L. L. Pickett

L. L. Pickett
Short Name: L. L. Pickett
Full Name: Pickett, L. L. (Leander Lycurgus), 1859-1928
Birth Year: 1859
Death Year: 1928

Rv Leander Lycurgus Pickett USA 1859-1928. Born at Burnsville, MS, he became a Methodist evangelist. He held meetings in several states and at Holiness campgrounds. After marrying Ludie, they served pastorates in northeast TX, and Columbia, SC, before moving to Wilmore, KY. Pickett married Pruvy Melviney Dorough in 1878, and they had a son, James, in 1880. After her death in 1887, he married Ludie in 1888. He was a renowned speaker, leader, minister, author, hymnwriter, and patriot, prominent in the Holiness Movement, and helped found Asbury College (now University), at Wilmore, KY, where he also served as the financial agent of the board of trustees for many years. The Picketts boarded m,inistry students attending Asbury, among whom was missionary E Stanley Jones. In 1905 a student prayer meeting at the Pickett home spilled out to the Asbury campus in a revival that spread around the town of Wilmore. Between 1891 and 1926 Pickett published 11 song books, some with others, including John Sweney, William J Kirkpatrick, John Bryant, Martin Knapp, Elisha A Hoffman, Burke Culpepper, William Marks, Benjamin Butts, and Robert McNeill. He died at Middlesboro, KY.

