W. H. Ruebush

Short Name: W. H. Ruebush
Full Name: Ruebush, W. H. (William Howe), 1873-1957
Birth Year: 1873
Death Year: 1956

William Howe Ruebush (Will H. Ruebush)

Born: June 4, 1873, Sing­ers Glen, Vir­gin­ia.
Died: October 6, 1956, Elk­ton, Vir­gin­ia.

A vo­cal mu­sic teach­er ear­ly in his ca­reer, Rue­bush di­rect­ed an ar­my band in France in World War I. Af­ter the war, he led ma­ny ci­vil­ian or­ches­tras and bands, and taught at sev­er­al schools, in­clud­ing the Shen­an­do­ah Con­serv­a­to­ry of Mu­sic in Day­ton, Vir­gin­ia. He com­posed ma­ny marches, in­clud­ing The Stone­wall Bri­gade March, Shen­an­do­ah, and the Al­ma Ma­ter Song for Tu­lane Un­i­ver­si­ty. Rue­bush spent most of his life in Day­ton, Vir­gin­ia, where he be­came pre­si­dent of the Rue­bush-Kieff­er Pub­lish­ing Com­pa­ny.

Cross Goes on Be­fore, The
He Rolls the Stone Away
I Am Hap­py
Scatter Sun­shine



Texts by W. H. Ruebush (127)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A little while and then our weary feetWill H. Ruebush (Author)English2
Are you ever temptedWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
Are you in trouble, my brother, today?W. H. R. (Author)English2
Are you wandering in sadnessWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
Arouse ye men of valorW. H. Ruebush (Author)English2
As the days go swiftly byWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
As you walk the path of duty daysWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
At the Master's feet there is restW. H. R. (Author)English2
At thy cross, dear Lord, humbly now I bowWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
Awake, thou that sleepest (Ruebush)W. H. Ruebush (Author)English2
Be sowing the seed at the break of the morningWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
Blissful home that waits for meWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
Boundless love I'll still be singingWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
Deep within my heart there is a happy songWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
Do you hear a gentle knock at your heart's closed doorWill H. Ruebush (Author)English2
Do you help your burdened brother with a heavy load to bear?W. H. Ruebush (Author)English2
Do you scatter smiles and sunshineW. H. R. (Author)1
Drifting away to the haven of restWill H. Ruebush (Author)English4
Gird thy sword for battle, soldiers of the LordW. H. Ruebush (Author)English2
Go forward ever, with best endeavor, let gospel sunlight brightly shineW. H. Ruebush (Author)English2
Go tell the wonderful story todayWill H. Ruebush (Author)English2
Go to the clear flowing fountainW. H. Ruebush (Author)English2
Happy, happy, happy are the songs we singW. H. R. (Author)English2
Hark, on your ears the sound of duty's callW. H. R. (Author)English2
Hark, the call for workers ringing clearWill H. Ruebush (Author)1
Hark, the march of countless thousandsWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
Hark! to the call for soldiers in the army of the KingWill H. Ruebush (Author)English2
Hark, what music ringsWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
Have faith in God, whatever your lot may beW. H. R. (Author)2
He leads me on, by paths unknownWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
Home at last, from darkness of nightW. H. R. (Author)6
Home soon the journey willWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
How fair must be that landWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
How oft the winds begin to sweepWill H. Ruebush (Author)3
I am building on a Rock, safely shelteredWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
I am rejoicing as on I goWill H. Ruebush (Author)English2
I have a friend who came to seekWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
I know, when the storms are sweepingW. H. R. (Author)English3
I need thee, Christ my allWill H. Ruebush (Author)5
I once was sad and loneWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
If I should wander far awayWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
If you fathfully serve your Lord and GiverWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
In the hollow of God's hand we hideWill H. Ruebush (Author)English2
In the hour when worn and wearyW. H. R. (Author)English3
In this land of sin and sorrowWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
Jesus came down from realms of lightWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
Jesus is the theme we singW. H. R. (Author)English2
Just beyond this vale of tears, free from sorrow, death, and fearsW. H. R. (Author)English2
Just to do His will with a happy heartWill H. Ruebush (Author)English2
King Immortal, we hail Thee, sovereign Lord of allWill H. Ruebush (Author)English2
Labor on today with a courage strongWill H. Ruebush (Author)English2
Lift your voice in songWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
Lost one, the Savior is callingWill H. Ruebush (Author)English2
Loyal and true to the Savior is our mottoWill H. Ruebush (Author)English2
Make every thought bear a blessingWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
Make your life a blessing as you onward goW. H. R. (Author)2
March along, an army grandWill H. Ruebush (Author)3
March steadily on, march steadily onWill H. Ruebush (Author)English2
More love to Thee, O Christ, my KingWill H. Ruebush (Author)English2
