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Oswald J. Smith

Oswald J. Smith
Short Name: Oswald J. Smith
Full Name: Smith, Oswald J., 1889-1986
Birth Year: 1889
Death Year: 1986

Smith, Oswald Jeffrey. (Odessa, Ontario, November 8, 1889--January 25, 1986, Toronto, Canada). Presbyterian. Attended Manitoba College, Winnipeg, 1909-1910; Toronto Bible College, 1907-1908, 1910-1912; McCormick Theological Seminary, 1912-1915; further study at Knox College, Toronto; several honorary doctorates. Pastorates in Toronto, 1915-1958; frequently conducted evangelistic meetings and crusades elsewhere. In 1928 he organized the virtually autonomous People's Church, which combines a vigorous evangelistic program in Toronto with an enviable overseas missionary network; in 1958 he relinquished its guidance to his son Paul, but remained its highly active minister emeritus. He published some 35 devotional and inspirational books, which he eventually combined into fourteen; most of his 1200 hymns and poems first appeared in church-connected magazines, but many are found in Poems of a Lifetime (London: Marshall, 1962).

--Hugh D. McKellar, DNAH Archives

Wikipedia Biography

Oswald Jeffrey Smith (November 8, 1889 – January 25, 1986) was a Canadian pastor, author, and missions advocate. He founded The Peoples Church in Toronto in 1928. Smith attended the Toronto Bible Training School, the Manitoba Presbyterian College in Winnipeg, and the McCormick Seminary in Chicago. Smith was ordained as a minister of the Presbyterian Church of Canada in 1918. However, he resigned from the Presbyterian Church, set up his own church in Toronto, which merged with a small Christian and Missionary Alliance congregation in 1921. In 1928, he started another independent church in Toronto, the Peoples Church. Using his base in Toronto for fundraising, he traveled the world to recruit missionaries.

