Samuel Rodigast

Short Name: Samuel Rodigast
Full Name: Rodigast, Samuel, 1649-1708
Birth Year: 1649
Death Year: 1708

Samuel Rodigast, son of Johann Rodigast, pastor at Groben near Jena, was born at Groben Oct. 19, 1649. He entered the University of Jena in 1668 (M.A. 1671), and was in 1676 appointed adjunct of the philosophical faculty. In 1680 he became conrector of the Greyfriars Gymnasium at Berlin. While in this position he refused the offers of a professorship at Jena and the Rectorships of the Schools at Stade and Stralsund. Finally, in 1698, he became rector of the Greyfriars Gymnasium, and held this post till his death. His tombstone in the Koster-Kirche in Berlin says he died "die xxix. Mart. a. MDCCVII . . . aetatis anno lix." ...Two hymns have been ascribed to him, on of which has passed into English, viz.:--"Whatever God ordains is right."
--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by Samuel Rodigast (19)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Co Buoh cini, vse dobre jestSamuel Rodigast (Author)2
Co czyni Bóg, jest dobrze takSamuel Rodigast (Author)Polish2
God's actions, always good and justSamuel Rodigast (Author)English2
Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan, Es bleibet gerecht sein WilleS. Rodigast (Author)German100
Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan, So denken Gottes KinderSamuel Rodigast (Author)German1
What God does, ever well is doneSamuel Rodigast (Author)English3
What God ordains is always goodSamuel Rodigast, 1649-1808 (Author)English15
What God ordains is always rightSamuel Rodigast, 1649-1708 (Author)English4
What God ordains is good indeedSamuel Rodigast (Author)English2
What God performs is ever wellSamuel Rodigast (Author)English2
What our Father does is wellSam. Rodigast (Author)English1
What thou my God dost, all's well doneS. Rodigast (Author)3
Whatever God doth is rightly doneS. Rodigast (Author)English2
Whatever my Father does is rightRodigast (Author)English2
Whatever my God ordains is right, His will is ever justS. Rodigast (Author)English1
Whatever my God ordains is right, Holy His will abidethSamuel Rodigast (Author)English64
Whatever God does, is fitly doneSamuel Rodigast (Author)English2
Whatever God ordains is rightSamuel Rodigast (Author)English2
Z milości jest, co czyni Bóg I z świętej woli Jego!Samuel Rodigast (Author)Polish2

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