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Edwin H. Nevin

Short Name: Edwin H. Nevin
Full Name: Nevin, Edwin H. (Edwin Henry), 1814-1889
Birth Year: 1814
Death Year: 1889

Nevin, Edwin Henry, D.D., son of Major David Nevin, was born at Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, May 9, 1814. He graduated in Arts at Jefferson College, 1833; and in Theology at Princeton Seminary, in 1836. He held several pastorates as a Presbyterian Minister from 1836 to 1857; then as a Congregational Minister from 1857 to 1868; and then, after a rest of six years through ill health, as a Minister of the Reformed Church, first at Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and then in Philadelphia. Dr. Nevin is the author of several hymns, the more important of which are:—
1. Always with me [us], always with [us] me. Jesus always present.
2. Come up hither, come away. Invitation Heavenward.
3. Happy, Saviour, would I be. Trust. This is given in the Lyra Sacra Americana as "Saviour! happy should I be." This change was made by the editor "with the consent and approbation of the author."
4. 0 heaven, sweet heaven. Heaven. Written and published in 1862 after the death of a beloved son, which made heaven nearer and dearer from the conviction that now a member of his family was one of its inhabitants" (Schaff’s Christ in Song, 1870, p. 539).
5. Live on the field of battle. Duty. Appeared in the Baptist Devotional Hymn Book, 1864.
6. I have read of a world of beauty. Heaven.
7. Mount up on high! as if on eagle's wings. Divine Aspirations.
Of these hymns, Nos. 1, 2, 3 appeared in Nason's Congregational Hymn Book, 1857; and all, except No. 5, are in the Lyra Sacra Americana, 1868. [Rev. F.M. Bird, M.A.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Wikipedia Biography

Edwin Henry Nevin (May 9, 1814 in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania – June 2, 1889 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) was a former President of Franklin College in New Athens, Ohio, serving from 1840 to 1845.

Texts by Edwin H. Nevin (28)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Always with us, always with us [me]Edwin H. Nevin (Author)English121
At morning's dawn I love to hearEdwin H. Nevin (Author)English4
Beneath His wing I sweetly restEdwin H. Nevin, D.D. (Author)English12
Come up hither; come awayEdwin Henry Nevin (Author)English16
Happy, Savior, should I beEdwin Henry Nevin (Author)English15
Help me, help me, precious SaviorRev. Edwin H. Nevin, D.D. (Author)1
I have read of a world of beautyEdwin H. Nevin (Author)English6
I hear a sweet voice that floats down from aboveEdwin H. Nevin (Author)English3
I long to be like Jesus, to bear His image brightRev. E. H. Nevin (Author)English2
I see a golden cityEdwin H. Nevin (Author)2
I was once a thoughtless wandererEdwin Henry Nevin (Author)7
In seiner Hut da ruht sich's gutEdwin H. Nevin (Author)German2
Live on the field of battleEdwin Henry Nevin (Author)English31
Mount up on high. as if on eagles' wingsEdwin H. Nevin (Author)2
O fly to the arms of the SaviorEdwin H. Nevin (Author)English4
O God of wondrous grace and gloryEdwin H. Nevin, 1814- (Author)English2
O heaven sweet heaven the home of the blestEdwin H. Nevin (Author)English5
O let me cling to Thee, My Savior, cling to TheeEdwin H. Nevin (Author)English13
Savior, happy should I be, If I could but trust in TheeEdwin H. Nevin (Author)English35
Savior, lead me Thine to beE. H. Nevin (Author)English2
The night is dark, the storm is loudE. H. Nevin, D. D. (Author)4
The Sabbath bell, the Sabbath bellE. H. Nevin (Author)4
To a calm and lovely seaEdwin H. Nevin (Author)4
'Twas dark, and I, with inward fearRev. E. H. Nevin, D.D. (Author)English4
Under His wing I sweetly restEdwin H. Nevin, D.D. (Author)English2
We are living, we are dwelling In a grand and awful timeE. H. N. (Author (stanzas 2, 3))English1
When our earthly sun is settingRev. Edwin H. Nevin (Author)4
With us when we toil in sadnessEdwin H. Nevin (Author)English4

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