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Short Name: Richard Smallwood
Full Name: Smallwood, Richard, 1948-
Birth Year (est.): 1948

Richard Smallwood (b. Washington, D.C., 1948), a composer, arranger, pianist, and innovator in the African American gospel style. Many of his arrangements of gospel hymns appear in Lift Every Voice and Sing (1981). Organized by Smallwood in 1967, the Richard Smallwood Singers have sung and recorded many of his arrangements. He remains their current director. Smallwood has a BM degree from Howard University, Washington, DC.

Bert Polman

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AMEN (Spiritual)Richard Smallwood (Arranger)216513 21354 35432
BLESS HIS HOLY NAMERichard Smallwood (Arranger)655555 55534 55432
KUM BA YAHRichard Smallwood (Arranger)213555 66513 55543
[I love the Lord, He heard my cry] (15541)Richard Smallwood (Arranger)113554 13171 5
[I love the Lord, he heard my cry] (Smallwood)Richard Smallwood, b. 1948 (Harmonizer)2134322 54334 56655
JESUS LIFTED MERichard Smallwood (Harmonizer)111177 71222 21112
[Jesus, you're the center of my joy]Richard Smallwood (Composer)833334 32156 66677
LEAD ME, GUIDE MERichard Smallwood (Arranger)2332132 11222 66654
[Lord, I will lift mine eyes to the hills]Richard Smallwood (Composer)1111234 56554 22345
[O Lord, our Lord, how excellent is thy name] (Smallwood)Richard Smallwood (Composer)734531 12333 34556
WE NEED THE POWER Richard Smallwood (Composer)612332 21777 76666
[Don't be discouraged when trouble's in your life]Richard Smallwood (Arranger)313332 12366 5443
[When the glory of the Lord fills this holy temple]Richard Smallwood (Composer)534555 55435 43213
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