Harriet Reynolds Krauth Spaeth

Short Name: Harriet Reynolds Krauth Spaeth
Full Name: Spaeth, Harriet Reynolds Krauth, 1845-1925
Birth Year: 1845
Death Year: 1925

Harriet Reynolds Krauth Spaeth [Harriet Krauth], 1845-1925

Born: September 21, 1845, Baltimore, Maryland.
Died: May 5, 1925, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Buried: Mount Vernon Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Daughter of hymn translator Charles Krauth, Harriet attended the Girls’ School in Philadelphia, and lived independently as a writer. In 1880, she married Adolph Spaeth, pastor of St. Johannis Church in Philadelphia (and later president of the General Council of the Lutheran Church in America). She sang contralto, played the piano and organ, and for many years was the organist at St. Stephen’s Church in west Philadelphia. She provided hymn translations for The Church Book (1868), The Sunday School Hymnal (1901), and was responsible for the music edition of The Church Book (1872). Many of her essays were published in The Lutheran. When American Lutherans adopted the Common Service in 1888, she prepared an edition with notes for chanting the service. She worked zealously for the founding of the Krauth Memorial Library at the seminary in Philadelphia, and was active in the work of the Mary J. Drexel Home, the Lankenau Hospital, and the Lutheran Orphans’ Home in Germantown, Pennsylvania. Her works include:

The Deaconess and Her Works
Pictures from the Life of Hans Sachs
The Church Book with Music, 1893
Charles Porterfield Krauth: A Life (2 volumes, 1898 & 1909, with Adolph Spaeth, uncredited)
Life of Adolph Spaeth, 1916

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Texts by Harriet Reynolds Krauth Spaeth (26)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
As each happy Christmas dawns on earth againHarriet R. Spaeth (Translator (from German))English33
Behold, a Branch is growingH. R. Spaeth, 1845-1925 (Translator (sts. 1-4))English10
Church bells ring, sweet birds singHarriet Reynolds Spaeth (Author)English9
Glory to God upon his throneHarriet R. K. Spaeth (Author)1
God crowned Thee, LordHarriet Reynolds Krauth (Author)2
Herr, Dir sei Lob und PreisHarriet Reynolds Krauth Späth (Author)German2
I am Jesus' little lamb, therefore glad and gay I amHarriet R. Spaith (Author)English1
I will take the pathHarriet R. K. Spaeth (Author)1
Jehovah, Thee to praiseHarriet R. Spaeth (Author)English4
Let me go, let me go, Lord, to me Thy presence showHarriet R. K. Spaeth (Author)English9
Lo, how a rose e'er bloomingHarriet Krauth Spaeth (Translator (st. 3))English31
Lo, on a mount a tree doth standHarriet R. K. Spaeth (Translator)English5
Lord, in the kingdom of thy graceHarriet R. K. Spaeth (Author)English5
Lord Jesus Christ, My Savior blest, My hope and my salvationH. R. K. Spaeth , 1845-1925 (Translator)English8
Lord, who can be with thee comparedHarriet R. Spaeth (Translator)English4
O Jesus, holy child thou artHarriet Reynolds Krauth (Author)3
O sing, all ye lands, with a jubilant voiceHarriet R. K. Spaeth (Author)3
O sing, all ye lands, with jubilant voiceHarriet Reynolds Krauth Spaeth, 1845 - 1925 (Translator)1
O Son of God in coeternal mightHarriet Reynolds Spaeth (Translator)English5
O wake our hearts, in gladness singHarriet Reynolds Krauth (Author)2
O sing to the Lord, make a jubilant noise!Harriet R. Spaeth, 1845-1925 (Translator)English2
Praise ye the Lord, in simple joyous measureHarriet R. Spaeth (Translator)English10
The darkness has fallen, all nature is stilledHarriet R. Spaeth (Translator)English1
Thy little ones, dear Lord, are weHarriet R. K. Spaeth (Author)English19
Whom Jesus loves, whom Jesus lovesHarriet R. K. Spaeth (Author)English1
Ye lands, to the Lord make a jubilant noiseHarriet R. Spaeth (Translator (from Norwegian))English11
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