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Short Name: James Edward Smith
Full Name: Smith, James Edward, 1759-1828
Birth Year: 1759
Death Year: 1828

Smith, Sir James Edward, born at Norwich Dec. 2, 1759; died March 17, 1828. A distinguished botanist, and President of the Linnaean Society from its foundation in 1788 to the time of his death. He was knighted when the Prince Regent became, in 1814, a Patron of the Society. Smith studied medicine at Edinburgh, and, in 1786, graduated as a physician at Leyden. After further travels abroad he finally settled down at Norwich in 1797. He published English Botany in 36 vols. (beginning in 1790) and various other botanical works. He was also a large contributor to Rees's Encyclopaedia. The friend of Dr. Enfield and John Taylor, he was also a member of the congregation meeting in the Octagon Chapel, Norwich, and a subscriber to the British and Foreign Unitarian Association. He contributed 3 hymns to A Selection of Hymns for Public Worship, Norwich, 1814 (printed for the Octagon Chapel); and 6 others to the Supplement added to the 2nd edition, 1826. Of these the following are in Dr. Martineau's Hymns, &c, 1840; his Hymns, &c, 1873, and other Unitarian collections:—
1. Adore, my soul, that awful Name (1814). Dependence upon God.
2. As twilight's gradual veil is spread (1814). Nature and Immortality.
3. Holy, wise, eternal Father (1826). The Mansions of the Blessed.
4. How glorious are those orbs of light (1826). Nature and Immortality.
5. Praise waits in Zion, Lord, for Thee (1826). Public Worship.
6. When power divine in mortal form (1826). Confidence in God.
7. Who shall a temple build for Him (1826). God's Temple in the Heart. [Rev. Valentine D. Davis, B.A.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by James Edward Smith (16)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Adore, my soul, that awful nameSir J. E. Smith (Author)3
As twilight's gradual veil is spreadJames Edward Smith (Author)7
Be thou, O God, our guideJ. E. A. S. (Author)1
Dark was the night when the Savior was laidJames Edward Smith (Author)English2
Eternal Source of truth and lightJames Edward Smith (Author)3
In our life's young morningJ. E. A. Smith, Esq. (Author)1
Life is a day, fleeting and briefJ. E. A. Smith, Esq. (Author)1
Mortal, this earth is not thy homeJames Edward Smith (Author)2
O who hath blessed our youthfulJames Edward Smith (Author)3
On the peaceful Sabbath mornJ. E. A. Smith, Esq. (Author)1
Praise waits in Zion, Lord, for Thee; Thy saints adore Thy holy nameJames Edward Smith (Author)English26
See lovely nature raise her headJames Edward Smith (Author)3
When over earth is breakingJ. E. A. Smith, Esq. (Author)English1
When power divine in mortal formSir James Edward Smith (Author)English70
While gratefully telling, O SaviorJ. E. A. Smith, Esq. (Author)1
Who shall a temple build for himJames Edward Smith (Author)3
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