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Secretary Michael

Short Name: Secretary Michael
Full Name: Secretary Michael
Hymnary.org does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Secretary Michael (142)sort descendingAsInstances
A beauty hides in ev'ryoneSecretary Michael (Author)2
A long, long way we've come todaySecretary Michael (Author)2
A peaceful walk upon our earthSecretary Michael (Author)2
Accommodating others is kind of fun to doSecretary Michael (Author)2
Achieving disagreement can be a pleasant thingSecretary Michael (Author)2
All need to feel significant todaySecretary Michael (Author)2
All praise to the troubled, the lost and confusedSecretary Michael (Author)2
All the Seven Deadly Sins come to visit now and thenSecretary Michael (Author)2
Assuming there's peace when really there's noneSecretary Michael (Author)2
"Bad" is not a name for a womanSecretary Michael (Author)2
Because violence can't end violenceSecretary Michael (Author)2
Borders, bound'ries, walls and fencesSecretary Michael (Author)2
Building a door through ev'ry wallSecretary Michael (Author)2
Climbing up the ladder, what do I see?Secretary Michael (Author)2
Climbing up the mountain, how I want to stopSecretary Michael (Author)2
Come live with us. Come live with usSecretary Michael (Author)2
Communication is the answer, let the questions comeSecretary Michael (Author)2
Crank and sprocket, chain and wheelSecretary Michael (Author)2
Disassemble ev'ry gun and disassemble ev'ry fearSecretary Michael (Author)2
Diversity in thought is something quite profoundSecretary Michael (Author)2
Don't know how I got here but here I amSecretary Michael (Author)2
Each little raindrop dropping in mudSecretary Michael (Author)2
Education is our destination!Secretary Michael (Author)2
Ev'ry space for ev'ry faceSecretary Michael (Author)2
Ev'rybody has their issues that occupy their mindSecretary Michael (Author)2
Ev'ryone must make a livingSecretary Michael (Author)2
Ev'rything's changing, and we are changing tooSecretary Michael (Author)2
For those who have beliefs bizarreSecretary Michael (Author)2
For what I've done and failed to doSecretary Michael (Author)2
Go further, farther past the bordersSecretary Michael (Author)2
"Going up, going up, going up, going up"Secretary Michael (Author)2
Grief has got to take its timeSecretary Michael (Author)2
Happy be devoted teachersSecretary Michael (Author)2
Harvesting hunger is my fateSecretary Michael (Author)2
I am a terroristSecretary Michael (Author)2
I am the captain of my boatSecretary Michael (Author)2
I declare a brand-new meSecretary Michael (Author)2
I have a garden in the parkSecretary Michael (Author)2
I have a puzzle of the worldSecretary Michael (Author)2
I once was so certain, so righteous, so strongSecretary Michael (Author)2
I surrender, I surrenderSecretary Michael (Author)2
I think I could work in a castleSecretary Michael (Author)2
I think I'm right but I could be wrongSecretary Michael (Author)2
I use a spoon to eat my soupSecretary Michael (Author)2
I will look, and I will seeSecretary Michael (Author)2
If we're not the ones who do itSecretary Michael (Author)2
If you could see me now, Parents Gone, Parents GoneSecretary Michael (Author)2
I'm marching, marching on my trailSecretary Michael (Author)2
In our journey let's spend time in theSecretary Michael (Author)2
In the end, where will we be?Secretary Michael (Author)2
Informed people tend to live their lives responsiblySecretary Michael (Author)2
Injustice to you is injustice to meSecretary Michael (Author)2
Intelligence is a bouquetSecretary Michael (Author)2
It's great to know some things by heartSecretary Michael (Author)2
I've never known a sinner and I doubt I ever willSecretary Michael (Author)2
Journey forward, study ev'rythingSecretary Michael (Author)2
Just because it's etched in goldSecretary Michael (Author)2
Learning to read and learning to writeSecretary Michael (Author)2
Let's make clean water a rightSecretary Michael (Author)2
Let's ride in our time machinesSecretary Michael (Author)2
Let's start a big commotion so ev'rybody knowsSecretary Michael (Author)2
Let's try something diff'rent that we've not tried beforeSecretary Michael (Author)2
Long Road, Long Road, where you take me?Secretary Michael (Author)2
Make just one brand new friendSecretary Michael (Author)2
May we make moments of peace and of lightSecretary Michael (Author)2
No cheers for David, no cheers for GoliathSecretary Michael (Author)2
No need to sing the same notesSecretary Michael (Author)2
Nonviolence may take a long timeSecretary Michael (Author)2
Nothing's heavy with lots of handsSecretary Michael (Author)2
Oh child do not despairSecretary Michael (Author)2
