Fred P. Morris

Short Name: Fred P. Morris
Full Name: Morris, Fred P. does not have biographical information about this person.

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A little while of toil and turmoilFred P. Morris (Author)5
Blessed Mary, I am yearningFred P. Morris (Author)2
Carry your Bible with youFred P. Morris (Author)20
Christ will lead me through the valleyFred P. Morris (Author)2
Cuánto anhelo llegar al celeste hogarFred P. Morris (Author)2
Fall into line for JesusFred P. Morris (Author)2
Free from the law, O happy conditionFred P. Morris (Author)3
Have you given all for JesusFred P. Morris (Author)2
He was wounded, he was bruisedFred P. Morris (Author)2
I can see the gates of that beautifulFred P. Morris (Author)3
I gave my life to Jesus, He filledFred P. Morris (Author)7
I heard a sweet voice callingFred P. Morris (Author)3
I heard the Savior callingFred P. Morris (Author)5
I must lean hard upon JesusFred P. Morris (Author)2
I never can tell the wonderful storyFred P. Morris (Author)2
I shall see my Lord in gloryFred P. Morris (Author)2
I will trust my SaviorFred P. Morris (Author)1
Jesus whispers, I am with youFred P. Morris (Author)7
Just where I am, oh, let me beFred P. Morris (Author)13
Keep near to Jesus, O let him beFred P. Morris (Author)2
Like a rudderless ship on a fathomless seaFred P. Morris (Author)5
Like silver bells at eventideFred P. Morris (Author)3
Look on the bright side be not dismayedFred P. Morris (Author)3
Lord, break the heavy chainFred P. Morris (Author)2
More precious than allFred P. Morris (Author)2
My hand is in my Father's handFred P. Morris (Author)2
My mother's hand is on my browFred P. Morris (Author)19
My Savior has promised to stand by my sideFred P. Morris (Author)2
My Savior paid my ransomFred P. Morris (Author)2
Not my way but Thy way O Savour divineFred P. Morris (Author)2
O sovereign Lord, my heart would beFred P. Morris (Author)2
Open my eyes that I may seeFred. P. Morris (Author)6
Sinner, why not now returnFred P. Morris (Author)3
Somebody came and lifted meFred P. Morris (Author)32
Someone stands behind the shadowFred P. Morris (Author)12
The hand that was nailed to the cross of woeFred P. Morris (Author)6
The time of the harvest was endedFred P. Morris (Author)2
The whole wide world for Jesus each kingdomFred P. Morris (Author)5
The world is bright and life is gayFred P. Morris (Author)2
There are glories untold in that city of goldFred P. Morris (Author)19
There are prodigals wandering farFred P. Morris (Author)2
They say my Lord was but a manFred P. Morris (Author)7
This is my message from JesusFred P. Morris (Author)2
Though He lead through the vale where the shadows are deepFred P. Morris (Author)2
Though far in the pathway of sin you have strayedFred P. Morris (Author)3
When I stand at last in the golden lightFred P. Morris (Author)7
When Jesus hung on Calvary, He thought of you and meFred P. Morris (Author)13
Where here mid life's toilsFred P. Morris (Author)2
Who is yonder man of sorrowsFred P. Morris (Author)2
Who will lead me through the valleyF. P. M. (Author)2
Why not turn to JesusFred P. Morris (Author)3
Will ye also leave meFred P. Morris (Author)2
Will you not try to win someoneFred P. Morris (Author)3
Would you stand beside my SaviorFred P. Morris (Author)2
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