John Peacock

Short Name: John Peacock
Full Name: Peacock, John, 1731-1803
Birth Year: 1731
Death Year: 1803

Peacock, John, was born in 1731; became a Wesleyan Minister in 1767, retired therefrom through ill health in 1796, and died in 1803. In 1776 he published Songs of Praise compiled from the Holy Scriptures.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)

Texts by John Peacock (20)sort descendingAsInstances
All hail the glorious morn that saw our SaviorJohn Peacock (Author)12
Behold the mighty Savior comesPeacock, altered (Author)3
Behold what condescending loveJohn Peacock (Author)19
Behold, what matchless tender lovePeacock, altered (Author)7
How shall our feeble lips proclaimJohn Peacock (Author)3
In Jesus who was crucifiedJohn Peacock (Author)3
In memory of our dying LordJohn Peacock (Author)3
Jesus, thou Sun of righteousnessJohn Peacock (Author)4
Lead on, lead on, O conquering KingJohn Peacock (Author)2
Lo clad in nature's bright arrayJohn Peacock (Author)4
Now in the face of Jesus, weJohn Peacock (Author)6
See Israel's gentle Shepherd standJohn Peacock (Author (v. 2 & 3))2
The waving fields of golden cornJohn Peacock (Author)3
To sing Immanuel's grace divineJohn Peacock (Author)3
What condescending grace and loveJohn Peacock (Author)4
What grace and love divineJohn Peacock (Author)3
What saving power, what grace divineJohn Peacock (Author)3
What tender pity, love and carePeacock (Author)4
When all mankind corruptJohn Peacock (Author)3
With angels join to adore the nameJohn Peacock (Author)2
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