Oh you took the one road and I took the otherSecretary Michael (Author)2
Ojal√° that luck will comeSecretary Michael (Author)2
Onward, upward here we goSecretary Michael (Author)2
Open, open up the windowSecretary Michael (Author)2
Our garden full of flowersSecretary Michael (Author)2
Pain can cause thoughts that never relaxSecretary Michael (Author)2
Past performance is no guaranteeSecretary Michael (Author)2
Peace is not what I looked forSecretary Michael (Author)2
People are more than the worst they've doneSecretary Michael (Author)2
People we need to meetSecretary Michael (Author)2
People will change when put in diff'rent situationsSecretary Michael (Author)2
Relieving Suffering. It's all I care to singSecretary Michael (Author)2
Rise and Shine, a new day's dawningSecretary Michael (Author)2
Running and running, as a refugeeSecretary Michael (Author)2
"Seen, Heard and Understood" If but we couldSecretary Michael (Author)2
Skating, skating all aroundSecretary Michael (Author)2
So many ways to live our livesSecretary Michael (Author)2
Some are young, some oldSecretary Michael (Author)2
Someday when guns are goneSecretary Michael (Author)2
Someone should clean up this mess!Secretary Michael (Author)2
Spent our treasure on U two thirty fiveSecretary Michael (Author)2
Standing at bat as the teams look at meSecretary Michael (Author)2
Step by step we march alongSecretary Michael (Author)2
Storms will come and storms will goSecretary Michael (Author)2
Striving to be someone who's richSecretary Michael (Author)2
Suffering 'round the worldSecretary Michael (Author)2
Swapping shoes with those we blameSecretary Michael (Author)2
Tall oaks from little acorns growSecretary Michael (Author)2
The greatest walk we'll ever takeSecretary Michael (Author)2
The many truths that people carry with themSecretary Michael (Author)2
The only path to peace is peaceSecretary Michael (Author)2
Them over there do not have namesSecretary Michael (Author)2
There are certain topics that divideSecretary Michael (Author)2
There are times I want to stopSecretary Michael (Author)2
There is a game that hormones playSecretary Michael (Author)2
There is a Rule of ThumbSecretary Michael (Author)2
There is an empty box that some would throw awaySecretary Michael (Author)2
There is something wrong if we cheer alongSecretary Michael (Author)2
There's a road between our landsSecretary Michael (Author)2
There's claim number one, and claim number twoSecretary Michael (Author)2
There's more than one way to see what we seeSecretary Michael (Author)2
Things are the way they are, and not the way they're notSecretary Michael (Author)2
This day, this day, I know I'll find a waySecretary Michael (Author)2
Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock let it chimeSecretary Michael (Author)2
To live our lives addiction freeSecretary Michael (Author)2
To make the world a better placeSecretary Michael (Author)2
To soldiers lost in the madness of warSecretary Michael (Author)2
To those who came beforeSecretary Michael (Author)2
Today is my day! Today is my day!Secretary Michael (Author)2
Today's the day at last!Secretary Michael (Author)2
Together for so long, but seldom do we fightSecretary Michael (Author)2
Trusting you, trusting meSecretary Michael (Author)2
T'wards a world that has no gunsSecretary Michael (Author)2
Ultimately we may not have free willSecretary Michael (Author)2
Unconscious bias, it poisons all of usSecretary Michael (Author)2
Wake, awake the night is ending!Secretary Michael (Author)2
Walking in someone's shoesSecretary Michael (Author)2
We are people, plastic peopleSecretary Michael (Author)2
We are searching for the answerSecretary Michael (Author)2
We can be tolerant of different viewsSecretary Michael (Author)2
We can get things to happen, yes we canSecretary Michael (Author)2
We mean "Will you love me?" whatever we saySecretary Michael (Author)2
We're not alone when ants are marching in a lineSecretary Michael (Author)2
We're not at our best when living in fearSecretary Michael (Author)2
We're parents of a soldier whether knowing it or notSecretary Michael (Author)2
What are we doing here on planet earth?Secretary Michael (Author)2
When feeling lost, when stars are crossedSecretary Michael (Author)2
When I am down and I need a little sparkSecretary Michael (Author)2
When playing cards, not ev'ry hand's a winnerSecretary Michael (Author)2
When windbags say that violence is the waySecretary Michael (Author)2
Who's my neighbor? Who's my neighbor? Who's my neighbor?Secretary Michael (Author)2
Why does this phrase have five measures?Secretary Michael (Author)2
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