Texts by Oswald J. Smith (191)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A few short years, and then with hearts unitedOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
A refuge is Jesus my SaviorOswald J. Smith (Author)3
Afar from home and lost in paths of sinOswald J. Smith (Author)2
After the winter, so cold and so drearOswald J. Smith (Author)English3
All I have I yield to Jesus, His forevermore I'll beOswald J. Smith (Author)7
All I have I yield to Jesus, All the idols of my heartOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
Alone with thee, O blessed, blissful momentOswald J. Smith (Author)5
Are you anxious when the clouds around you gatherOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
Are you living for todayOswald J. Smith (Author)3
Arise, my soul and sing, Extol thy Lord and KingOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
Avívanos, Señor, Demuestra tu poderOswald J. Smith (Author)Spanish2
Be still, my soul, be still, be stillOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
Beyond the shadows the dawn is breakingOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
Breathe upon me, breathe upon meOswald J. Smith (Author)1
Can I forget, O LordOswald J. Smith (Author)2
Closer and closer to Jesus I clingOswald J. Smith (Author)2
Come and whisper soft and lowOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
Come, with your heartache, your sorrow and careOswald J. Smith (Author)4
Crown Him King, crown Him the Lord most holyOswald J. Smith (Author)English4
Deep in the depths of the Savior's loveOswald J. Smith (Author)4
Dios ha unido hoy dos corazonesOswald J. Smith (Author)Spanish2
Dios tu tristeza entiendeOsvaldo J. Smith (Author)Spanish2
Do you know that Christ will come again some dayOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
Einstens wird er wiederkommenswald J. Smith (Author)German1
Entra en este corazónOswald J. Smith (Author)Spanish2
Eu andei a sós com Cristo em divina comunhãoOswald J. Smith (Author)Portuguese2
Fairest of ten thousand is JesusOswald J. Smith (Author)15
For salvation full and freeOswald J. Smith (Author)English15
Forgive me for forgetting the debt of love I oweOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
"Get right with God!" The battle cry is soundingOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
Give them, O, give them the gospelOswald J. Smith (Author)2
Go fight the fight with all thy mightOswald J. Smith (Author)2
Go, preach the gospel, Go, preach itOswald J. Smith (Author)2
God answers prayer - then trust Him evermoreOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
God builds my life, he builds not IOswald J. Smith (Author)2
God is waiting in the silenceOswald J. Smith (Author)4
God understands your sorrowOswald J. Smith (Author)English21
God will provide, His promise is trueOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
Gozo da servir a CristoOswald J. Smith (Author)Spanish2
Gozo da servir a CristoOswald J. Smith (Author)Spanish4
Happy days will come againOswald J. Smith (Author)4
Hark, the Master callethOswald J. Smith (Author)2
Have I grieved thy Holy SpiritRev. Oswald J. Smith (Author)English8
Have you forgotten God's wonderful graceOswald J. Smith (Author)1
Have you heard the master's call Will you goOswald J. Smith (Author)2
He arose, the Lord victoriousOswald J. Smith (Author)3
He loved me in spite of my sinOswald J. Smith (Author)4
He rose triumphantlyOswald J. Smith, 1889-1986 (Author)English3
He saves me, he saves me, O praiseOswald J. Smith (Author)4
He will come, the Lord of gloryOswald J. Smith (Author)English9
His mercy endureth forever, O wonderfulOswald J. Smith (Author)2
I am waiting for the dawning of the morningOswald J. Smith (Author)4
I came to Jesus as I was, For pardon, rest and peaceOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
I can tell the love of JesusOswald J. Smith (Author)2
I choose Jesus, the Man of GalileeRev. Oswald J. Smith (Author)2
I come with all my sin and shameOswald J. Smith (Author)2
I do not know how soon 'twill beOswald J. Smith (Author)3
I do not know the future, nor what my lot may beOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
I have tasted both the bitter and the sweetOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
I have walked alone with JesusOswald J. Smith (Author)21
I have yielded to the SaviorOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
I know not where his hand may leadOswald J. Smith (Author)2
I know of a Savior so preciousOswald J. Smith (Author)2
I ought to do something for JesusOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
I want to go back to the prairiesOswald J. Smith (Author)2
I want you to know you are never forgottenOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
I will arise and go, Back to my Father's homeOswald J. Smith (Author)English3
I will trust when the darkness gathersOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
If Jesus lives, then I am savedOswald Smith (Author)2
I'm going forth to serve my LordOswald J. Smith (Author)2
I'm longing, dear Lord, for that havenRev. Oswald J. Smith (Author)7
I'm waiting for the answerOswald J. Smith (Author)2
In lowly birth he came to earthOswald J. Smith (Author)2
In my heart the Savior livesOswald J. Smith (Author)English3
In the wear and tear of lifeOswald J. Smith (Author)3
Into the heart of JesusO. J. S. (Author)English24
Jesus came from heaven above, With a heart of wondrous loveOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
Jesus Christ is drawing nighOswald J. Smith (Author)2
Jesus is calling for volunteersOswald J. Smith (Author)1
Jesus is my Savior, He has set me freeOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, King of gloryOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
Jesus, Lord Jesus, Thou art my SongOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
Jesus met me as I journeyedOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
Jesus saves and I am gladOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
Jesus Savior, keep usOswald J. Smith (Author)2
Just leave it all with JesusOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
Lead me through this world of sorrowOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
Let King Jesus reign in your heart todayOswald J. Smith (Author)4
Let me forget, O God, let me forgetRev. Oswald J. Smith (Author)English3
Like the glory of an evening sunsetRev. Oswald J. Smith (Author)English4
Like the rainfall from heavenOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
Lord, deliver me from sinOswald J. Smith (Author)2
Lord Jesus, I'm weary, so weary and tiredOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
Lord, on this Thanksgiving DayOswald J. Smith (Author)2
