Fred S. Shepard

Short Name: Fred S. Shepard
Full Name: Shepard, Fred S.
Birth Year: 1840
Death Year: 1907 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Fred S. Shepard (113)sort descendingAsInstances
A costly ransom Christ hath madeFred S. Shepard (Author)2
A story of old tells how Jesus cameF. S. Shepard (Author)2
Abide in me, the Savior saithFred S. Shepard (Author)2
Are you helping somewhere in this world of woeFred S. Shepard (Author)4
Behold the Savior at your door, stands knocking patientlyFred S. Shepard (Author)2
Bowed down by sinF. S. S. (Author)2
Brother, the Savior calleth for theeFred S. Shepard (Author)2
Brother, the Savior calls, Calls so lovinglyFred S. Shepard (Author)4
Come to my burdened heart, JesusFred S. Shepard (Author)2
Come to the Savior, seek his face todayFred S. Shepard (Author)2
Come weay one, in me find restFred S. Shepard (Author)2
Dearer this promise we have heardFred S. Shepard (Author)6
Deeply bowed down by the burden of sinFred S. Shepard (Author)3
Do what you can! Do what you can!F. S. Shepard (Author)2
Far off on the mountainFred S. Shepard (Author)2
Father, I would humble beFred S. Shepard (Author)2
Gladly leaving heaven's throneFred S. Shepard (Author)3
Have you been alone with JesusF. S. S. (Author)2
Have you ever heard of this wonderful salvationFred S. Shepard (Author)2
Have you heard of the wonderful SaviorFred S. Shepard (Author)2
Have you tasted of salvationF. S. Shepard (Author)2
He died for me, the Son of GodFred S. Shepard (Author)3
Heavenly Father, hear our cryF. S. S. (Author)2
Herrlich wogt das goldne ÄhrenfeldFred S. Shepard (Author)3
I am out on the ocean of his fulnessFred S. Shepard (Author)2
I am saved by faith in JesusFred S. Shepard (Author)2
I am singing of Jesus my SaviorFred S. Shepard (Author)2
I can sing hallelujahFred S. Shepard (Author)3
I come to thee, Lord JesusFred S. Shepard (Author)2
I have a Friend so precious, So very dear to meF. S. S. (Alterer)1
I heard the Savior's gentle voiceFred S. Shepard (Author)2
I sing, for my Savior and King has givenF. S. S. (Author)2
I stand beholding Calvary's crossF. S. S. (Author)2
I'm anchored to the promises of GodFred S. Shepard (Author)2
I'm kneeling at the mercy seat, WhereFred S. Shepard (Author)2
I'm out on the ocean of infinite loveFred S. Shepard (Author)2
I'm out on the ocean sailingFred S. Shepard (Author)2
In the hour of grief and painFred S. Shepard (Author)2
In the hour when pain and anguishFred S. Shepard (Author)3
In the hour when sin assailsF. S. Shepard (Author)2
It is always safe to followF. S. S. (Author)6
I've joined the blessed gospel bandFred S. Shepard (Author)2
Jesus, blessed Savior, hear me, AsFred S. Shepard (Author)2
Jesus calls for active serviceFred S. Shepard (Author)2
Jesus came the lost to findF. S. Shepard (Author)2
Jesus hath redeemed me and I gladly sing His praiseF. S. S. (Author)3
Jesus is lovingly calling you, lost oneFred S. Shepard (Author)2
Jesus is my Savior, HallelujahFred S. Shepard (Author)2
Jesus' love is vast as heavenFred S. Shepard (Author)2
Jesus, Savior, hear my pleadingsFred S. Shepard (Author)2
Jesus, Savior, Thou aloneF. S. S. (Author)2
Jesus, the Savior, is calling for thee, Come, heavy laden one, come unto MeF. S. H. (Author)13
Jesus will guide us all the way throughFred S. Shepard (Author)2
Let Jesus reign, let Jesus reignFred S. Shepard (Author)3
Let Jesus reign, the world should ownFred S. Shepard (Author)2
