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James Nares
Short Name: James Nares
Full Name: Nares, James, 1715-1783
Birth Year: 1715
Death Year: 1783

Born: April 19, 1715, Stanwell, Middlesex, England.
Died: February 10, 1783.
Buried: St. Margaret’s, Westminster, England.

After his family moved to Oxford, Nares became a chorister in the Chapel Royal. He later became deputy organist at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor; organist in York Cathedral (1734); and organist in the Royal Chapel and composer to the king (1756). He received a doctorate of music degree from Cambridge University in 1756. In 1770, the Catch Club awarded him a prize for his glee To All Lovers of Harmony.

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AMSTERDAM (Nares)James Nares (Composer)49
AYNHOEJames Nares (Composer)10
[Chant] (Nares 34271)James Nares, 1715-1783 (Composer)10
[Chant] (Nares 17123)James Nares, 1715-83 (Composer)3
WESTMINSTER NEWJames Nares, 1715 - 1783 (Composer)6

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