Daniel B. Merrick

Short Name: Daniel B. Merrick
Full Name: Merrick, Daniel B., 1926-2004
Birth Year: 1926
Death Year: 2004

Merrick Daniel B. (Bloomington, Illinois, April 29, 1926--November 11, 2004). Married Dagmar Gustafson in 1952 while a student at Phillips Theological Seminary (A.B., 1948; B.D., 1954); three children. Served churches in Sandoval, Ill.; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Panama Canal Zone; Peoria, Illinois; and Havana, Ill. Won his first hymn writing contest in the mid-1950s. The hymn "O God whose Love Compels Us" was a winning entry for a theme hymn for the American Baptist convention in 1967.

Edited the Chalice Hymnal for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

--DNAH Archives

Texts by Daniel B. Merrick (18)sort descendingAsInstances
[And There Shall Come a Day]Daniel B Merrick (Author)2
[Called to God's Vocation]Daniel B Merrick (Author)2
Come, be glad! Sing and praise!Daniel B. Merrick (Author)2
Come, Holy Spirit, fill this placeDaniel B. Merrick (Author)2
[Come, Sing to the Lord New Songs of Joy]Daniel B Merrick (Author)2
[Come to the Waters, You Who Thirst]Daniel B Merrick (Author)2
Filled with the joy and gladness of life's wonderDaniel B. Merrick (Author)2
[God Did Choose Us as His People]Daniel B Merrick (Author)2
God of all, whose love surrounds us,Daniel B. Merrick, Jr. (Author)5
Here we gather as God's PeopleDaniel B. Merrick (Author)2
[My Heart's Bursting With God's Praises]Daniel B Merrick (Author)2
O God of truth, the power of nations freeDaniel B. Merrick (Author)3
O God whose love compels usDaniel B. Merrick (Author)3
[O Seek the Lord, Who May Be Found]Daniel B Merrick (Author)2
[Shout for Joy, the Heavens Are Ringing]Daniel B Merrick (Author)2
Sing out, my soul, with praiseDaniel B. Merrick (Author)2
[Sound the Trumpet, All You People]Daniel B Merrick (Author)2
The Spirit called on PhilipDaniel B. Merrick (Author)2

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