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Short Name: George A. Minor
Full Name: Minor, George A., 1845-1904
Birth Year: 1845
Death Year: 1904

George A. Minor was a native of Richmond, Virginia. He was an active member of the First Baptist church and led the singing in the Sunday school of that church. He composed several Sunday school hymns. He worked for the Hume-Minor Company, a piano and music dealer, and for the Mason-Hamlin Company,a piano manufacturer.

Dianne Shapiro, excerpted from obituary in "Richmond Times-Dispatch," January 31, 1904

Tunes by George A. Minor (22)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
[After the showers the tranquil sun] (Minor)Geo. A. Minor (Composer)232351 17122 34671
[Approach, my soul, the mercy-seat]Geo. A. Minor (Arranger)255553 51113 16661
MELODY (15132)Geo. A. Minor (Arranger)115132 12343 45543
ENTREATY (13156)Geo. A. Minor (Arranger)213156 71233 45543
[Sowing in the morning, sowing seeds of kindness] (Minor)George A. Minor (Composer)36355565 31112 16555
RESTORATION (Southern Harmony)Geo. A. Minor (Arranger)113171 33175 77171
[Live for something; be not idle] (Minor)Geo. A. Minor (Composer)255536 55432 22346
[Lord, bless our school today]Geo. A. Minor (Composer)232156 52123 67216
[Lord of mercy and of might] (Minor)Geo. A. Minor (Composer)234532 16517 12323
[Love and kindness we may measure]Geo. A. Minor (Composer)255113 21764 27567
PITTGeo. A. Minor (Composer)251217 52321 35554
[Shall we all meet there, in that land of light]Prof. G. A. Minor (Composer)334555 55665 34555
[Singing for Jesus, our Savior and King] (Minor)Geo. A. Minor (Composer)233331 12116 56716
[There are bright little ones both at home and in the street]Geo. A. Minor (Composer)2
[There is something at all times for children to do]Geo. A. Minor (Composer)255555 53517 65556
[There's a bright and Golden Light]Geo. A. Minor (Composer)712333 21176 71651
['Tis thy last hope, O sinner]Geo. A. Minor (Arranger)212317 65531 23432
[Walk, my brother, in the light]George A. Minor (Composer)935556 11712 32153
[We are marching on] (Minor)Geo. A. Minor (Composer)312355 12355 12334
[We are pressing onward for the promised prize]Geo. A. Minor (Composer)333333 21344 42222
[Whatsoever seed you sow]Geo. A. Minor (Composer)234565 31112 17653
[When Jesus his loved ones is bringing]Geo. A. Minor (Composer)255555 55616 65551
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