William Reed Newell

William Reed Newell
Short Name: William Reed Newell
Full Name: Newell, William Reed, 1868-1956
Birth Year: 1868
Death Year: 1956

William Newell (1868-1956) was born in Savannah, OH. He earned degrees from Wooster College, Princeton and Oberlin Theological Seminary. He served as Assistant Superintendent of the Moody Bible Institute, Chicago. The words for his hymn "At Calvary" came to him on his way to teach a class at the Bible Institute. He slipped into an empty classroom and wrote them quickly on the back of an envelope. (see bio in 101 More Hymn Stories, Osbeck, Grand Rapids, MI: Kregel, 1985.)

Mary Louise VanDyke

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عشت غافلا مدى السنينWilliam Reed Newell (Author)1
Aar jag lefde fram paa syndens stigWilliam R. Newell (Author)2
Años mi alma en vanidad vivióWilliam Newell (Author)3
At God's right handWilliam R. Newell (Author)2
I sing of the love of my FatherWilliam R. Newell (Author)3
Länge gick jag fram på syndens sigWm. R. Newell (Author)2
Lange Zeit lebt ich in EitelkeitWilliam R. Newell (Author)2
O sinner, come list to the voiceWilliam R. Newell (Author)3
Years I spent in vanity and prideWm. R. Newell (Author)138

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