Neath the royal banner of the King ImmanuelWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
No shadows yonder Far beyond the sunset's barsW. H. Ruebush (Author)English5
O blest assurance, ever dearWill H. Ruebush (Author)English4
O let me cling to Thee, Thou art my allWill H. Ruebush (Author)English2
O the angels will be singingWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
O the sweetest name that the tongue can frameW. H. R. (Author)English2
O what a joy when you listen to your SaviorWill H. Ruebush (Author)English2
Often I am lonelyWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
O won't that be glory, When over the seaW. H. R. (Author)English2
On we go rejoicing, pilgrims homeward boundWill H. Ruebush (Author)English2
Once each day was dark and drearyWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
Once my path was lonely, I was sad and drearyWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
Only to lean on my LordWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
Onward and upward foreverWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
Onward, Christian soldiers, onward for the KingWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
Out of my bondage and sorrowful pastWill H. Ruebush (Author)English2
Over the stars far above they are waitingWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
Precious the promise Jesus has givenW. H. Ruebush (Author)English2
See the harvest field before you gleamingWill H. Ruebush (Author)English2
Sing, joyfully sing, joyfully singWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
Some day we'll slip our mooringsWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
Some day when trials are pastWill H. Ruebush (Author)English2
Some days are dark and dreary, filled with pain and careWill H. Ruebush (Author)English2
Sowing seed in the morning fairWill H. Ruebush (Author)English2
Strive to be scattering sunshine each dayWill H. Ruebush (Author)English5
Tell the news over sea and plainWill H. Ruebush (Author)English2
The blessed Bible long hath stoodWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
The Lord is my Shepherd (Ruebush)W. H. Ruebush (Author)2
There is pure and perfect cleansingWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
There is work for all to do in the harvest field todayWill H. Ruebush (Author)English2
There may come doubts, there may come fearsW. H. Ruebush (Author)English2
There's a land of sweet restWill H. Ruebush (Author)English2
There's a mighty conflict onWill H. Ruebush (Author)English2
There's a song in my heart, and its meaningWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
There's a thought that ever cheers meWill H. Ruebush (Author)English2
Though the storm may frown above and the winds dash highWill H. Ruebush (Author)English2
Thy will be done, O teach me, Lord, to prayWill H. Ruebush (Author)English2
To a glory land on a peaceful strandWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
To whom do you go when sea billows rollWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
Travel the highways, go the lone bywaysWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
Tread ye the path of right and bravely forward goWill H. Ruebush (Author)English2
'Twill not be long, O toiling throngWill H. Ruebush (Author)English2
Volunteers for Jesus on the battlefieldWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
We are enlisted for the MasterW. H. R. (Author)2
We are lambs of Jesus, and our hearts their tribute bringWill H. Ruebush (Author)English4
We are marching on the path to gloryW. H. Ruebush (Author)English2
We are marching on to glory, and Jehovah leads the wayW. H. Ruebush (Author)English2
We are marching on to glory landWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
We are pilgrims going homeWill H. Ruebush (Author)English2
We are sailing on the stream of timeWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
We sail or we drift, on life's ocean so wideWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
We tell the glad story in joyful songWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
What a happy meeting when the saints shall comeWill H. Ruebush (Author)3
What a peace when grace abounds within!Will H. Ruebush (Author)English2
What are you writing, brother?W. H. R. (Author)English2
When a voice within youW. H. Ruebush (Author)English2
When anxious and burdened you goWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
When o'er life's ocean the boisterous wavesWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
When our loads are pressingWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
When the singers in conventionWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
When the skies are hid and the billows rollW. H. R. (Author)English5
When the storms beat fierce on the sea of lifeWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
When the storms of life assailWill H. Ruebush (Author)English2
Why should cares overtake meWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
Will you join the ranks todayW. H. R. (Author)English2
With the cross of Christ beforeWill H. Ruebush (Author)3
Wonderful, wonderful, love canWill H. Ruebush (Author)2
Would you reap in fullest measure, in your heart have peace abound?W. H. R. (Author)English2
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