Stephen Jesse Oslin

Short Name: Stephen Jesse Oslin
Full Name: Oslin, Stephen Jesse
Birth Year: 1856
Death Year: 1928 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Stephen Jesse Oslin (67)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Awake, thou that sleepest, Come to the lightS. J. O. (Author)English2
Bear ye one another's burdens, 'tis the heavenly commandS. J. Oslin (Author)2
Beyond the chilly windsS. J. Oslin (Author)2
Beyond the dark vale of a sorrowing worldS. J. Oslin (Author)English3
Christ is knocking at the doorS. J. Oslin (Author)2
Christ, our Lord, has come, and the way preparedS. J. Oslin (Author)English2
Christ's words of truth, like manna fellS. J. Oslin (Author)English2
Come, all my dear children , and help me [us] to singS. J. Oslin (Author)7
Come and praise the Savior dearS. J. Oslin (Author)2
Come, now to Jesus, do not delay, Come and your sins confessS. J. Oslin (Author)English2
Come, ye thirsty souls to JesusS. J. Oslin (Author)English4
Earthly cares may vex my spiritS. J. Oslin (Author)2
He is calling thee, Sinner list' and seeRev. S. J. Oslin (Author)2
Here amid all our cares, toils and trials of lifeS. J. O. (Author)English2
Humbly trusting in JesusS. J. Oslin (Author)2
I am coming to the cross (Hott)S. J. Oslin (Author)1
I am going home, there to live with ChristS. J. Oslin (Author)English3
I am walking with my Savior (Oslin)S. J. Oslin (Author)5
I longed to be made free from sinS. J. Oslin (Author)3
If sore afflictions be our lotS. J. Oslin (Author)English5
I'm on my way rejoicingS. J. Oslin (Author)3
In the bright and shining wayS. J. Oslin (Author)2
In the cross I'm ever hidingS. J. Oslin (Author)2
In the cross of Christ I glory, Towering o'er the wrecks of timeS. J. Oslin (Author)English1
In the cross of Christ I'll glory, and ever keep its flag unfurledS. J. Oslin (Author)English2
In the heavenly landS. J. Oslin (Author)2
I've heard a sweet voice in tendernessS. J. Oslin (Author)3
Launch out the lifeboat, there’s a cry over the leaS. G. Oslin (Author)English3
Let every tongue glad carolsS. J. Oslin (Author)2
Life eternal, by the SaviorS. J. Oslin (Author)English2
Life is swiftly passing byS. J. Oslin (Author)2
Marching along the way, leading to glory brightS. J. Oslin (Author)2
O little feet, be walkingS. J. Oslin (Author)2
O the temperance tide is risingStephen J. Oslin (Author)English2
Praise ye the Lord! Praise ye the Lord! O ye servants of the LordS. J. O. (Author)English2
Press onward to battle our foes are uprisingS. J. Oslin (Author)2
Redeeming grace has saved my soulS. J. Oslin (Author)2
Resplendent beauty beams for ayeS. J. Oslin (Author)3
Sacred carols we are singingS. J. Oslin (Author)2
Soon, ah soon, this life of toil will be o'erS. J. Oslin (Author)2
Sweetly the heavenly breezes we hearS. J. Oslin (Author)English2
The harvest field stands readyS. J. Oslin (Author)2
The heavenly host foreverS. J. Oslin (Author)2
The Lord will send his angels downS. J. Oslin (Author)English4
The redeeming blood of Jesus saved my soulS. J. Oslin (Author)2
The Savior calls for volunteers (Oslin)S. J. Oslin (Author)2
The Savior is calling now sinnerS. J. Oslin (Author)2
There is a bright and fadeless dayS. J. Oslin (Author)2
There is a fountain opened wide, 'Tis the sinners cleansing floodS. J. Oslin (Author)English2
There is a land, a land of beautyS. J. Oslin (Author)English13
There is a land beyond the skyS. J. Oslin (Author)2
There is a land of beautyS. J. Oslin (Author)English1
There will be a great rejoicing in the dayS. J. Oslin (Author)2
There's a conflict on and my Lord commandsS. J. Oslin (Author)4
Through troubles and trials and ills that befallS. J. Oslin (Author)3
To fair Canaan's land I'm boundS. J. Oslin (Author)2
Walking by my Savior to the promised landS. J. Oslin (Author)2
We are marching to the land of the saints over thereS. J. Oslin (Author)5
We are moving with the tideS. J. Oslin (Author)2
We are traveling homeS. J. Oslin (Author)2
We'll meet in heaven's pure climeS. J. Oslin (Author)2
When it seems that fate's against youS. J. Oslin (Author)3
When the shadows all are goneS. J. Oslin (Author)2
When troubles come and fears alarmS. J. Oslin (Author)2
While 'tis mercy's day, and the gospel callsS. J. Oslin (Author)English2
Working in the vineyard, in the vineyard groundS. J. Oslin (Author)3
Zion is marching on to the conflictS. J. Oslin (Author)4
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