)English2

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