Anne Houlditch Shepherd

Short Name: Anne Houlditch Shepherd
Full Name: Shepherd, Anne Houlditch, 1809-1857
Birth Year: 1809
Death Year: 1857

Shepherd, Anne, née Houlditch, daughter of the Rev. E. H. Houlditch, sometime Rector of Speen, Berkshire, was born at Cowes, Isle of Wight, Sept. 11, 1809; married to Mr. S. Saville Shepherd in 1843; and died at Blackheath, Kent, Jan. 7, 1857. Her Hymns adapted to the Comprehension of Young Minds were published (3rd ed. 1847 5th ed. 1855), and contained 64 hymns. Of these the following have come into common use:—
1. Around the throne of God in heaven.
2. Glory to Jesus, glory. Praise.
3. Here's a message of love. Invitation.
4. I have read of the Saviour's love. The Love of Christ.
5. See where the gentle Jesus reigns. Jesus, the Children's Friend.
Of these hymns the first has by far the widest acceptance, and is found in a large number of children's hymn-books. Her religious novels, Ellen Seymour, 1848; and Reality, 1852, attracted some attention.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by Anne Houlditch Shepherd (13)sort descendingAsInstances
حول عرش الله جيشAnne H. Shepherd (Author)1
Around the throne of God in heaven Thousands of children standAnne H. Shepherd (Author)329
Del trono santo en derredorAnne Houlditch Shepherd (Author)5
Del trono santo en derredor Los niños siempre estánSra. A. H Shepherd (Author)2
Del trono santo en derredor Niñitos mil estánAnne Houlditch Shepherd (Author)4
Glory to Jesus; glory, Let little children sing,Mrs. Shepherd (1809-1857) (Author)1
Here's a message of love sent down from aboveAnne Houlditch Shepherd (Author)2
I have heard of a Savior's love, And a wonderful love it must beAnne Houlditch Shepherd (Author)2
Now has come the glorious harvestAnne Houlditch Shepherd (Author)2
Omkring Guds tron, där står en härAnne Houlditch Shepherd (Author)6
Omkring Guds tron d'r star en h'rAnne Houlditch Shepherd (Author)2
Perante o trono de esplendorAnne Houlditch Shepherd (Author)2
See where the gentle Jesus reignsAnne Houlditch Shepherd (Author)2
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