Geoffrey T. Shaw

Short Name: Geoffrey T. Shaw
Full Name: Shaw, Geoffrey, 1879-1943
Birth Year: 1879
Death Year: 1943 does not have biographical information about this person.

Tunes by Geoffrey T. Shaw (26)sort descendingAsInstances
ABERYSTWYTH (Parry)G. T. Shaw (1879-1943) (Composer (descant) and Arranger)1
ABRIDGE (Smith)G. T. Shaw (1879-1943) (Arranger)1
ANNUE CHRISTEGeoffrey Shaw, 1870-1943 (Harmonizer)1
BALFOURGeoffrey Shaw (Harmonizer)1
BIRLINGGeoffrey Shaw (Arranger)8
DYMCHURCHGeoffrey Shaw (Composer)2
ENGLAND'S LANEGeoffrey Shaw (Adapter)18
FRANCONIA (K├Ânig)G. T. Shaw (1879-1943) (Composer (descant) and Arranger)1
[Glory and praise to God whose word brings life!]Geoffrey Shaw (Composer)2
GRESHAMGeoffrey T. Shaw (Composer)4
IN VERNALI TEMPOREGeoffrey Shaw, 1879- (Harmonizer)1
LANGHAMGeoffrey Shaw (Composer)15
LIME STREETGeoffrey Shaw (Composer)2
MELLINGGeoffrey Shaw (Harmonizer)2
MILES ANIMOSUSGeoffrey Turton Shaw, 1879- (Composer)5
[Now glad of heart be ev'ryone!]Geoffrey Shaw (Harmonizer)3
PUER NOBISGeoffrey Shaw (Arranger)15
ROCKINGHAM (Miller)Geoffrey Shaw (Fa-burden by)2
ST. ALBINUSG. T. Shaw (1879-1943) (Composer (descant) and Arranger)1
ST. ANNEG. T. Shaw (1879-1943) (Composer (descant) and Arranger)2
ST. BRIDEGeoffrey Shaw (1879-1943) (Arranger)1
STRACATHROGeoffrey Turton Shaw, 1879 - 1943 (Harmonizer)10
TALLIS' ORDINALGeoffrey Shaw (Fa-burden by)1
UNSER HERRSCHERGeoffrey Shaw (1879-1943) (Composer (Descant))2
VRUECHTENGeoffrey Shaw (Arranged)2
WATER-ENDGeoffrey Shaw (Composer)2
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