Francis Patrick O'Brien

Francis Patrick O'Brien
Short Name: Francis Patrick O'Brien
Full Name: O'Brien, Francis Patrick

Francis Patrick O'Brien

Ordained a priest of the Archdiocese of Boston in 1985, Fran has spent all of his priesthood in parish and campus ministry, where, along with his sacramental and parochial duties, he has frequently served as music director and composer. He is currently pastor of St. Matthias Parish in Marlborough, MA, a western suburb of Boston.

Fran began working in music ministry at age thirteen as accompanist for the children’s choir in his home parish. He moved up the ranks from fill-in organist to music director while still in high school. During those years, Fran began composing for liturgy, taking inspiration from the works of Alexander Peloquin, Lucien Deiss, Michael Joncas and the St. Louis Jesuits. Fran later studied under Martin Pearlman, founder of Boston Baroque; John Huggler, composer in residence, Boston Symphony Orchestra; and noted choral composer, Julian Wachner.

Fran’s compositions for worship are born out of over 35 years of experience as accompanist, choir director and, since 1985, presider. His compositions, beginning with You Are All We Have and Shepherd of My Heart, in 1991, are known for their strong melodies and solid texts. He is a frequent presenter of workshops and concerts throughout the New England area as well as with NPM and GIA. His commissions include works for Form Reform, the NCEA and the Archdiocese of Boston in celebration of its bicentennial year.

Texts by Francis Patrick O'Brien (18)sort descendingAsInstances
Blessed, blessed are the poor in spiritFrancis Patrick O'Brien, b. 1958 (Author)2
Breaking bread with friendsFrancis Patrick O'Brien, b. 1958 (Author)3
Children of Jerusalem shouting praisesFrancis Patrick O'Brien, b. 1958 (Author)2
Come, O God, renew your peopleFrancis Patrick O'Brien, b. 1958 (Author)4
Dark is the night and deep are the shadowsFrancis Patrick O'Brien, b. 1958 (Author)4
Every nation sees the gloryFrancis Patrick O'Brien, b. 1958 (Author)4
From darkness to lightFrancis Patrick O'Brien, b. 1958 (Author)2
Gather the people, the children, the eldersFrancis Patrick O'Brien, b. 1958 (Author)3
I lift up my eyes to the mountains (O'Brien)Francis Patrick O’Brien (Author)2
I will never stop thanking my GodFrancis Patrick O'Brien, b. 1958 (Author)2
If I speak with the voice of angelsFrancis Patrick O'Brien, b. 1958 (Author)3
My shepherd is the Lord, for nothing shall I wantFrancis Patrick O'Brien, b. 1958 (Author)4
Open their ears. Open their heartsFrancis Patrick O’Brien (Author)3
Protect me, Lord; I come to your for safetyFrancis Patrick O'Brien, b. 1958 (Author)4
Silent, in the chill of midnightFrancis Patrick O'Brien, b. 1958 (Author)4
This is the bread come down from heavenFrancis Patrick O'Brien, b. 1958 (Author)4
Wisdom of God, guiding creationFrancis Patrick O'Brien (Author)3
Wood of the cradle, wood of the crossFrancis Patrick O'Brien, b. 1958 (Author)4
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