Ina Duley Ogdon

Ina Duley Ogdon
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Short Name: Ina Duley Ogdon
Full Name: Ogdon, Ina Duley, 1872?-1964
Birth Year (est.): 1872
Death Year: 1964

Ogdon, Ina Duley. (Rossville, Illinois, 1872--May 18, 1964, Toledo, Ohio). Disciples of Christ. Granddaughter of a Methodist minister, she was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William W. Duley. Married James Ogdon. She wrote: "My father went with my mother to her church after his marriage to her, so I was brought up in the church of the Disciples of Christ." She wrote over three thousand hymns, anthems, cantatas, and miscellaneous verse. Her hymns include "Brighten the corner where you are," 1912; "Carry your cross with a smile," 1916; "My Lord abides;" "When you know Jesus too;" "Tell Jesus;" "Lighten the burden for someone;" "I have been saved," Her first hymn was "Open wide the window." Composer Charles Gabriel wrote, "Loved by thousands who have sung her hymns, she shrinks from celebrity in the knowledge that her songs are God-given and that without Him she could do nothing."

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--Ernest K. Emurian, DNAH Archives

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Texts by Ina Duley Ogdon (145)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A vision goes before me, day by day, JesusIna Duley Ogdon (Author)8
A wonderful Friend is my Savior and LordIna Duley Ogdon (Author)5
Abre tu corazónIna Duley Ogdon (Author)Spanish2
Afterwhile, the trials endedIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
America, America, To heathen eyes so fairIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
Are you longing some service for others to do?Ina Mae Duley Ogdon (Author)English3
As I ever see my Savior on the cross of CalvaryIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English3
At the cross on Calvary's mountainIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English2
Begin each day with Jesus, With him commune in prayerIna Duley Ogden (Author)2
Blessed are we that our lives may be given Ina Duley Ogdon (Author)2
Can I forget my dear Savior's great loveIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English2
Christ found me lost in sorrow's nightIna Duley Ogdon (Author)10
Come with us adown the pleasantIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
Count that day lost when naught you do for JesusMrs. Ina Duley Ogdon (Author)2
Dare to go forward, Jesus commands youIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English2
Do not think you can live without JesusIna Duly Ogdon (Author)2
Do not wait until some deed of greatness you may doIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English104
Do you often grow discouraged with the little you can do?Ina Dudley Ogdon (Author)English3
Down in the valley of sorrow and sinIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English13
Down the lonely valley, though a pilgrim strangerIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English4
Down the narrow pathway lo! the eager pilgrims comeIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
Ere you left the homestead in the vanished long agoIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English12
From the fields so white with harvestE. D. Ogdon (Author)6
Go forth in faith, though darkness may surround theeIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English2
Go ye therefore teach all nationsIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
God will sweetly care for theeIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English2
Has mother's prayer been answeredIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
Has the journey been long? Has the valley been dark?Ina Duley Ogdon (Author)English3
Have you heard of the fount of salvationIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English2
Hear the gracious invitationIna Duley Ogdon (Author)4
How grateful the praises we offer todayIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English9
I am coming to my SaviorIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
I am dwelling in the glory of an everlasting joyIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
I am going home to motherIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
I am going to my home beyond the shadowsIna Duley Ogden (Author)2
I am listening to the voices that are calling unto meIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English2
I am looking beyond the shadowsIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
I am so glad that Jesus cameIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English2
I am told of a star, of a beautiful starIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English2
I did not know that Jesus loved me soIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
I do not fear to tread the path that darkly lies beforeIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
I hear the sweeping of the stormIna Duley Ogdon (Author)4
I know of a country whose people are freeIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
I love to tell in song and storyIna Duley Ogdon (Author)5
I need not trouble for the morrowIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English7
I see it now, it all is plainIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English2
I sing of the mercy of Jesus, my LordIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English2
I sing of the Savior of earth and of heavenIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English2
I want to go to heaven when my work is doneIna Duley Ogdon (Author)3
I would give all in all to my SaviorIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English2
If I could tell of Jesus as I know HimIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English32
If it were not my LordIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
If we always go to Jesus when the billows rollIna Duley Ogdon (Alterer)English2
In the gladness of the morningIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
In the morning, when the mist has cleared awayIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
In the royal army, fighting for the rightIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English7
Into the places so dark and so lonelyIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
Is the pathway clear which your feet must treadIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
Is your cross too heavy, more than you can bearIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English2
I've cast my heavy burdens down on Canaan's happy shoreIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English18
Jesus, how can I doubt theeIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
Jesus wants to help you with your heavy load of careIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
Jesus wants you, O my brother, todayIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
Keeping step with Jesus, on the way to gloryIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English4