Lord, possess me now, I prayOswald J. Smith (Author)English21
Lord, undertake when dangers fierce assail meOswald J. Smith (Author)2
Loved ones may go and all I prize most dearOswald J. Smith (Author)3
Mais do que tesouros é Cristo, meu bom MestreOswald J. Smith (Author)Portuguese2
Many have wandered from JesusOswald J. Smith (Author)English6
Marching on! Marching on, Singing praises to our God and KingOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
Mataron al SeñorOswald J. Smith (Author)Spanish3
Mid the darkest scense of lifeOswald J. Smith (Author)3
'Mid the saddest hours of life Jesus is nearOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
Muy solitario, junto al senderoOswald J. Smith (1889-1986) (Author)Spanish2
My heart was filled with deep despairOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
My heart's desire, the goal of life's ambitionOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
My Lord, I love Thee best of allOswald J. Smith (Author)2
My only plea, He died for me!Rev. Oswald J. Smith (Author)English4
My Savior bled and died for meOswald J. Smith (Author)4
O Christ, what matchless beauty crownsOswald J. Smith (Author)3
O for the Spirit's mighty powerOswald J. Smith (Author)2
O honor and adore Christ Jesus ever moreOswald J. Smith (Author)2
O I know of a dear, loving SaviorO. J. S. (Author)2
O Savior of the lostOswald J. Smith (Author)2
O Saviour, Thou hast won my heartOswald J. Smith, Litt. D. (Author)English2
O tell me the story of Jesus, Who died in my stead on the treeOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
O the joy beyond all tellingOswald J. Smith (Author)3
O the love that brought the SaviorOswald J. Smith (Author)2
O the love that gave me JesusOswald J. Smith (Author)2
O thou who art my life and stayOswald J. Smith (Author)4
O what a wonderful Savior is He, Jesus who suffered on Calvary's treeOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
O dear and precious Savior! Could it ever beOswald J. Smith (Author)4
On the cross He bled and diedOswald J. Smith (Author)2
Once I was lost, lost in my sinOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
One day I saw the Man of GalileeOswald J. Smith (Author)3
One sat alone beside the highway beggingOswald J. Smith (Author)25
Only Jesus satisfiesOswald J. Smith (Author)4
Ought I to know of ChristOswald J. Smith (Author)2
Our blessed Lord was slainOswald J. Smith (Author)English21
Our great theme fore'er shall beOswald J. Smith (Author)1
Perdonado, ya salvado soyRev. Oswald J. Smith (Author)Spanish3
Pray on, O soul of mine, pray onOswald J. Smith (Author)11
Quiero seguir de Cristo en posOswald J. Smith (Author)Spanish4
Revive thy work, O Lord, And manifest Thy powerRev. Oswald J. Smith (Author)English16
When the storm clouds round me gather And I'm tempted to despairOswald J. Smith, D. D. (Author)5
Saved, saved, saved, my sins are all forgivenOswald J. Smith (Author)English36
Savior, fill me with Thy SpiritOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
事奉耶穌真有快樂 (Shì fèng yēsū zhēnyǒu kuàilè)Oswald J. Smith (Author)Chinese2
Souls are calling for the LightOswald J. Smith (Author)2
Such love as God’s, I’ve never knownOswald T. Smith (Author)English2
Sweetest story ever told, Wondrous songOswald J. Smith (Author)3
Take every sin to JesusOswald J. Smith (Author)2
Take the Savior with you all along the wayOswald J. Smith (Author)2
Take Thou my voice, O Lord, I give it gladlyRev. Oswald J. Smith (Author)English3
Take up the broken threads of lifeOswald J. Smith (Author)4
The Bible is God's message to soulsOswald J. Smith (Author)3
The days are never drear for Christ is always nearOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
The dear loving Savior will keep meOswald J. Smith (Author)2
The love that triumphed over deathOswald J. Smith (Author)English4
The mission fields are callingOswald J. Smith (Author)2
The night is almost endedOswald J. Smith (Author)2
The paths of earth he trodOswald J. Smith (Author)2
The Savior came and touched meOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
The Savior can lift every burdenOswald J. Smith (Author)English14
The Savior calls thee to His sideOswald J. Smith (Author)2
The Son of God has died for theeOswald J. Smith (Author)2
There are souls in heathen darknessOswald J. Smith (Author)2
There is joy in serving Jesus, As I journey on my wayOswald J. Smith (Author)English23
There is no death, the Christian cannot perishOswald J. Smith (Author)English3
There is no road to glory, Except the thorny wayOswald J. Smith (Author)2
There never was one like JesusOswald J. Smith (Author)2
There never was one like the Savior of menOswald J. Smith (Author)5
There's an ache in my heart that the world cannot healOswald J. Smith (Author)English3
There's an hour that refreshes my spiritOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
They have gone to be with JesusOswald J. Smith (Author)2
They laid the Savior in a graveOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
Thou art the One that I loveOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
Though the darkness and gloom triumphantOswald J. Smith (Author)2
'Twas long ago that Jesus diedOswald J. Smith (Author)2
Unfathomable love that will not failOswald J. Smith (Author)2
Victory, victory, victory all the timeOswald J. Smith (Author)2
Waiting on Jesus when I am weakOswald J. Smith (Author)4
Wandering afar from the Savior's sideOswald J. Smith (Author)3
We are young and strong and freeOswald J. Smith (Author)2
We have crossed the Jordan to the other sideOswald J. Smith (Author)3
We have heard the voice of Jesus and we dare not disobeyOswald J. Smith (Author)2
Weary and helplessOswald J. Smith (Author)2
What have I to fear with my Savior nearOswald J. Smith (Author)2
When day is done my trials will all be endedOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
When my heart is filled with sorrow, be Thou nearOswald J. Smith (Author)English7
When temptation lays me lowOswald J. Smith (Author)2
When the darkness overshadows all your dayOswald J. Smith (Author)1
When the evening shadows 'round you gatherOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
When the Savior died to save meOswald J. Smith (Author)English2
When the sun is setting in the West, And my heart is yearning for its restOswald J. Smith (Author)English3
When your heart is faint and drearOswald Smith (Author)3
Who can save me from my sinOswald J. Smith (Author)2
Would I could tell what the Savior has doneOswald J. Smith (Author)2
Would you bring gladness in place of despairOswald J. Smith (Author)2
യേശുവിൻ വൻ സ്നേ-ഹത്തെ (Yēśuvin van snē-hatte)Oswald J. Smith (Author)Malayalam2
Youth is marching, heed the summonsOswald J. Smith (Author)English3

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