A. J. Showalter

A. J. Showalter
Short Name: A. J. Showalter
Full Name: Showalter, A. J. (Anthony Johnson), 1858-1924
Birth Year: 1858
Death Year: 1924

Wikipedia Biography

Anthony Johnson Showalter (May 1, 1858 – September 14, 1924) was an American gospel music composer, teacher and publisher. He was born in Cherry Grove, Virginia. Showalter was trained in the Ruebush-Kieffer School of Music and was teaching in shape note singing schools by age fourteen. In 1884, he formed the Showalter Music Company of Dalton, Georgia. He was also an elder of the First Presbyterian Church in Dalton. Showalter authored several rudimentary books on music theory and a book on harmony and song composition. These were widely used in singing schools across the South.

Texts by A. J. Showalter (217)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A little while longer to hopeAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Amid the strain and stress of life (Showalter)Anthony J. Showalter (Author)3
Are you ready for the Bridegroom should He come todayAnthony J. Showalter (Author)4
Are you ready for the call of your LordAnthony J. Showalter (Author)3
Are you seeking some soul out of Christ todayAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Are you walking in the light of the gospelAnthony J. Showalter (Author)3
Are your sins forgiven? Are they washed away?Anthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Away, away, into the harvest fieldAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Be glad, little childrenAnthony J. Showalter (Author)3
Beautiful faith that will lead usAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Blessed Redeemer, I'd live for theeAnthony J. Showalter (Author)4
By and by, O weary brotherAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
By and by, we'll meet with allAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Christ has redeemed us from bondage and sinA. J. S. (Author)1
Christ hath redeemed us from bondage and sinAnthony J. Showalter (Author)4
Come across the line, my brotherAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Come, come to the Savior, still halting art thouAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Come from thy bondageAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Come, let us join in a sing of grateful praiseAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Come to Jesus while you may, Come to him without delayAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Dear children, the shepherd is callingAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Dear friends, we come at lastAnthony J. Showalter (Author)3
Dear Savior, I come to thee from sin's vile bondageAnthony J. Showalter (Author)5
Dear Savior, I would come to Thee, come to Thee, come to TheeAnthony J. Showalter (Author)5
Done is the work of the day and the yearA. J. Showalter (Author)1
Don't you want to go to the landAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Down in the valley I meet with my SaviorA. J. Showalter (Author)English2
Draw me, my Savior, closer to theeAnthony J. Showalter (Author)5
Eternity is drawing nearer, brotherAnthony J. Showalter (Author)6
Evening bells are chantingAnthony J. Showalter (Author)3
Fellow traveler through this valeAnthony J. Showalter (Author)3
For thy name's sake leadAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Friends gone before will be there to greet upA. J. S. (Author)English2
Glory to God, who reigns on highAnthony J. Showalter (Author)3
God make my life a little light Within the world to glowAnthony J. Showalter (Author)12
God wants me to be goodA. J. S. (Author)English2
Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah to the God aboveAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Hallelujah, the glory of heavenAnthony J. Showalter (Author)6
Happy, happy New YearAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Hear the bells of heaven ringingAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Hear the earnest invitation of today, Come to Jesus, sinner, come without delayAnthony J. Showalter (Author)3
Hear the Savior sweetly saying, Come to me, come to meA. J. S. (Author)4
Hear the sweet voice of the Savior so trueAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Heavenly Father, guide me in the way of lifeAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Heavenly Father, hear meAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Here am I, send me whither thou wouldst have meA. J. S. (Author)4
Here are trials and temptationsAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Here our stay is transient, sorrows oft betideAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Holding the hand of my SaviorAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
How sweet the thought of childhood daysAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
I am in the blessed wayAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
I am praising my Savior and KingAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
I do not know how far from shoreA. J. Showalter (Author)English2
I glory in the cross of ChristAnthony J. Showalter (Author)1
I have read the wondrous story of the LambAnthony J. Showalter (Author)4
I know that Jesus saves me (Showalter)Anthony J. Showalter (Author)2
I will follow where my Savior leadsAnthony J. Showalter (Author)3
If singing God's praises brings joy to the soulA. J. Showalter (Author)English2
I'm drifting no more on the treacherousAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
I'm on my way to realms aboveAnthony J. Showalter (Author)4
I'm saved by grace through the blood of the LambAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
I'm saved by the blood of the Crucified One, And kept by the power of God’s blessed SonAnthony J. Showalter (Author)15
In psalms and hymnsAnthony J. Showalter (Author)3
In that bright land to which we goAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
In that coming great reunion over on the other shoreA. J. S. (Author)English2
