Daniel L. Schutte

Short Name: Daniel L. Schutte
Full Name: Schutte, Daniel L.
Birth Year: 1947

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Daniel Laurent Schutte is an American composer of Catholic liturgical music and a contemporary Christian songwriter best known for composing the hymn "Here I Am, Lord" (1981, also known as "I, the Lord of Sea and Sky") and over 165 published hymns and Mass settings.

Texts by Daniel L. Schutte (56)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
All but this is lossDan Schutte, b. 1947 (Author)English9
All the world will knowDan Schutte, b. 1947 (Author)6
All who love are born of GodDaniel L. Schutte (Author)English2
Around this table we dine as kinDan Schutte, b. 1947 (Author)English4
Awake from your slumber! Arise from your sleep!Dan Schutte, b. 1947 (Author)English14
Be home for pilgrim feet and shelter for the lostDaniel L. Schutte (Author)English2
Be the passion in our soulDan Schutte (Author)English, Latin2
Behold your children, forgotten, forsakenDan Schutte, b. 1947 (Author)English2
Blessed Savior, pour upon us living streamsDaniel L. Schutte (Author)English3
Come, O Radiant DawnDan Schutte, b. 1947 (Author)English4
Could the Lord ever leave you?Dan Schutte, b. 1947 (Author)8
Fountain of mercy, grace flowing freeDan Schutte, b. 1947 (Author)English5
Give praise with blast of trumpetDan Schutte, b. 1947 (Author)English5
Give thanks to the Lord who does wondrous deedsDaniel L. Schutte (Author)English5
Glory to God in the highest and peace to God's people on earthDaniel L. Schutte, S.J. (Author)English1
God you come to your peopleDan Schutte, b. 1947 (Author)English4
Good it is that we should singDaniel L. Schutte (Author)English2
He will release me from the nets of all my foesDan Schutte, b. 1947 (Author)English9
I am Maker of mountainsDan Schutte, b. 1947 (Author)3
I have tried you in fires of afflictionDan Schutte, b. 1947 (Author)English5
I have walked in your templeDan Schutte, b. 1947 (Author)English3
I know my Savior lives! His voice will bid me rise again!Daniel L. Schutte (Author)English2
I, the Lord of sea and skyDan Schutte (Author)English60
Infant holy, infant lowlyDan Schutte, b. 1947 (Author (vs. 3-4))English2
Let us come, the worn and wearyDaniel L. Schutte (Author)English2
Let us ever glory in the cross of ChristDan Schutte (Author)English6
Let us seek with our minds the truth of ChristDan Schutte, b. 1947 (Author)English2
Let us sing the praises of MaryDan Schutte, b. 1947 (Author (attributed to))English5
Let your light be seenDaniel L. Schutte (Author)English2
Lives brought together this holy dayDaniel L. Schutte (Author)English2
Lord, you have searched my heartDan Schutte, b. 1947 (Author)12
Love is patient, love is kind, Never boastful, never proudDan Schutte, b. 1947 (Author)English6
May the Body of Christ be food for our soulsDaniel L. Schutte (Author)English3
May you journey in faithDaniel L. Schutte (Author)English2
O come and sit at my tableDan Schutte (Author)English8
O how blessed are the poor in spiritDan Schutte (Author)English2
Our eyes have longed to seeDaniel L. Schutte (Author)English3
Praise to you, Jesus Christ, come to be our bread of lifeDan Schutte (Author)3
Rejoice, daughter of ZionDan Schutte, b. 1947 (Author)English5
Rise, O children, from your sleepDan Schutte (Author)English2
Send us your Spirit, O LordDan Schutte, b. 1947 (Author)English6
Shout with gladness, dance for joyDan Schutte (Author)English21
Sing, O sing, like the wind and seaDaniel L. Schutte (Author)English3
Sing, rivers and rainstorms!Daniel L. Schutte (Author)English2
Sound the trumpet in Zion (We abide in the shadow)Daniel L. Schutte (Author)English3
Take my heart, O Lord, take my hopes and dreamsDaniel L. Schutte (Author)English6
Though you have sent me, LordDan Schutte (Author)English3
To you, O God, our Father: alleluia!Daniel L. Schutte (Author)English3
Unless a grain of wheat shall fallDan Schutte, b. 1947 (Author)English9
Wake from your sleep, a Savior is bornDan Schutte, b. 1947 (Author)English6
Wake, O people; sleep no longerDaniel L. Schutte (Author)English5
We are joined by a great communionDaniel L. Schutte (Author)English2
We, the daughters and sons of himDaniel L. Schutte (Author)English14
Yo, el Dios de cielo y marDaniel L. Schutte (Author)Spanish3
Yo, el Dios del cielo y marDan Schutte (Author)Spanish3
Yo, SeƱor de cielo y marDan Schutte (Author)Spanish2

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