Laurence Hull Stookey

Short Name: Laurence Hull Stookey
Full Name: Stookey, Laurence Hull, 1937-
Birth Year: 1937

res.: Rockville, Md.; prof., Wesley Theological Seminary, Wash. D.C.

Texts by Laurence Hull Stookey (5)sort descendingAsInstances
PrayersLaurence Hull Stookey (Author)15
Holy God, upon the mountain you revealed our MessiahLaurence Hull Stookey (Translator)2
In Christ there is no east or west (Oxenham)Laurence Hull Stookey (Author (st. 3))4
O come, O come, Emmanuel, And ransom captive IsraelLaurence Hull Stookey (Translator (st. 4, 5cd, 6ab, 7)1
The Church's one foundationLaurence Hull Stookey (Adapter)4
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