Dan Schutte

Dan Schutte
Short Name: Dan Schutte
Full Name: Schutte, Daniel L., 1947-
Birth Year: 1947

Daniel L. Schutte (born 1947, Neenah, Wisconsin) is an American composer of Catholic liturgical music and a contemporary Christian songwriter best known for composing the hymn "Here I Am, Lord," also known as "I, the lord of sea and sky", (1981).

He grew up in Elm Grove, Wisconsin and graduated from Marquette University High School before entering the Jesuits.

He was one of the founding members of the St. Louis Jesuits who popularized a contemporary style of church music set to sacred texts sung in English as a result of the liturgical reforms initiated by Vatican II.

He released nine collections with the St. Louis Jesuits and a 30 year anniversary collection in 2005. Other members of the St. Louis Jesuits are Bob Dufford, Roc O'Connor, John Foley and Tim Manion. He left the Jesuit order in 1986.

His compositions are primarily written for liturgical use, particularly in Catholic worship but, over time, have found their way into Protestant worship. Some of the more notable include "City of God" (1981), "Only This I Want" (1981), "Blest Be the Lord" (1976), "You Are Near" (1971), "Though the Mountains May Fall" (1975), "Sing a New Song" (1972), "Glory and Praise to Our God" (1976) "Table of Plenty" (1992) and "These Alone Are Enough" (2004).

Mass Settings include parts of "The St. Louis Jesuit Mass," (1973) during his collaborative years. Later, "Mass of God's Promise" (1996, revised 2010) and "Mass of Christ the Savior" (2010) have found wise.

Many Christian artists such as John Michael Talbot and Amy Grant have recorded his compositions.

He has also released eleven solo collections through his publisher OCP.

In 2006, he wrote the component of a major catechetical program for teachers on the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola and the use of music in prayer. In 2009, Twenty-Third Publications released a new book Walking the Sacred Path - Spiritual Exercises for Today.

He continues to compose new music, write about spirituality and presents concerts and workshops worldwide on spirituality, liturgy and music.

In addition to his Jesuit formation, he holds two masters degrees from The Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley and three honorary doctoral degrees. He later studied music with the other members of the St. Louis Jesuits under the direction of Fr. Kevin Waters S.J. at Seattle University.

Schutte presently is Composer-in-Residence at the University of San Francisco.

Doctor of Humane Letters, Honoris Causa, University of Scranton, 1980.
Doctor of Music, Honoris Causa, Creighton University, 2006.
Doctor of Humane Letters, Honoris Causa, University of San Francisco, 2009.
The Jubilate Deo Award, the National Association of Pastoral Musicians, 2011.
Alumni Merit Award, St. Louis University, 1981.
Distinquished Alumni Award, Seattle University, 1983.
Grammy Nominations with The St. Louis Jesuits, 1976, 1977, 1987, 1980 and 2002.
Song of the Year 2001, United Catholic Music and Video Association, "Here, I Am, Lord."
Number One Favorite Hymn poll by readers of The Tablet, 2004,
"I, the Lord of sea and sky"/"Here I am, Lord."

His music in contemporary Catholic culture--
Schutte continues to be one of the most influential composers of contemporary Catholic liturgical music today.

Many of Schutte's compositions, often based on sacred texts, have also found wide use in Protestant hymnals.

A recent poll conducted by the National Association of Pastoral Musicians found among members that one of Schutte's hymns came in second among "songs that make a difference". In 2004, a similar survey conducted by The Tablet, an international Catholic magazine, reported Dan Schutte's hymn, "Here I Am, Lord" as reader's favorite. Other polls conducted by major Catholic music publishers and copyright license requests show a similar trend that Schutte's music is among some of the most requested by pastoral musicians for Catholic liturgy.

Around 2008, the United States Bishops Committee on Divine Worship, announced a new Vatican directive regarding the use of the name of God in the sacred liturgy. Specifically, the word “Yahweh” may no longer be “used or pronounced” in songs and prayers during liturgical celebrations" which affected the use of Mr. Schutte's famous song, "You Are Near". This directive, however, did not include singing the song in its original form using "Yahweh" for personal prayer or outside of "liturgical celebrations". The song has since been revised for liturgical settings.


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All but this is lossDan Schutte (Author)5
All the world will knowDan Schutte (Author)2
Awake from your slumber! Arise from your sleep!Dan Schutte, b. 1947 (Author)7
Could the Lord ever leave you?Dan Schutte, b. 1947 (Author)4
Glory to God in the highestDaniel L. Schutte, S.J. (Author)1
I am Maker of mountainsDan Schutte, b. 1947 (Author)2
I, the Lord of sea and skyDaniel L. Schutte, b. 1947 (Author)43
Let us ever glory in the cross of ChristDan Schutte (Author)2
Lord, you have searched my heartDan Schutte (Author)7
Love is patient, love is kind (Schutte)Daniel L. Schutte (Author)2
O come and sit at my tableDaniel L Schutte, b.1947 (Author)4
Rise, O children, from your sleepDan Schutte (Author)2
Send us your Spirit, O LordDan Schutte (Author)2
Take my heart, O Lord, take my hopes and dreamsDan Schutte, b. 1947 (Author)2
Though you have sent me, LordDan Schutte (Author)2
Unless a grain of wheat shall fallDan Schutte, B. 1947 (Author)6
Wake from your sleep, a Savior is bornDaniel Schutte (Author)2
We, the daughters and sons of himDan Schutte, b. 1947 (Author)8
Yahweh's people dance for joyDaniel L Schutte, b. 1947 (Author)13
Yo, el Dios del cielo y marDan Schutte (Author)2
Yo, Señor de cielo y marDan Schutte, b. 1947 (Author)2
He will release me from the nets of all my foesDan Schutte, b. 1947 (Author)5