In that home above, happy homeAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
In that land of light and loveAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
In the battle of life we'll go forth todayA. J. S. (Author)4
In the blessed serviceAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
In the bright red of the sunset glowAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
In the glory way to heaven I am goingAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
In the morning of life We will seek our father's faceAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
In the name of Christ, our LordAnthony J. Showalter (Author)3
In the resurrection morning At the coming of the KingAnthony J. Showalter (Author)3
In the vineyard of the Lord, trustingAnthony J. Showalter (Author)4
In this world of sore temptationAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
I've found in the Lord the Redeemer I soughtAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
I've found the peace my heartAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
I've read of a city whose streets are of goldAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Jesus died on Calvary, Praise his nameAnthony J. Showalter (Author)3
Jesus is calling, is calling todayAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Jesus is gracious and ready to blessAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Jesus, lover of my soul, Let me to thy bosom flyAnthony J. Showalter (Author)English6
Jesus sought me when astrayAnthony J. Showalter (Author)3
Joy and gladness fills my happyAnthony J. Showalter (Author)3
Just to trust and obeyAnthony J. Showalter (Author)3
Let the Savior's name exalted beAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Let your light so shine, says the book divineAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Listen to the Savior's wordsAnthony J. Showalter (Author)3
Little beams of brightnessAnthony J. Showalter (Author)4
Lo Jesus patiently knocks at the doorAnthony J. Showalter (Author)13
Lord Jesus, come in love and powerAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Love is the theme of our songAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Many are the homes that are dark tonightAnthony J. Showalter (Author)9
Many are those mansions brightAnthony J. Showalter (Author)5
Millions now are on the wayAnthony J. Showalter (Author)4
Morning's ruddy beam tints the eastern skyAnthony J. Showalter (Author)3
My heart is filled with wondrous joy todayAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
My heart is full of song todayAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Never alone, no, never aloneAnthony J. Showalter (Author)3
No gloomy shadows over yonderAnthony J. Showalter (Author)3
O be ready when the bridegroom comesAnthony J. Showalter (Author)5
O how sweet to trust in JesusAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
O I am so happy in Jesus, my LordAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
O I know not if purer I'll beAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
O let the blessed sunshine inAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
O, sing to God in joyful lays!A. J. Showalter (Author)English2
O the glory that awaits usAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
O to be like him, O to be like himAnthony J. Showalter (Author)3
O what glory all transcendentAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
O where is there cleansing for my sinAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
O wondrous is the message from God's own holy wordAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Once the days were dark and drear for meAnthony J. Showalter (Author)3
Once there came to earth the Savior of the lostA. J. S. (Author)English2
One by one, our friends are going on beforeA. J. S. (Author)7
Onward, onward haste, ye Christian soldiersAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Open the windows of heaven (Showalter)Anthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Open wide the windows of your soul todayA. J. Showalter (Author)English2
Out on life's broad ocean sailingAnthony J. Showalter (Author)4
Out on the mountains bleakAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Pilgrims and strangers over earth now we strayA. J. Showalter (Author)English2
Pilgrims here below, through this vale we goAnthony J. Showalter (Author)3
Praise him, praise him, praise the CreatorAnthony J. Showalter (Author)6
Praise the Redeemer, praise yeAnthony J. Showalter (Author)3
Praise ye the Lord, O praise (Showalter)Anthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Que consolação tem meu coraçãoAnthony Johnson Showalter (Author (refrain))Portuguese2
Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice, In songs of praise yourAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Savior, in Thy mercy, hear us bless us while we prayAnthony J. Showalter (Author)3
Savior, may we give our hearts to TheeAnthony J. Showalter (Author)English13
Search me, O God, and know my heart, Try every thought each dayAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Send the gospel news todayAnthony J. Showalter (Author)4
Sing praises to God for his mercyAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Sing we now of home, happy, happy homeAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
So near the kingdom of lifeAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Some day I shall waken in gloryAnthony J. Showalter (Author)3
Somewhere beyond this vale of tears and sorrowA. J. S. (Author)English2
Songs, happy songs we would render to TheeA. J. S. (Author)English2
Songs of joy and gladness, beautiful songs we singA. J. S. (Author)2
Songs of joy and gladness fill my soul todayAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Sunward turn your facesAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Sweet the moments, rich in blessingA. J. S. (Author (Refrain))English9
The blessed way the Master taught to allAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