Lift your voices, now, in praise of JesusF. S. Shepard (Author)3
Lo! the blessed Savior standsFred S. Shepard (Author)3
Loudly roar the storms of sinF. S. Shepard (Author)2
Make Jesus King, makeFred S. Shepard (Author)2
Many souls that now are dyingFred S. Shepard (Author)2
Mir erklingt ein FreudensangF. S. Shepard (Author)2
My barque drifts no moreFred S. Shepard (Author)6
My heart sings an anthem of joyF. S. Shepard (Author)2
My heart, why are thou so wearyF. S. Shepard (Author)2
My soul hath been redeemedF. S. S. (Author)2
My soul is rejoicing, the Savior I knowF. S. Shepard (Author)3
Never leave me, nor forsake meFred S. Shepard (Author)2
Now to the LordFred S. Shepard (Author)2
O Gottesliebe, voller HuldFred S. Shepard (Author)2
O I am so glad we have JesusFred S. Shepard (Author)3
O, my heart is bowed down by the burden if sinFred S. Shepard (Author)2
O my soul, bless thou Jehovah, All within me bless His nameFred S. Shepard (Author)1
O Savior, prepare me, I pray, For thy blessed service each dayFred S. Shepard (Author)4
O singt dem Herrn ein freudig LiedF. S. S. (Author)2
O the wondrous love of Jesus (Shepard)Fred S. Shepard (Author)4
On this joyous Children's dayFred S. Shepard (Author)2
Only a look at Jesus! O soul bowed down with sinFred S. Shepard (Author)2
Open the heart's door wideFred S. Shepard (Author)2
Our boat is launched upon the seaF. S. S. (Author)2
Peal the tidings forthFred S. Shepard (Author)3
Rejoice for the Lord hath redeemedF. S. S. (Author)2
Sailor is your life boat drivenFred S. Shepard (Author)2
Saved by the blood of the SaviorFred S. Shepard (Author)2
See the shining fields of waving grainF. S. S. (Author)8
Sing aloud the praise of JesusFred S. Shepard (Author)2
Sing praises to our God, and blessFred S. Shepard (Author)7
Sing to the Lord a joyful song, for he has wondersF. S. S. (Author)2
Sorrow and sadness around usFred S. Shepard (Author)2
The cross on the hill of CalvaryFred S. Shepard (Author)2
The Father gave his only SonFred Scott Shepard (Author)2
The garnered sheaves we're bringingF. S. Shepard (Author)2
The gospel brings sunshineFred S. Shepard (Author)3
The grain stands white [ripe] in the harvest fieldF. S. Shepherd (Author)2
The King is my friendFred S. Shepard (Author)2
The Lord our Captain isFred S. Shepard (Author)2
The Savior is calling you brotherFred S. Shepard (Author)2
There is a sweet, enduring peace, Which Jesus ever givesF. S. Shepherd (Author)2
There is music in my soulFred S. Shepard (Author)2
There is now no condemnation, all my sins are washed awayFred S. Shepard (Author)4
There's a light that is shining now brightlyFred S. Shepard (Author)2
There's a light that will lead us to heavenFred S. Shepard (Author)2
There's a story oft repeated, true and oldF. S. S. (Author)2
There's an uttermost salvationF. S. Shepard (Author)1
Trembling soul, beset by fearsFred S. Shepherd, 1840-1907 (Author)27
Unto God the Father be praises now and evermoreFred S. Shepard (Author)2
We are little children, and weFred S. Shepard (Author)2
We are marching onward in the way of lifeF. S. S. (Author)3
We fain would raise our need of praiseFred S. Shepard (Author)2
Weilst du oft zu Jesu Füssen F. S. S. (Author)2
We're fond of days of sunshineFred S. Shepard (Author)2
Why, O why, should I happy beFred S. Shepard (Author)2
Would you know the way to lightenFred S. Shepard (Author)3
You may wander far awayFred S. Shepard (Author)2
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