John Perry

Texts by L. L. Pickett (103)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
كلمن ربي قلبيL. L. Pickett (Author)Arabic1
A cry is heard on every handL. L. Pickett (Author)2
A prodigal weary and sad and aloneLeander L. Pickett (Author)2
A wonderful refuge in Jesus I foundL. L. P. (Author (4th verse))English1
Along life's weary walksL. L. Pickett (Author)2
Always be a sunshine ChristianL. L. P. (Author (4th verse))English1
Around the throne of God in heaven, His children safely dwellL. L. Pickett (Author)English3
At home or away, in the alley or streetLeander L. Pickett (Author)English1
At Pentecost the power came downL. L. Pickett (Author)2
Beyond death's sea where the savior callethLeander L. Pickett (Author)2
Beyond the golden sunset skyL. L. Pickett (Author (4th vs. and 2nd ref.))English1
Blessed are the pure in heart, Soul and body holy, cleanL. L. Pickett (Author)English2
Brother, you are driftingLeander L. Pickett (Author)2
Child of sorrow, child of care, would thou learn thy griefs to bearL. L. Pickett (Author (v. 3))English2
Come sinner hasten to the crossL. L. Pickett (Author)English4
Come weary, heavy laden oneL. L. Pickett (Author)English2
Decide, O sinner, for God and rightL. L. Pickett (Author)2
Deeper yet deeper my spirit would goL. L. Pickett (Author)English4
Der Herr regiert und kommet, ja, er kommt baldL. L. Pickett (Author)German2
Everything that life containethLeander L. Pickett (Author)English8
Far away across the ocean (Pickett)L. L. Pickett (Author)3
Friends, if we would knowLeander L. Pickett (Author)2
Go with me all the way, O LordL. L. Pickett (Author)2
Habla, Señor, a mi almaLeander L. Pickett (1859-1928) (Author)Spanish2
Hark to the call of the best friend of allL. L. Pickett (Author)2
Have you ever felt the powerL. L. P. (Author)English20
Have you felt the Savior's loveL. L. Pickett (Author)English2
Hear the bugle sounding loud and clear (Pickett)Leander L. Pickett (Author)3
Hear the word of the SaviorL. L. Pickett (Author)2
How my heart doth singL. L. Pickett (Author)English3
I am leaning on my SaviorL. L. Pickett (Author)3
I am thinking today of the better landRev. L. L. Pickett (Author)English2
I am trusting in my Savior, And He keeps me day by dayRev. L. L. Pickett (Author)English3
I came to Jesus with my sin, He fully saves me nowL. L. P. (Author)English6
I have precious news to tell, hallelujahL. L. P. (Author (4th verse))English1
I linger today at the cross of my LordL. L. Pickett (Author)2
I love Jesus, Hallelujah, for He saves from all sinRev. L. L. Pickett (Author)English2
I love my Savior, He's my LordL. L. Pickett (Author)English2
If we trust in the LordLeander L. Pickett (Author)2
I'll follow thee, Savior, foreverL. L. Pickett (Author)2
I'm resting tonight near the heart of my SaviorL. L. Pickett (Author)2
In Bethlehem a child was bornLeander Lycurgus Pickett, 1859-1928 (Author)English2
In God, the Lord my trust I placeL. L. P. (Author)English3
In the heat of conflictL. L. Pickett (Author)2
I've a home far up in heavenLeander L. Pickett (Author)2
I've knocked at your [thy] heart's door oftenL. L. P. (Arranger)English1
I've wandered in darkness, in the valley of sinL. L. P. (Author)English3
Jesus tasted death for the whole wide worldLeander L. Pickett (Author)3
Just to know all my sins and transgressions forgivenL. L. P. (Author)English1
Like a bird on the deep far away from its nestL. L. P. (Author (4th verse))English1
Like the billows of an oceanL. L. Pickett (Author (vs. 4))English1
List to the voices now calling for theeRev. L. L. Pickett (Author)English2
Long has my heart its burden feltL. L. Pickett (Author)English2
Long mine eyes were drowned in tearsL. L. P. (Author (v. 4))2
Make me a blessing, O Lord, I now prayL. L. Pickett (Author)2
My heart ever turns with joy to TheeL. L. Pickett (Author)English2
My home is in heaven, Blest city aboveL. L. P. (Author)English2
My Jesus, as Thou wilt, Wherever Thy path may leadL. L. Pickett (Author)English2
Nearer, my God, to Thee, Nearer to Thee! Even though it be a crossL. L. Pickett (Author (4th verse))English1
O, Father I know not the path I should choose,Rev. L. L. Pickett (Author)English3
O Holy Spirit we pray Thee comeL. L. Pickett (Author)English2
O how sweet is the joyL. L. Pickett (Author)2
O I've found a full salvation, I am every whit made wholeL. L. Pickett (Author (Chorus))English2
O may my love, dear Lord, to theeL. L. Pickett (Author)2
O sinner, remember, though fair be life's dayLycurgus L. Pickett (Reviser)English1
O sinner, why longer in darkness abideLeander L. Pickett (Author)2
O tell to all the wondrous loveL. L. Pickett (Author)2
O the wondrous love of Jesus, Matchless, boundlessL. L. Pickett (Author)2
O why are we always so readyL. L. P. (Author (chorus))English1
On Christ as corner stoneL. L. Pickett (Author)2
On ye sable sons of freedomLeander L. Pickett (Author)2
Our Lord is calling you and meRev. L. L. Pickett (Author)English3
Out on the mountains poor souls are astrayL. L. Pickett (Author)English2
Over all the world our blessed Lord shall reignL. L. Pickett (Author)English4
Seek to scatter sunshine all along your wayL. L. Pickett (Author)2
Sing about the blood of JesusRev. L. L. P. (Author)English2
Sing out the tidings that tell us of JesusL. L. P. (Author)English6
Soon Christ shall come to take us homeL. L. Pickett (Author)2
Soon shall the King come in heavenly powerL. L. Pickett (Author)2
Soon the Savior will be comingL. L. P. (Author (4th verse))English1
Soon will the heavens openL. L. P. (Author)English2
Speak to my soul, dear JesusL. L. P. (Author)English64
Sweet is the fount from my Savior's sideLeander L. Pickett (Author)English3
The best of all friends is JesusLeander L. Pickett (Author)2
The liquor traffic is a crimeLeander L. Pickett (Author)2
The Lord is risen indeed, HallelujahLeander L. Pickett (Author)English2
The Lord is risen indeed, TriumphantLeander L. Pickett (Author)2
There is peace, holy peaceL. L. Pickett (Author)2
There'll be no dark river and no valley of doubtLeander L. Picket (Author)English2
There's a message to be toldL. L. Pickett (Author)English2
To the nations our Master hath bidden us goLeander L. Pickett (Author)English8
We are marching on to reach the shining shoreL. L. P. (Author)English1
We're on our way to heaven, That blessed land aboveL. L. Pickett (Author)English2
What a day it will be when the Lord shall comeL. L. Pickett (Author)2
When God has set his judgment throneL. L. Pickett (Author (vs. 4))English1
When I saw the cleansing fountainL. L. P. (Author (5th verse))English1
When I see the drunkard reelingL. L. Pickett (Author)2
When seeking pardon for my guiltL. L. Pickett (Author)English2
When sorrows multiply a-paceLeander L. Pickett (Author)2
When the saints awake in the morn of lifeLeander L. Pickett (Author)English4
When wandering on in midnight darknessL. L. Pickett (Author)English2
Will there be any stars in my crownL. L. Pickett (Author)2
Will you come, my friends, to the cross todayLeander L. Pickett (Author)2
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