The light of the world is Jesus! It shines with a radiance beaming so brightA. J. S. (Author)English17
The Lord has promised good to me (Showalter)Anthony J. Showalter (Author)3
The Lord is my Shepherd (Evilsizer)Anthony J. Showalter (Author)1
The Lord is now my Shepherd (Showalter)Anthony J. Showalter (Author)2
The Lord omnipotent shall reignAnthony J. Showalter (Author)3
The night is dark, the winds are strongAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
The Savior is pleading for your soulAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
The shadows of evening draw nighA. J. S. (Author)English2
This world is not my resting place, Heaven's my home, Heaven's my homeAnthony J. Showalter (Author)English10
There are mansions prepared for the peopleAnthony J. Showalter (Author)3
There is a fountain opened wide, To wash away all sinAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
There is a full salvationAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
There is cleansing in Jesus' bloodA. J. S. (Author)4
There is full salvation offeredAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
There is sunlight on the hillsAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
There will be a glad reunion on the other shoreAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
There will be no dark valley when I am called to goAnthony J. Showalter (Author)3
There will come a happy time in the glorious by and byAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
There's a heavenly Stranger standing at the doorA. J. S. (Author)English4
There's a land that is fairer than day, Will you meet me, will you meet me there?A. J. S. (Arranger)English2
There's a message sweet and wonderful that rings the earth aroundA. J. Showalter (Author)English2
They shall gather at last from all nationsAnthony J. Showalter (Author)3
This is the day when salvation is nighAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Though at times you may feel discouragedAnthony J. Showalter (Author)3
Though dark the night of sin and sorrow here belowAnthony J. Showalter (Author)4
Though I have strayed in paths of sinAnthony J. Showalter (Author)3
Though I wandered long in darknessAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Thy Father hath prepared a feastAnthony J. Showalter (Author)4
Tick tock, tick tock, tick tockAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Time is flying, men are dyingAnthony J. Showalter (Author)3
Tired of the world with its sinAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
'Tis sweet, blest Lord, when breaks the rosy morningAnthony J. Showalter (Author)1
To the new Jerusalem preparedAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
To the work, to the work (Showalter)Anthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Trusting in Jesus for lifeAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Walking and talking with Jesus each dayAnthony J. Showalter (Author)3
We are on our way to that land of dayAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
We are on our way to the realms of day, Marching home, we're marching homeA. J. S. (Author)7
We are on the march to the promised landAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
We are pressing on in the work of lifeAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
We are sailing on to the Promised LandA. J. S. (Author)2
We are straying pilgrimsAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
We are toilers in the vineyardAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
We are toiling today while beamsAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
We are traveling to a better landAnthony J. Showalter (Author)39
We lay our burdens, All down at Jesus' feetAnthony J. Showalter (Author)3
Weary sinner, longing for restAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
We're a happy band on the march to Canaan's landA. J. Showalter (Author)English2
We're bound for gloryland on highAnthony J. Showalter (Author)15
We're living in hopes of a blessed rewardAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
We're marching to ZionAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
We're sailing o'er an ocean wideAnthony J. Showalter (Author)1
What a fellowship, what a joy divineAnthony J. Showalter (Author (refrain))English2
What fellowship today is mineAnthony J. Showalter (Author)4
When earth's labors are o'er, and I rest on the shoreAnthony J. Showalter (Author)4
When that great illustrious day shall comeAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
When the toiler homeward wendsAnthony J. Showalter (Author)3
When the trials of life here are endedAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
When the weary toil of this lifeAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
When this toilsome life is o'erAnthony J. Showalter (Author)5
When thy heart with love isAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
When we gather round the throneAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
When we reach that royal city (Showalter)Anthony J. Showalter (Author)3
When we've run the race with patience in this sinful world belowA. J. Showalter (Author)English2
Where is your hope, my brotherAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
While we yet were sinnersAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Why not heed to the call of mercyAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Wide open stands the gateAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
With earnest endeavor for ChristAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
With Jesus by my side each dayAnthony J. Showalter (Author)3
Witnessing for JesusAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Wonderful the storyAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2
Work for the Lord, young ChristiansAnthony J. Showalter (Author)3
Ye who wander in sin no longerA. J. S. (Author)English2
You would have your sins forgivenAnthony J. Showalter (Author)2

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