Leave off weeping, open wide the windowIna Duley Ogdon (Author)4
Let nothing keep you from coming to JesusIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
Let us be about our Master's businessIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
Lo the night storm breaks, and the Shepherd callsIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English4
Lo, the storms are fiercely ragingIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English2
Lonely no the day is never never lonelyIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English3
Long ago in childhood's happy daysIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English3
Lost are the opportunitiesIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English3
Many are turning from darkness to lightIna Duley Ogden (Author)4
Many trials meet me hereIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
My glad heart is singing by day and by nightIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English6
My heart is happy all the dayIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
My home is the beautiful city of God whose wonder and rapture can never be toldIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
My house is the beautiful city of GodIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English2
My Lord is so dear and so preciousIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English2
My only hope must be in JesusIna Duley Ogdon (Author)8
My Savior came when I was lostIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
My soul secure, no fear I knowIna Duley Ogdon (Author)9
Não somente pra fazer um feito singularIna Duley Ogdon (Author)Portuguese2
No cloud can hide the heaven's blue, the rainbow must appearIna Duley Ogdon (Author)3
No gift of the world can I offerIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
Nunca esperes el momento de una grande acciónIna Duley Ogdon (Author)Spanish4
O come, my faltering brother, comeIna Duley Ogden (Author)3
O heed now the sweet invitationIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
O kunde jag foert'lja om min JesusIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
Oft we lose the narrow pathwayIna Duley Ogdon (Author)3
On the wonderful morningIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
Once poor and despised and a strangerIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
Only a sinner, humble and lowIna Duley Ogdon (Author)3
Only the best is good enough for JesusIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English3
Peace is there, peace is there, passing all understandingIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English2
Safe within my risen SaviorIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English2
Since I have tasted the joys of my LordIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English4
So great a joy pervades my heartIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
Someone must bid adieu todayIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English3
Sometime you mean to leaveIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
Strike the tidings, O ye angelsIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English2
Sweet communion is mine with JesusIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
The Lord is my Shepherd, He leadeth me onIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English2
The news of salvation with joy I have heardIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English3
The Spirit's call is sweet and clearIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English3
The treasure of the world is vainIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English2
There is a name I love to hear, Jesus, blessed JesusIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English5
There is a name so beautiful that you may speak todayIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English2
There is a voice I cannot stillIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English2
There's a call to noble manhoodIna Duley Ogdon (Author)3
There's a Savior who stands at the door of your heartIna Duley Ogdon (Author)19
There's a stain on our flagIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
They tell me that the story of my Savior has grown oldIna Mae Duley Ogdon (Author)English4
This world would be a happy placeIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
Though your heart may be heavy with sorrow and careIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English31
Thunder roarin', clouds was da'kIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
Thy will be done, I've learned to sayIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English8
'Tis a world of temptationIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
We are here to loveIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
We are marching along, Jesus is our greatful songIna D. Cogdon (Author)English2
We must toil through the night in the shadowy valeIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
Wealth can give exalted station, of its wonders I am toldIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English3
Weary and worn in the battle of lifeIna Duley Ogdon (Author)11
Wer will heut' ein Jünger Jesu werden?Ina Duley Ogdon (Author)German2
We're a band of busy childrenIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
When dark and stormy is the wayIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English7
When His blessed mission endedIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English2
When it is evening, the sun bending lowIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
When our journey shall be overIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English3
When shadows surround you, and falling the rainIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English2
When storms upon my way appearIna Duley Ogdon (Author)4
When the voice of the Master is callingIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English2
When we meet together on the other shoreIna Duley Ogdon (Author)4
When you are weary, when long isIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
When you my Jesus understandIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English22
While I rejoice in my SaviorIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
Who will be the next to follow JesusIna Duley Ogdon (Author)5
Who will open mercy's doorIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English38
Will you stay thro' the warfare of right against wrongIna Duly Ogdon (Author)2
Within the Father's house tonightIna Duley Ogdon (Author)English2
Would I my blessed Lord obeyIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
You have a Savior so loving and trueIna Duley Ogdon (Author)2
You must open the doorIna Duley Ogden (Author)2
Your Savior has written a message to youIna Duley Ogdon (Author)3
Your Savior is calling from Calvary's treeIna Duley Ogdon (Author)3
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