Christopher Smart

Christopher Smart
Short Name: Christopher Smart
Full Name: Smart, Christopher, 1722-1771
Birth Year: 1722
Death Year: 1771

Smart, Christophe, M.A., was born at Shipburn, Kent, in 1722, and educated at Pembroke Hall, Cambridge, where he gained the Seatonian prize for five years, four of which were in succession, (B.A. 1747.) He removed to London in 1753, and gave some attention to literature: but neglecting both his property and his constitution, he became poor and insane. He died in the King's Bench, 1771. His Poems were published in 2 vols. in 1771. From that work "Father of light conduct my feet" (Divine Guidance), and "I sing of God the mighty Source" [God the Author of All), have been taken.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

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Christopher Smart (11 April 1722 – 20 May 1771) was an English poet. He was a major contributor to two popular magazines, The Midwife and The Student, and a friend to influential cultural icons like Samuel Johnson and Henry Fielding. Smart, a high church Anglican, was widely known throughout London.

Texts by Christopher Smart (18)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
All the scenes of nature quickenChristopher Smart, 1722-71 (Author)English2
Awake, arise, lift up your voiceChristopher Smart, 1722-71 (Author)English5
Celestial King, our spirits lieSmart (Author)9
Father of light, conduct my feetSmart (Author)English30
Folly builds high upon the sandSmart (Author)10
He shall the broken heart repairChristopher Smart, 1722-71 (Author)2
Hearken to the anthem gloriousChristopher Smart, 1722-1771 (Author)English3
Hosanna! Music is divine when in the praise the psalmists joinChristopher Smart (Author)English2
I sing of God, the world he madeChristopher Smart (Author)3
Let men of high conceit and zealSmart (Author)2
Now's the time for mirth and playChristopher Smart (Author)2
O most mighty, O most holyChristopher Smart (Author)English3
O Queen of virtues, whose sweet pow'rChristopher Smart, 1722-71 (Author)2
To God, with the Lamb and the DoveChristopher Smart (Author)3
We sing of God, the mighty sourceSmart (Author)English28
Welcome, blessed, heavenly strangerChristopher Smart (Author)4
Where is this stupendous stranger?Christopher Smart (Author)12
Where shall I then Thy Spirit shunChristopher Smart, 1722 - 1771 (Author)English2

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